Scottish Family Heritage

Scottish Family Heritage
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of the Devon Iron Works
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Assorted Lists

Actors, Authors, Artists, Musicians, Poets & Sculptors, + : mainly Scotland & UK A-CD-JK-MN-ST-Z
Address List : mainly Scotland & UK ? to 2, 3 to 9, a to D, E to H, I to O, P to Z
Agents, Apprentices, Clerks, Collectors, Inspectors, Labourers, Servants, Travellers, etc. : mainly UK A-CD-FG-JK-MN-ST-Z
Airdrie Centenary Appendices of 1921 : Fallen Heroes - Magistrates - Subscribers Fallen Heroes, Magistrates, Subscribers
Alves, Moray : tombstone names compiled by The Moray Burial Ground Research Group Alves Churchyard and Cemetery
Assorted Documents Under Research : 16th Century to circa 1800 : UK & non UK Assorted Documents
Assorted Ephemera (printed and manuscript) : 19th-20th century : mainly UK A-C, D-G, H-M, N-R, S-Z
Assorted Legal Documents : 1546 - 1915 : mostly UK Groups, A-F, G-M, N-Z
Assorted Letters : 1787 - 1957 : mostly UK Assorted Letters
Banking, Insurance & Associated Financial Connections : mainly UK A-CD-FG-JK-MN-ST-Z
Bardner, McFarlane & Ross, Writers in Dunfermline, Fife : with connections to Hill of Beath Estate by Cowdenbeath Bardner, McFarlane & Ross, Writers
Baronetage, Peerage & Royalty, non UK Baronetage, Peerage & Royalty (Foreign)
Baronetage, Peerage & Royalty, UK A-CD-JK-MN-ST-Z
Boarding Houses, Hotels, Inn, etc. : mainly Scotland Hotels List
Book 1708 Subscription List : mainly Scotland 1708 Subscription List
Book 1721 Subscription List : mainly Scotland 1721 Subscription List
Book 1791 Subscription List : West of Scotland Area (Paisley & Glasgow, etc.) Paisley, Glasgow, West of Scotland
Book 1835 Membership List : mainly Scotland see the Highland & Agricultural Society of Scotland
Book 1913 Subscription List : see The Viking Club for link see The Viking Club
Book Plates & Inscriptions, Crests, Rubber Stamps and Seals : Rubber Stamp impressions, letter type wax Seals and printed Crests, etc. Stamps and Seals
Celebrated Autographs by Lieut General Morton, Cheltenham : India & UK (mainly) Celebrated Autographs
Chairmen, Directors, Founders, Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers, etc. : mainly UK A-E, F-K, L-Q, R-Z
Civil Servants : Town, City, County & National Officials & Magistrates :
Senior Law Officers & Official Record Keepers & Administrators :
mainly UK
A-K, L-Z
Clubs, Organisations and Other Group Categories (non commercial) : mainly UK Club List
Commercial List : business & related, mainly Scotland & UK A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I-J, K-L, Mac-Mc, M , N, OPQ, R, St (Saint), S, T, The A-M, The N-Z, UVW, XYZ
Country List : countries available on this website to date Country List
Crests & Monograms, Vol. 1 : Royalty, Peers of the Realm & members of High Society : all or mainly UK Crests & Monograms, Vol. 1
Crests & Monograms, Vol. 1 : Peers of the Realm & others in High Society) : all or mainly UK Crests & Monograms (Unidentified) Vol. 1
Crests & Monograms Vol. 2 :  all mainly Canada & England Crests & Monograms, Vol. 2
Crests & Monograms Vol. 2 :  all probably UK or colonial Crests & Monograms (Unidentified) Vol. 2
Culloden House Contents Sale : Purchasers' Catalogue (1897) Lots Sold, Miscellaneous Details
Culloden Castle (House), Index List for Recipe Book belonging to Donald Cameron : dated to 1845 and before Culloden Castle Recipe Index List
Discovery & Research List : mainly UK Discovery & Research List
Duke of Buccleuch's Invoices & Receipts : mainly relating to Bowhill, Selkirkshire Duke of Buccleuch's Invoices
Edinburgh Buildings - Edinburgh Carlyle Society (1920s-1930s) - Haddington Floods of 1948 Edinburgh & Haddington
Edinburgh Trade Invoices 1843-1914 Trade Invoices
Education / Teaching Profession, etc. : mainly UK A-G, H-Mc, M-Z
Factors, Farmers, Tenants & Yeomen : Animal & land management : mainly UK Farming List
Glasgow, 139th Company Boys' Brigade, Membership List 1927-1937 Boys' Brigade
Hall : Admiral, Sir William Hutcheon Hall, KCB & FRS (died 1878) William Hutcheon Hall
Highland & Agricultural Society of Scotland Membership List, 1835 : mainly Scotland A-CD-FG-JK-MN-ST-Z
Hope Family of Luffness, Scotland & Associated Families : 19th Century Hopes of Luffness
Huntly and area, Aberdeenshire - Some Street Names & People : 1936 Huntly & Area List
Identity Required : Items from Postcards & Photos, etc. :
Who?, Where?, What?, When? & Which? : See also under Crests & Monograms
Identity Required List
Innes Logan (Rev.), Minister United Free Church of Scotland, Braemar & Chaplain to the Forces : Letter Collection Innes Logan Letters List
John Manders of Dublin & Whitehaven : Vol. 7
(Assorted Anecdotes, both Personal & from Printed Sources pre 1830)
John Manders
Joseph Mason & Co., Derby. Paint & Varnish Manufacturers :  Customer List 1851-1854 : mainly England Joseph Mason & Co.
Law : Legal Profession, etc. : mostly UK A-CD-FG-JK-MN-ST-Z
Lawson's Illustrated National Almanack For 1859 : published in Airdrie Lawson's Almanack
Lawsons Limited (drapers & warehousemen) : mainly Scotland 1956 Lawsons Limited
Lidderdale & Gillespie, Castle-Douglas, Writers, Kirkcudbrightshire Lidderdale & Gillespie
Linlithgowshire & Kinross-shire, etc. : Assorted Documents 1816-1913 + 1887 newspaper Linlithgowshire A-K   L-Y
1887 Newspaper
Lives of the Saints Saints List
Mary Gwladys Jones : Her tour of Asia in 1930-1931 Diary List, Photo List
Maryhill, Glasgow - Rectified Locality of the Parish - 1871 Maryhill
Medical & Associated Connections : mainly Scotland A-G, H-Mc, M-Z
Members of Parliament in United Kingdom: Includes Old Scottish Parliament UK Members of Parliament List
Merchants : mainly UK Merchants List
Military List : Army, Navy & Air-Force, but includes a few other categories  of administrative power,  mostly UK,  Military Forces List, A-G, H-Mc, M-Z
Ministers of Religion : Clergy of various Christian denominations & other religions, mainly UK : also includes other spiritual offices A-G, H-Mc, M-Z
Miscellaneous Unidentified Scraps : mainly UK A-G, H-Mc, M-Z
Monarchy Asserted - Parliamentary Committee in 1657 Monarchy Asserted
Norway Tour in 1890 : by C C August Gosch : modified Index Norway Tour 1890 Index
People Connected to Addresses : England, Ireland, Wales & the Islands

A-D, E-J, K-P, Q-Z

People Connected to Addresses : Non UK  (or dual UK & Non UK connections) People Addresses Non UK
People Connected to Addresses : Scotland only A-BC, D-FG-J, K-McM, N-ST-Z
Perth Bridge Subscribers List (circa 1764-5) : Scotland Perth Bridge Subscribers List
Perth Magistrates List (1374-1773) : includes some Grammar-School Rectors & Perth clergy from the Reformation till 1772 : Scotland Perth Magistrates List
Postcards : People & Things : WORLD Postcards People & Things List
Postcards : England, Ireland, Wales & the Islands : (unused) Postcards England : Unused
Postcards : Non United Kingdom : (unused) Postcards Non United Kingdom : Unused
Postcards : Scotland : (unused) Postcards Scotland : Unused
Postcards : England, Ireland, Wales & the Islands : (used with receiver's details) Postcards England : Used
Postcards : Non United Kingdom : (used with receiver's details) Postcards Non United Kingdom : Used
Postcards : Scotland : (used with receiver's details) Postcards Scotland : Used
Pressed Flower Collection : Thought to be from Glendoune House Library, Ayrshire Pressed Flowers
Publication related : Booksellers, Printers, Publishers, etc. : mainly UK A-J, K-Z
Publications List : references to old book titles & other published works A to D, E to H, I to M, N to S, T, U to Z
Queen Anne's County, Maryland, U.S.A. 1844-1876 : mainly : assorted legal documents Queen Anne's County
Scottish Counties List :  for general information only Scottish Counties List
Snippets in Time :  Victoria & Edward 7th : Brief messages written on Postcards only Snippets List
Snippets in Time :  George 5th to 1924 : Brief messages written on Postcards only Snippets List 2
Snippets in Time :  Ephemera and Poetry (not Postcards) Snippets List 3
Subject List : unrelated variety, mostly UK Subject List
Surname List : surnames available on this website, mainly UK Surname List
Suters of Marcassie & Forres, Morayshire : 1800-1935 Suters of Marcassie
The Dallas Raids of 1689 and 1690 in Morayshire, Scotland The Dallas Raids
The Society at Glasgow for Promoting Religious Knowledge Among the Poor : Children The Children
The Society at Glasgow for Promoting Religious Knowledge Among the Poor : Parents The Parents & Relatives
The Society at Glasgow for Promoting Religious Knowledge Among the Poor : Bibles Bibles Given
The Society at Glasgow for Promoting Religious Knowledge Among the Poor : Members Society Members & Others
The Viking Club Members & Subscribers List (1913) : mainly UK Viking Club List
Tombstones in Moray :  names from buried, lost or inaccessible tombstones compiled by The Moray Burial Ground Research Group Forgotten Tombstones of Moray
Trades : Assorted (not Building, Clothing or Food & Drink) :  mainly UK Trades Assorted
Trades connected with Building :  mainly UK Trades : Building
Trades connected with Clothing :  mainly UK Trades : Clothing
Trades connected with Food & Drink :  mainly UK Trades : Food & Drink
Transport List : mainly shipping, indexed by vessel name : includes other categories Transport List
Transport Assorted  : includes any reference to Transport not in above List Transport Assorted List
Your Comments and Enquiries Page : mainly meant for illustration purpose, e.g. photographs Comments & Enquiries

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