Scottish Family Heritage

Scottish Family Heritage
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of the Devon Iron Works
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Would you like a photocopy, digital photograph, or scanned image of any item from our manuscript archive or library? If the answer is "Yes" then please see below for further details.

Copies : Many original documents and published items are normally available on request. However, please note that for a variety of reasons some items are too fragile, or too large for our normal copying techniques. These may require specialist equipment and handling.

Transcripts of manuscript material, either full or partial, may also be available. It is worth noting that much of our manuscript collection awaits digitisation and indexing.

As might be expected, many documents for one reason or another are very difficult to read. Some of these have been transcribed, and can be ordered where appropriate.

Where feasible, items that have not been so transcribed may be available for transcription, but this will depend entirely on content and cost.

Digital Images : Many items in our collection are available on request. These can be sent to you either as jpeg or PDF email file attachments, or where necessary, posted to you as hard copy.

Please also note that our former use of CD discs for copying purposes is now no longer available.

Price List : If you wish to place an order for any item, please see our Price List via our Contact Us page. The price will include all post and packing charges, or any other information you require to complete your order.

Date last modified: Wed 10 Nov 21