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The Society at Glasgow for Promoting Religious Knowledge Among the Poor
(Relatives of children who attended Society schools, or who received bibles between these years)


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Name Occupation Family Relationships
Aiken : (Mr? / Mrs?)
parent of ? Aiken
Alexander, John pipe maker father of Samuel Alexander
Alexander, John workman father of Jean Alexander
Algie, Alexander (Alex)
father of John Algie
Alison, John soldier father of John Alison
Allan, Christian poor woman mother of Christian Crawford
Allen, John tobacco spinner father of John Allen
Anderson, Thomas
father of John Anderson
Anderson, William (Wm)
father of James Anderson
Armour : (widow)
mother of Janet Armour
Baird, John shoemaker father of Janet Baird
Baird, John
father of Alexander Baird
Baird, John
father of Thomas Baird
Bankier, George
father of George Bankier
Banks, Joseph : (the late)
father of Ann Banks
Barr, Mary : (widow)
mother of Catrine Nisbit
Belford : (Mr)
father of Charles Belford
Bell, Duncan
father of James Bell
Bell, Duncan
father of Mary Bell
Bell, John sawer (sawyer)? father of Alexander Bell
Billiny, William (Wm) (see also Bellinnie)
father of Robert Billiny
Binning, John? soldier, formerly a weaver father of John? Binning
Bowre, James (Jas) (soldier) : Argyleshire Militia father of William Bowre
Brodie, Daniel journeyman tailor (tayler) father of Elizabeth Brodie
Brown, David weaver father of Duncan & William
Brown, John soldier father of Mary Brown
Buchanan, Alexander
father of Janet Buchanan
Buchanan, Andrew cordener (cordiner / shoemaker) father of Elizabeth Buchanan
Buchanan, Archibald (Archd) weaver father of Margaret Buchanan
Buchanan, Archibald (Archd) weaver father of Margaret Buchanan
Burnlie, William : (the late)
father of Jean Burnlie
Caldwell, Andrew
father of Andrew Caldwell
Caldwell, John
father of Alexander Caldwell
Caldwell, John
father of Alexander Caldwell
Cameron, Alexander (Alexr) smith father of George Cameron
Cameron, John : (senior)
father of John Cameron
Campbell : (Mr or Mrs)
parent of Jean Campbell
Campbell, Archibald (Archd) barrowman father of Colin Campbell
Campbell, Archibald (Archd) quarrier father of Donald Campbell
Campbell, Duncan couper father of Archibald Campbell
Campbell, John weaver father of Jean Campbell
Campbell, John workman father of Neil Campbell
Campble, John
father of Alexander Campble
Carmichael : (Mr / Mrs or Miss)
parent of Christian Carmichael
Chambers, Alexander (Alexr) carter father of Alexander Chambers
Chambers, Alexander (Alexr) carter father of William Chambers
Chapman, Agnes
mother of Agnes Weir
Clark : (Mr or Mrs)
parent of Margaret Clark
Clerk, John
father of Robert Clerk
Clerk, John weaver father of Agnes Clerk
Colhoun, Archibald (Archd)
father of of John Colhoun
Craig, James weaver father of Michell Craig
Craufurd, James
father of John Gordon
Craufurd, John
father of Ann Craufurd
Crawford, James (Jas) weaver father of John Crawford
Crawfurd : (widow)
mother of James Crawfurd
Crawfurd, John
father of John Crawfurd
Crawfurd, Thomas (Thos) workman father of Thomas Crawfurd
Culbreath, David
father of James Culbreath
Curne? (looks like) : (widow)
mother of ?
Dalglish, James workman father of Alexander Dalglish
Daunie, Robert weaver father of Hellen Daunie
Deans, James
father of James Deans
Dennie, James (Jas) nailer father of James & Marian Dennie / Denny
Dick, Robert (Robt) workman father of Mary Dick
Dickson, James
father of Catherine Dickson
Dobbie, John
father of Isabel Dobbie
Donaldson, Isobell
mother of Margaret Nisbit
Downie, James (Jas) : (the late)
father of Margaret Downie
Drysdale, Andrew?
father of Andrew/John?
Dunbar : (widow)
grandmother of Darling Partridge
Dunlop, William (Wm)
father of Jean Dunlop
Ewing, John
father of Ann Ewing
Fairlie, Alexander (Alexr)
father of William Fairlie
Fairlie, Robert weaver father of May Fairlie
Falconer, William (Wm)
father of Malcolm Falconer
Findlay / Finlay, Robert (Robt) in the Delf House father of John Finlay
Fleming : Mr? (or) Mrs? : the late
parent of Janet & Mary Fleming
Fulton, William (Wm) workman father of Jean Fulton
Gemmel, James : (the late) workman father of John Gemmel
Gilchrist, Humphray
Father of Agnes Gilchrist
Gillespie, John hammerman father of Andrew, James & Peter Gillespie
Gillies, Marjory
mother of Archibald Matther?
Glasgow, Hugh
father of Marion Glasgow
Graham, Robert weaver father of Allison Graham
Graham, Robert (Robt) : (the late)
father to William Graham
Graham, William
fatherless child
Graham, William (Wm) workman father of Peter Graham
Graham, William (Wm) given bible son to late Robert Graham
Graham, William (Wm) workman father of Robert Graham
Gray, Archibald
father of George Gray
Gray, John weaver father of Cecil? / Cecile? Gray
Green, Archibald (Archd)
father of Miss Green
Greenlees, Thomas (Thos) shoemaker father of Agnes Greenlees
Greenlees, William (Wm) journeyman shoemaker father of William Greenlees
Hadden, James weaver father of John Hadden
Halland, Thomas (Thos) tailor (taylor) father of Peter Hollen / Halland
Hamilton, Robert (Robt) Town Officer father David & Jean Hamilton
Hamilton? : (Mrs? : widow) poor widow mother of George Hamilton
Harris, Charles (Chas)
father of Margaret Harris
Henderson, Charles soldier father of Janet Henderson
Hendry, Robert (Robt) workman father of Robert Hendry
Henry, James
father to John Henry
Henry, John given bible son to James Henry
Herbertson, James weaver father of Mathew Harbertson
Hewsten, Robert (Robt)
father of Margaret Hewsten
Hill, Robert (Robt)
father of Jeen / Jean Hill
Holland, Thomas
father of Margaret Holland
Holm, Cathrine
appears to have son John Neilson
Hutcheson : (widow)
mother of Andrew Hutcheson
Ingram, William (Wm)
father of Mary Ingram
Jack, James
father of Jean Jack
Jack, James : (the late) weaver father of Janet Jack
Jack, Thomas (Thos)
father of Thomas Jack
Jackson : (Mr or Mrs)
parent of James Jackson
Johnston : (widow)
mother of Robert Johnston
Johnston : (widow)
mother of Elizabeth Johnston
Keir : (widow)
mother of John Keir
Keir, George carter father of Catrine Keir
Keir, John workman father of Isobel Keir
Keir, John workman father of Isabell Keir
Keir, John officer father of Agnes & John Keir
Kerr, Andrew in Hutcheson's hospital (work or ill)? father of Martha Kerr
Kerr, James shoemaker father of Margaret Kerr
Kerr, James
father of a son
Kessan, David
father of Thomas Kessan
Kessan, David
father of Janet Kessan
Kidd, Thomas workman father of Alexander Kidd
Kile? / Rile?, Robert weaver father of James Kile? / Rile?
King, James (Jas) journeyman flesher father of ? King (a son)
Leechman : (widow)
mother of Margaret Leechman
Leechman, Janet
mother of Grizell Lewis
Lennex, Ann
mother of James Moreson
Lennox, John weaver father of Agnes Lennox
Leveston? / Liveston?, Peter
father of Patrick Leveston
Lightbody : (widow)
mother of Catrine Lightbody
Lindsay : (widow)
mother of James Lindsay
Liviston, Patrick
father of Agnes Liveston
Liviston, Peter
father of Peter Liviston
Love, John
father of Margaret Love
Mackie, John workman father of Isabell Mackie
Marshall, Andrew weaver father of Margaret Marshall
Martine, Mathew : (the late)
father of John Martine
Mathew, John
father of John Mathew
Mathie, John
father of Margaret Mathie
Maxwell, Giles (ms) Naismith given bible wife to William Maxwell, tobacco spinner
Maxwell, William tobacco spinner husband of Giles Naismith
mother of Janet Wright
Mcadam, William (Wm)
father of James Mcadam
McAusland, ? gardener father of Alexander Mcausland
McBrain, ? soldier father of Daniel McBrain
Mcbrair, Hugh
father of Florence Mcbrair
McCalester / McCallester, John
father of Patrick McCalester
McCulloch, Janet scholar of the Charity School fatherless child
McCulloch, Samuell barker (which type)? father of Margaret McCulloch
McDonald : (Mrs?) mother of Isabel McDonald
McDonald, Alexander (Alexr) tailor (tayler) father of Euphan McDonald
McDonald, Allan
father of Isobell McDonald
McDowgall, Ann
mother of Peter McDowall
McDowgall, Hugh scholar of the Charity School fatherless child
McDowgall, Hugh gardener father of Hugh & Robert McDowgall
McDowgall, Robert scholar of the Charity School fatherless child
Mcendoe, Robert
father of Andrew Mcendoe
Mcfarlan, Archibald (Archd) : (the late) gardener father of Walter Mcfarlan
McFarlane, Daniel workman father of Robert McFarlane
Mcfarlane, David
father of Catrine & Robert Mcfarlane
Mcferson, Walter (see Mcpherson) flesher father of Duncan Mcferson
Mcgilp, John flesher father of Elizabeth Mcgilp
Mckechney, William (Wm)
father of James Mckechney
McLae, John servant in the Delf (looks like)? house father of Robert McLee
McLauchlane, Betty
mother of Isabel & Margaret Leitch
McLedoe, Patrick
father of John McLedoe
McLeen / McLean?, John workman father of Jeen McLeen (McLean)
Mcnair, James
father of John Mcnair
Mcnair, John
father of ? McNair
Mcneilage, James (Jas) wright father of Catrine / Catherine Mcneilage
Mcnelish, James wright father of Catherine Mcnelish
Mcnichol, John
father of William Mcnichol
father of John Mcnicol
Mcnilish, James (Jas)
father of John Mcnilish
Mcnillage, James (Jas) journeyman wright father of Margaret Mcnillage
Mcpherson, Archibald (Archd) given bible son to Walter Mcpherson
Mcpherson, Walter (see Mcferson) journeyman butcher in Mr Leckie's school* : see note & father to Archibald Mcpherson
Mcure, Archibald (Archd) weaver father of Mary & Ann Mcure
Mcwatt / Mcwatts, John
father of John & William Mcwatt/s
Meinzes, ? soldier father of George Meinzes
Moody, Thomas soldier father of Margaret Moody
Morison , Ann
mother of Ann Morison
Morison, Daniel
father of Margaret Morison
Morison, John : (the late) weaver father of John Morison
Morison, Patrick : (the late)
father of David & Janet Morison
Morison, Robert
father of Jean Morison
Morison, Thomas weaver father of Thomas & Janet Morison
Muir, William
father of William Muir
Muirhead, James journeyman weaver father of Marian Muirhead
Murdoch, James : (the late)
father of Archibald & James Murdoch
Murray, John : (the late) workman father of James Murray
Neilson : (widow)
mother of Robert Neilson
Neilson, Janet a poor woman mother of Duncan Smith
Neilson, John given bible mother appears to be Catherine Holm
Nicol, John a poor man father of Archibald Nicol
Nicol, John quarrier father of Archibald Nicol
Nicolson, Elizabeth a poor woman mother of Peter Buchanan
Nicolson, Oliver
father of of Margaret Nicolson
Nicolson, Oliver
father of of Catrine Nicolson
Nicolson, Oliver weaver father of Catherine Nicolson
Nielson / Neilson : (Mr or Mrs)
parent of William Neilson
Nielson : (Mr or Mrs)
parent of William Nielson
Nielson : (Mr or Mrs)
parent of Robert Nielson
Park : (widow)
mother of William Park
Park, Alexander (Alexr) weaver father of Thomas Park
Park, Archibald (Archd) wool comber father of Isobell Park
Park, Archibald (Archd)
father of William Park
Paterson, ?
parent of Janet Paterson
Paterson, Isobell
mother of Elizabeth Taylor
Paterson, John mason father of David Paterson
Paterson, Robert (Robt)
father of Robert Paterson
Pettegrew, Agnes
mother of Margaret & Robert Sommervell
Pinkerton, John
father of Elizabeth & Robert Pinkerton
Pollock, Robert
father of Robert Pollock
Porterfield : (Mr or Mrs)
father of Gabriel Porterfield
Porterfield, John
father of John Porterfield
Purdon : (widow)
mother of Thomas Murray
Ranken : (widow)
mother of Janet Ranken
Ranken, John
father of Agnes Ranken
Rankine : (Mr or Mrs)
parent of Agnes Rankine
Rankine : (Mr or Mrs)
parent of Jean Rankine
Reid, John workman father of Thomas Reid
Reid, John workman father of Patrick Reid
Reid, Thomas weaver father of Agnes Reid
Reid, Thomas (Thos) : (the late) workman father of Ann Ridd (as in Reid) /Kidd?
Riddell, Robert (Robt) weaver father of James & Mary Riddell
Robertson, Charles
father of Peggie Robertson
Robertson, James (Jas) workman father of William Robertson
Robertson, John workman father of Janet Robertson
Robertson, John tanner father of Mary Robertson
Robertson, John workman father of Walter Robertson
Robeson, John
father of Elizabeth & Janet Robeson
Robison, John workman father of Walter Robison
Ross, Mary given bible mother of Mary Ross
Salmen (Salmon)?, Patrick weaver father of Archibald Salmon?
Salmon, Peter
father of Peter Salmon
Salmon, Peter weaver father of Archibald Salmon
Scot, John
father of Margaret Scot
Selkrige, John mason father of James Selkrige
Sheils / Sheills, Robert (Robt) journeyman weaver father of Jean & James Sheills
Sloan, John weaver father of William Sloan
Smellie, James
father of James Smellie
Smith, John workman father of Duncan Smith
Somervell, James weaver father of Mary Sommervell
Somervell, John : (the late)
father of Margaret Somervell
Steel, Alexander (Alexr) workman father of Mary Steel
Steel, John porter father of Ann Steel
Steven, John weaver (a poor family) father of William & Mary Steven
Stewart : (widow)
mother of James Stewart
Stewart, John workman father of John Stewart
Storey, Christian
mother of Christian Wallace
Taylor, Archibald (Archd) weaver father of Thomas Taylor
Taylor, Robert (Robt) barber (barbour) father of Robert Taylor
Tenent, John gardener father of Robert Tenent
Thomson, John nailer father of Helen Thomson
Waddell, Elizabeth a poor woman mother of George & Robert Dickson
Walker weaver father of a son
Walker : (Mr or Mrs)
parent of Janet Walker
Walker, John weaver father of Hugh Walker
Walker, John shoemaker father of John Walker
Wallace : (Mrs : widow)
mother of Christian Wallace
Wallace, ?
parent of Christen Wallace
Wallace, Alexander soldier father of Robert Wallace
Wallace, James (Jas)
father of Janet Wallace
Walter : (Mrs?)   mother of Janet Walter
Watson, Bathia : (widow)
mother of David Johnston
Watson, William (Wm) weaver father of Janet Watson
Weir John : (the late)
father of Peter Weir
Weir, Dougal
father of Mary Weir
Weir, Walter workman father of Margaret Weir
Whitlaw, William (Wm) tanner grandfather of ? Whitlaw
Williamson, John workman father of of Robert Williamson
Wilson, John workman father of James Wilson
Wilson, William (Wm) journeyman weaver father of of Christian & John Wilson
Wright : (widow)
mother of Sarah Wright
Wyllie, John weaver father of James Wyllie
Young, John (as above)? great grandfather of William Young, Lloyds, London
Young, William
great grandson of John Young, Blythswood Square, Glasgow
Young, William (Wm) carter father of William Young

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