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Huntly, Aberdeenshire & Area - Places & Street Names
& People Connected With Them in 1936

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This Web Page lists people in Huntly, Aberdeenshire and area whose names are recorded in the two sale catalogues of the Auction Sale of the Huntly Estate, which began at The Town Hall, Huntly on Monday, 3rd August 1936.

Most, but not all of the names listed here represent the Feuars in the Superiors' Books or Proprietors in the Valuation Roll. Some duplicated name entries have been deleted altogether, although it is possible that a few may relate to more than one person.

As some of the people mentioned in this list are living, various personal details have been omitted from this dataset. The original Sale Catalogues contains headings for the following:-

Lot (No.)

Feu Numbers

Description of Subjects

Situation of Subjects

Names of Feuars in Superiors' Books

Proprietors in Valuation Roll

Amount of Feu Duty

Assessed Annual Rental in Valuation Roll


For privacy purposes only the list of street names are given here. If anyone mentioned in this dataset wishes to have their name removed, and can prove that they are the person listed here, Scottish Family Heritage will be only too happy to erase their name from the list.


Farms and Other Assorted Properties, Including Street Names
(unless otherwise stated all street names relate to Huntly)

Aberdeen Road
Albert Terrace
Anatswell, parish of Huntly
Auchanachy, parish of Cairnie
Auchinbo, parish of Huntly
Auchinlech, parish of Cairnie
Balloch Burn, parish of Cairnie
Banks, parish of Cairnie
Birkenhill, parish of Gartly
Bleachfield Street
Boghead, parish of Huntly
Bogie Bank, Muir of Rhynie
Bogie Street
Boginspro, parish of Huntly
Bogmoon, parish of Cairnie
Botary, parish of Cairnie
Brae of Gerry, parish of Drumblade
Braehead, parish of Cairnie
Braeside of Cults, parish of Kennethmont
Bridgend, parish of Gartly
Broom, parish of Rhynie
Bruntland, parish of Rhynie
Bucharn, parish of Gartly
Burned, parish of Huntly
Cairnie, parish of
Castle Street
Causewayend, parish of Huntly
Chapel Street
Church Street
Coachford, parish of Cairnie
Collithie, parish of Huntly/Gartly?
Corncattrach, parish of Gartly
Corse of Kinnoir, parish of Huntly
Costlyburn, parish of Huntly
Coxton, parish of Gartly
Craighead, parish of Huntly
Craigwillie, parish of Huntly
Croft of Glen of Coachford, parish of Cairnie
Davidstown Estate, parish of Rhynie
Deveron Road
Deveron Street
Drumblade, parish of
Drumdelgie, parish of Cairnie
Drumhead, parish of Cairnie
Duke Street
Duncanstone, parish of Gartly
East Park Street
Easter Auldton, parish of Cairnie
Edendiack, parish of Gartly
Essie Road, Muir of Rhynie
Essie, parish of Rhynie
George Street
George Street, Nelson Street
Gimpstown, parish of Gartly
Gladstone Road
Glen of Coachford or Botary, Cairnie
Gordon Street
Granary Street
Haughs, parish of Cairnie
Hillockhead, parish of Huntly
Howtown, parish of Rhynie
Inchstammach, parish of Cairnie
Ittingstone, parish of Huntly
Keillenknowes, parish of Huntly
Kennethmont, parish of
King Street
Kirkhill, parish of Gartly
Kirkney, parish of Gartly
Lennox Terrace
Littlejohn Street
Macdonald Street
Main Street, Muir of Rhynie
Mains of Artloch, parish of Huntly
Mains of Gartly
Mains of Starhill
Market Street
McVeagh Street
Meadow Street
Meikle Weistern, parish of Drumblade
Meikleton of Ardonald, parish of Cairnie
Mill of Lesmoir, parish of Rhynie
Milne's Buildings
Mosstown, parish of Huntly
Muir of Rhynie
Nelson Street
Nether Tullochbeg, parish of Huntly
Netherton, parish of Cairnie
New Road
Newtongarry, parish of Drumblade
Newtown, parish of Cairnie
North Riggins, parish of Cairnie
Old Road
Ordbrae, parish of Huntly
Park Street
Pirriesmill (farm)
Princes Street
Queen Street
Redfold, parish of Cairnie
Richmond Lane
Ruthven, parish of Cairnie
Scurdargue, parish of Rhynie
Setrington Street
Sinsharnie, parish of Cairnie
Slioch, parish of Drumblade
Smallburn, parish of Cairnie
South Road, Rhynie
Starhill, parish of Cairnie
Stewart's Lane
The Square
The Square, Muir of Rhynie
Tonburn, parish of Cairnie
Torry Street
Upper Auchairn, parish of Cairnie
Upper Cuttlehill, parish of Cairnie
Upper Sinsharnie, parish of Cairnie
Victoria Road
Ward, parish of Huntly
West Park Street
Wester Auchairn, parish of Cairnie
Westwood Road



People Listed in Sale Catalogues

Aitken, William
Alexander, Albert
Alexander, Charles
Alexander, George
Alexander, Jessie
Alexander, John
Alexander, Sheila McClure
Anderson, Elizabeth G
Anderson, Elizabeth Gray
Anderson, Georgina M W
Anderson, James
Anderson, Jeannie
Anderson, John
Anderson, Maggie
Anderson, Robert
Andrew, George
Andrew, William S
Andrews, William
Anton, John
Anton, Robert J
Anton, William A
Appleby, Mary Ann
Archibald, Annie
Archibald, James
Archibald, Jessie
Archibald, Thomas G
Arnott, John
Baigrie, Ann
Baigrie, John
Bain, Albert
Bannerman, Hugh
Barclay, Charles G
Barclay, Jane (ms) Duncan
Barnett, Williamina F
Barnett, Williamina Forbes
Barron, Annie
Begg, Ann M
Benton, Adam
Benton, Alexander
Bowie, William
Boyd, Isobel M
Boyd, John M
Brander Library
Brander, Agnes D
Brander, James
Brander, John
Bremner, Jane (ms) Smith
Bremner, John
Brockie, William
Brown, Alexander Pirie
Brown, Arabella Kirkton
Buchan, James
Buchan, John
Burns, Sarah J B
Buslott, Elizabeth
Buslott, Mary (ms) Cobban
Calder, Francis M
Calder, Jane Ann
Calder, William
Callum, Mary (ms) Gordon)
Cameron, Peter
Campbell, J
Campbell, James
Carrie, William
Castell, Alexander McKay
Castell, Lilias
Cattanach, James
Chalmers, George
Chisholm, M D
Chree, Adam
Chree, James
Christie, Alexander W
Christie, Isabella D
Christie, Maggie Ann
Christie, Mary J
Clark, Alexander
Clark, Archibald
Cobban, Elizabeth
Cockburn, Nigel
Cook, Alexander
Cook, Jane Ann
Cormack, William
Coutts, Mary (ms) Mackie
Cowe, Charles
Cowie, George A M
Cowie, James
Cown, John
Craig, Malcolm
Cran, Alexander
Cran, Jessie
Crichton, Alexander
Crichton, Alice
Cruickshank, Robert
Cryle, Helen (ms) Watson
Davidson, Duncan M R
Davidson, George
Dawson, Eleanor Jessie
Dawson, M
Dawson, Marion
Dawson, Mary
Dawson, Robert A
Dempster, Alexander
Dempster, Jessie
Dey, Alexander
Dey, J E
Dey, John
Dickson, George F
Dickson, Jeane A (ms) Raffan
Dickson, John
Dickson, John
Donald, Alexander
Donald, George
Donald, John R
Donald, John Rezin
Donald, Peter
Donnelly, James
Dow, Elizabeth
Dow, James
Downie, Alexander
Downie, Christina A
Downie, Isabella G
Drummond, William
Duff, Thomas A
Duffus, Alexander
Duffus, Jeannie R M
Dufton, Alexander
Dufton, Robert A
Duguid, Jane
Duncan, Agnes (ms) Murdoch
Duncan, Ann
Duncan, Ella
Duncan, Georgina Raffan
Duncan, James
Duncan, William Merson
Dunn, John Adam
Edwards, James Hastings
Esson, Alexander
Ewen, George
Ewen, James
Ewen, Margaret (ms) Keith
Ewing, Helen
Falconer, Keith Douglas
Featch, James Angus
Featch, Mary
Fitzpatrick, Alfred
Fitzpatrick, Jeannie (ms) Simpson
Fitzpatrick, John
Forbes, Jemima I
Forbes, John McK.
Forbes, William
Fraser, Anabella
Fraser, R
Frazer, Duncan McColl
Frazer, Jane S
Gair, Donald
Garden, John
Garrard, Jane
Garrow, James
Garson, Patrick C
Garson, Patrick Clason
Gartly, Christina
Gauld, Alfred L
Gauld, William
Geddes, Alexander
Geddes, Elizabeth
Geddes, Mary
Geddes, Mary Agnes
George, Harriet Watson (ms) McCombie
George, Philip
Gerrard, Alexander
Gerrard, Gertrude
Gerrard, Jane (ms) Strachan
Gerrard, Jessie
Gordon, Alexander
Gordon, Annie
Gordon, Frank
Gordon, Isabella
Gordon, James
Gordon, James B
Gordon, James Bremner
Gordon, Jane
Gordon, Maggie (ms) Mackie
Gordon, Margaret
Gordon, Margaret A
Gordon, Margaret Jane
Gordon, Mary
Gordon, Mary Jemima
Gordon, May J
Gordon, Nessie
Gordon, Peter H
Gordon, Robert
Gordon, William
Gordon-Duff, R
Grant, Alexander
Grant, Bessie
Grant, Elspet (ms) Spence
Grant, George
Grant, Jessie
Grant, Madge
Grant, William
Gray, Alexander
Gray, George
Gray, Harry M
Gray, Helen
Gray, Margaret B G
Gray, William
Grieve, William
Guthrie, Margaret D S
Hadden, James
Hall, Albert
Hay, J McDonald
Hector, John
Henderson, Helen
Henderson, Isabella M
Henderson, James A
Henderson, Jessie
Henderson, John
Henderson, Margaret
Henderson, Thomas
Hendry, Alexander M
Hendry, Alexander M
Hendry, Clementina
Hendry, Margaret
Hendry, Peter
Hepburn, Elsie Taylor (ms) McKerrow
Hepburn, William Watt
Hoops, Douglas E Mostyn
Horsfall, Thomas Postlewaite
Howieson, William Jenkins
Hunter, Charles
Hunter, John R
Hutcheon, John
Hynd, Jane
Imlach, John
Inglis, A
Ingram, Lilias
Innes, James
Innes, James C
Ironside, Peter Cowie
Jamieson, D
Jamieson, David
Johnstone, Isabella
Johnstone, James A
Keith, John
Kelman, Robert
Kemp, George
Kennedy, James
Kennedy, Jane Ann
Kessack, George
Kilgour, Annie (ms) Geddes
King, Andrew & Anne L
King, Charles
King, James
Knight, James
Lamb, James
Law, Alice (ms) Cran
Law, George
Law, George
Law, Joan Cran
Legge, Andrew M
Leith, James S
Lindsay, James
Lipp, Alexander
Lipp, George
Lipp, Jane
Lipp, William
Livingston, Christina
Livingstone, Christina (ms) Ferguson
Lobban, Alexander
Lobban, George
Lockhart, Daniel F
Loggie, Jane Ann
Loggie, John
Low, James McC
Mackay, James W
Mackay, Jean
Mackenzie, George
Mackenzie, James
Mackenzie, R
Mackenzie, Robert
Mackie, George
Mackie, James
Mackie, William
Marandola, Vincent
Marshall, Rose (ms) Merson
Martin, George
Martin, John
Mathieson, John
McAdam, Margaret



McCartney, Susan Begg
McCombie, Jean
McCombie, Mary D
McConachie, Harry
McConnachie, Alexander
McConnachie, Jeanie
McConnachie, Mary
McConnachie, William
McCurrach, Alexander
McDonald, Hector
McDonald, William
McGlashan, Donald
McGregor, George
McHardy, Archibald
McHardy, Peter
McIntosh, Alexander
McIntosh, Bella E
McIntosh, Eliza
McIntosh, James
McIver, Alexander
McIver, James
McIver, John
McIver, Margaret (ms) Thow
McIver, Mary
McKay, Annie R
McKay, George
McKay, James
McKenzie, Daniel
McKenzie, Mary A
McKigney, Mary
McLaren, Alexander
McMillan, George
McMillan, Margaret A
McNair, Gordon
McPetrie, Alexander
McPherson, J
McPherson, William
McRae, Elizabeth Smith
McWilliam, Ann (ms) Lemon
McWilliam, Annie
McWilliam, George
McWilliam, William
Meldrum, John
Meldrum, Robert
Mellis Isabella
Mellis, George
Mellis, Isabel
Mellis, Isabella
Mellis, William A
Merchant, John
Michie, Hugh Fraser
Middleton, Jessie B (ms) Steele
Middleton, John
Milne, George
Milne, James
Milne, James A
Milne, John
Mitchell, Alexander
Mitchell, Annie C (ms) Temple
Mitchell, Elizabeth
Mitchell, George
Mitchell, Jane
Mitchell, John
Mitchell, Peter
Mitchell, R(obert?)
Mitchell, Robert
Mitchell, Thomas
Mitchell, William
Moir, George R &
Morrison, Alexander D
Morrison, Elizabeth S
Morrison, George
Morrison, James
Morrison, Jeannie
Morrison, John
Morrison, Joseph
Morrison, Peter
Muirson, William
Munro, Alexander
Munro, Helen
Munro, Jane (ms) Henderson
Munro, John McHattie
Murdoch, Helen
Murdoch, William
Murison, Alexander
Murison, William
Murray, Alexander
Murray, Jane G
Murray, John
Murray, Margaret
Murray, Margaret J (ms) Cruden
Murray, Rose
Murray, William
Murray-Bisset, Janet K
Mutch, Alexander
Mutch, Alexander
Mutch, John
Neish, Alexander
Nicol, Mary Gordon
Nicoll, Harry G(ordon?)
Nicoll, William
Niven, David H
Niven, David S
Niven, Isabel A
Niven, Maggie J S
Niven, William
Ogston, Mary
Oliver, Isabella
Ord, A W
Park, George
Paterson, Alexander
Paterson, Annie (ms) McGregor
Paterson, John A
Paton, Alexander
Paul, William
Penny, Alfred
Petrie, John
Petrie, Peter S
Petrie, William
Philip, Peter W
Philip, William
Phillips, Dorothy H
Pirie, Alexander
Pirie, Allan
Pirie, John
Pirie, Mary
Pirie, William
Porter, Isobel M B
Porter, John A
Potter, Lizzie J (ms) Beattie
Rae, Eleanor Vere Boyle
Rae, James
Rainy, James
Rainy, Martha Anne
Raitt, James Banks
Reid, Alexander
Reid, Gordon
Reid, Mary (ms) Singer
Reid, Mary Ann
Reid, Peter
Rennie, Annie (ms) Wiseman
Rennie, John
Reynolds, Eliza
Rhind, Alexander
Rhind, Constance A
Rhind, Gordon
Rhind, Helen M
Rhind, James
Rhind, John
Riach, Jessie (ms) Ross
Richardson, James
Riddell, Ann
Riddell, George
Riddell, Janet
Riddell, William
Riddoch, George
Ritchie, James
Rizza, Dominica
Robertson, Alexander
Robertson, Elizabeth
Robertson, Elspet Tocher
Robertson, George
Robertson, George Whyte
Robertson, Helen
Robertson, Jane (ms) Keir
Robertson, John
Robertson, Mary
Robertson, Robert
Robertson, Thomas W
Robson, George
Rose, George
Ross, Jane Ann
Ross, John T
Ross, Lizzie
Roy, James
Scott, Agnes
Scott, George
Scott, George S
Scott, Isabella
Scott, James
Scott, Jane
Scott, Jane Runcie
Scott, Jeannie
Scott, John G
Scott, John J
Sellar, James Alexander
Sellar, Robert Thomson
Sey, John
Shand, Alexander
Shand, Annie (ms) Cowie
Shand, John
Shand, Mary
Shand, William
Shaw, Donald
Shearer, Adam
Shearer, Alexander
Shearer, William
Shewan, William
Shirreffs, Tomina F
Sievewright, Alexander
Sievewright, Matilda Forsyth (ms) Petrie
Sievewright, Peter
Sievewright, William
Sim, James
Simpson, Alexander F
Simpson, Annie
Simpson, Frank F
Simpson, James
Simpson, Jean
Simpson, Mary
Simpson, Robert P D
Sinclair, Alexander
Smart, James
Smart, William
Smith, Ann
Smith, Catherine (ms) Gray
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Frank
Smith, George
Smith, Margaret
Smith, Margaret Milne
Smith, Robert
Smith, William
Smith, William S
Souter, E
Souter, Ebenezer C
Souter, Ebenezer Craig
Spence, Alexander
Spence, Henry Reginald
Spence, James
Spence, James H E S
Spence, Richard Donald
Stables, George
Stephen, Annie (ms) Gordon
Stephen, Frank W L
Stephen, Gordon
Stephen, Isabella
Stephen, John Gerrie
Stephen, John L
Stephen, Mary Jane
Stewart, Alexander
Stewart, Andrew
Stewart, James
Stewart, William
Strachan, Alexander R
Strachan, Alexander Roy
Strachan, Charles
Strachan, James
Strachan, Jessie Roy
Strachan, John
Straith, Ann (ms) McRae
Stronach, Alexander
Stronach, Andrew
Stronach, James
Stronach, Janetta M
Stuart, John
Stuart, William J
Symon, Charles
Symon, Christina
Symon, Robert
Wood, Charles S
Wordie, John
Wordie, Peter
Wright, Isabella
Wright, Jeannie
Young, Charlotte
Yule, Alexander L
Yule, Charles
Yule, J B
Yule, James B
Yule, James Bransby
Yule, John



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