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Surname List

 Surnames Available Now Held In Our Archive 
(Input commenced 18th September 2003)



IMPORTANT NOTE - Until all our Lists are on-line, many Surnames will not appear, or be available except in this Surname List.

If you are looking for a Surname that does not appear in other Lists, please contact us for further details.

Due to various transcription problems, it is likely that a very small percentage of Surnames in this List are incorrectly written.  This may mean that a tiny number of names never existed in the format shown here.

SOURCES  -  The following surnames found in our Archive are derived from two main classes of information. The first is from a small but useful selection of published items such as old books, magazines and newspapers. The second section is from original manuscript material, such as old legal documents, business and private letters, invoices & receipts, as well as other ephemeral items.

Some items from both sections date back to the 17th century. However, some manuscript entries predate this. Please note that our list also contains titled names, such as for example may occur in various Baronetage and Peerage publications of Great Britain. Various titles of nobility from other parts of the world are also included.

ORIGINS - Currently the majority of surnames are from England and Scotland, but a small number originate from other countries. As more names are added, it is possible that the balance of content will alter in the future.

SPELLING  -  In most cases surnames are entered here as written in the original source. They are also indexed exactly according to spelling differences. However, please note that in some instances, the letter directly following the c in Mac or Mc, may in some instances be rendered on this Web List in upper case - e.g. Mcgougon listed here as McGougon. 

As many older variations of spelling can be quite significant, it may pay you to search for these to find a useful association. For example, the name St Clair listed under the St heading is also to be found under the S heading as Saintclair.

If you are interested in finding out more information about any individual Surname, we will endeavour to provide this as quickly as possible. However, please be aware that in some instances it may take a considerable time to trace the details you require.

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Aa, Aagaard, a' Beckett, Abbas, Abbington, Abbiss, Abbot, Abbot-Anderson, Abbott, Abbs, Abel, Abell, Abercorn, Abercrombie, Abercromby, Aberdeen, Aberdeen & Temair, Aberdein, Aberdour, Abernathy, Abernethy, Aboyne, Abraham, Abrahams, Achaias (or Eochas), Acheson, Achison, Achland, Ackenhead, Ackermann, Ackery, Acland, Acock, Adair, Adam, Adams, Adamson, Adamsone, Adcock, Addenbrook, Addington, Addison, Addison-Smith, Addlesee, Adgie, Adie, Adkens, Adlam, Admeston, Adney, Aeyton, Affleck, Agar, Agnew, Agy?, Ahn, Aidan, Aide, Aïde, Aidie, Aijhoff, Aiken, Aikenhead, Aikin, Aikman, Ailesbury, Ailsa, Aim, Ainslie, Ainsworth, Air, Aird, Airey, Airlie, Airly, Airth, Airy, Aislabie, Aitchieson, Aitchison, Aitken, Aitkenhead, Aitkin, Aiton, A'Kempis, Alan, Aland, Albanesi, Albany, Albertyn, Alchiner, Alcock, Aldborough, Alder, Aldie, Aldin, Aldolbrandini, Alemore, Alexander, Alexander-Sinclair, Algarotti, Algeranova (Surname?), Algernoff, Algie, Alice, Alison, Alisone, All, Allaburton, Allan, Allane, Allardes, Allardice, Allardyce, Allason, Allatson, Allbuth, Allcock, Allee, Allen, Allenby, Allenders, Allerdice, Allerdyce, Alley, Alleyn, Allgar,  Allingham, Allison, Allitsen, Allman, Allon, Alloway, Allsop, Allsopp, Allt, Alluson, Allyn, Almasio, Almond, Alness, Alouf, Alipn, Alphonsine, Alschender, Alshouner, Alsoner, Alsshouner, Alston, Altieri, Alton, Altree, Altria, Alvas, Alverstone, Alves, Alwas, Alwes, Amani, Ambler, Ambross, Ameland, Amer, Ames, Amhurst, Ancrum, Andearson, Anderson, Anderson-Berry, Andersone, Anderton, Andertson, Andieson, Andrew, Andrews, Andreyef, Anesworth, Angas, Angel, Angerstein, Angier, Anglers, Anglesey, Angreid, Angus, Aniello, Annan, Annand, Annandale, Annat, Annison, Ansdell, Anson, Anspach, Anstee, Anster, Anstruther, Anstruther-Gray, Anthon, Antici, Anton, Antonius, Antrobus, Appelton, Appleby, Applegath, Arago, Aram, Arbuckle, Arbuthnet, Arbuthnot, Arbuthnott, Arch, Archbel, Archbold, Archer, Archibald, Arden, Arditi, Ardmillan, Arelhurst, Arent, Argile, Argo, Argyle, Argyll, Ariello, Arkcoll, Arkwright, Arlett, Armadale, Armfelt, Armitage, Armour, Armstrong, Arnaud, Arnell, Arnold, Arnot, Arnott, Arold?, Arous, Arran, Arrat, Arrau, Arrell, Arries, Arrigo, Arrot, Arrowsmith, Arrundell, Arskine, Arsoli, Arthur, Artingstall, Artois, Arundell, Ascherberg, Ascott, Ash, Ashburner, Ashburton, Ashby-Sterry, Ashcom, Ashcroft, Asher, Ashford, Ashforth, Ashgraft, Ashmall, Ashmole, Ashton, Ashwell, Ashworth, Asirvalham, Askew, Aslett, Asquith, Astall, Astin, Aston, Atack, Atherton, Athie, Athlone, Athlumney, Athol, Athole, Atholl, Atkin, Atkins, Atkinson, Atlay, Attenley, Atton, Attwater, Attwood, Atwell, Aubert, Aubey, Aubone, Auchencloss, Auchenleck, Aucher, Auchincloss?, Auchinlec, Auchinleck, Auchinvole, Auchmuchty, Auchterlonie, Auchynachie, Audas, Audebert, Auden, Audinwood, Audley, Augusta, Auld, Austen, Austie, Austin, Austral, Auvache, Avarne, Avchinikoff, Avebury, Averell, Averil(l), Avery, Avis, Avon, Awdry, Axten, Aylen, Ayling, Aylesford, Aylmer, Aylott, Aynsley, Ayrey, Ayrton, Ayton, Aytoun

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Babcock, Babington, Back, Bacon, Badarazwska, Baddon, Baddons, Baden, Badenach, Badenoch, Badenough, Baden-Powell, Badger, Badgery, Badnall, Baer, Baersdorp, Bagenal, Baggaley, Baggs, Bagnall, Bagot, Bagrie, Bagshaw, Bagster, Baigrie, Baikie, Baildon, Bailey, Bailie, Baillaine, Baillie, Bailliere, Baillot, Baily, Bain, Bainbridge, Bainbrigg, Baine, Baines, Baird, Bairden, Baker, Balcanqual, Balcanquall, Balcanquhall, Balcarras, Balcarres, Balcomb, Bald, Balderston, Balderstone, Baldry, Baldwill, Baldwin, Bale, Balermino, Bales, Balfe, Balfour, Balgonie, Balgray, Balie, Baliol, Ball, Ballandene, Ballantine, Ballantyne, Ballard, Ballardie, Ballenger, Ballentyne, Balleny, Ballie, Ballin, Balling, Ballingal, Ballingall, Ballingren, Balls, Balmain, Balme, Balmer, Balmerino, Balmire, Balnaves, Balnavis, Balneaves, Balneavis, Balvaird, Balzac, Bamforth, Bampfield, Bampton, Banaman, Banbury, Band, Bandmann, Banderman, Bane, Banerman, Banff, Bangham, Bangor, Banister, Bankier, Banks, Bankton, Bannatyne, Bannerman, Bannister, Bannon, Bantock, Banz, Baptie, Baranova, Barber, Barberine, Barbirolli, Barbour, Barcaple, Barclay, Barcroft, Barcus, Bardner, Baretti, Barfont, Barfoot, Barghash, Barglass, Baring, Baring-Gould, Barjarg, Barkas, Barker, Barkess, Barkley, Barkly, Barland, Barlas, Barlass, Barlow, Barnard, Barnes, Barnet, Barnett, Barnfather, Barnicott, Barns, Barnsdale, Barnson, Barnwell, Baron, Barondon, Barr, Barras, Barratt, Barraud, Barrell, Barren, Barrere, Barrett, Barrey, Barri, Barrick, Barrie, Barrington, Barroll, Barron, Barrone, Barronne?, Barrow, Barry, Barrymore, Barston, Barstow, Bart, Barter, Barthelemy, Barthes, Bartholomew, Barthram, Bartie, Bartleman, Bartlemore, Bartlett, Bartley, Barton, Bartsch, Bartson, Barttellot, Barty, Barwell, Barwick, Barwis, Basant, Basch, Basevi, Bashford, Baskcomb, Baskett, Basle, Bassantin, Bassett, Bassnett, Bastholm, Bastien, Bastin, Batard, Batchen, Bate, Bateman, Bates, Bath, Bathgate, Batho, Batholomew, Bathurst, Batsford, Batterbee, Battersby, Battine, Battle, Batty, Battye, Baty, Bauchope, Bauermeister, Baugham, Baughan, Baughn, Baughton, Bawgutt, Bax, Baxendine, Baxter, Bayard, Bayes, Bayford, Bayley, Bayliss, Bayly, Baynard, Bayne, Baynes, Bazeley, Bazett, Beake, Beal, Beale, Beall, Bean, Bearcroft, Beard, Beardsall, Beardsworth, Bearn, Beasley, Beath, Beaten, Beaton, Beatson, Beatsone, Beattie, Beatton, Beatty, Beatwales??, Beauclerc, Beauflower, Beaufort, Beauharnois, Beaulieu, Beazley, Bechstein, Beck, Beckett, Beckford, Bedall, Beddeley, Bedden, Beddome, Bedford, Bedlay, Bee, Beecham, Beechey, Beeching, Beechy, Beedell, Beer, Beesly, Beetham, Beethoven, Beetson, Begbie, Bege, Begg, Beggs, Behrend,  Behrens, Beirne, Beith, Beker, Belcher, Belches, Beldior, Belford, Belfrage, Belgrave, Belhaven & Stenton, Beling, Bell, Bellais, Bellamy, Bellars, Bellasyse, Bellemy, Bellenden, Bellerby, Bellini, Bellinnie, Belloc, Bellutti, Belsches, Belshes, Belson, Beltesworthy, Bemrose, Bence, Bendall, Bender, Bendle, Bendon, Benecke, Benedict, Benetfink, Benett, Benfield, Bengough?, Benham, Benholm, Benjamin, Benlowes, Benn, Benneike, Bennerman, Bennet, Bennett, Bennie, Benning, Bennoch, Bensberg, Benson, Benthall, Bentinck, Bentley, Benton, Beny, Benzie, Benzoni, Bequet, Berens, Beresford, Berghen, Berite, Berk, Berkeley, Berlin, Berlioz, Bernard, Bernhardt, Berran, Berridge, Berrie, Berry, Berryman, Bertelli, Berthelmann, Berthold, Bertie, Bertram, Bervon, Berwick, Besant, Best, Beswetherick, Beswick, Betham-Edwards, Bethune, Bett, Betteridge, Bettesworth, Bettey, Bettney, Bettridge, Betts, Bevan, Beveridge, Beverige, Beveyer?, Bewglass, Bewick, Bewley, Bexley, Bey, Beynon, Bezzenberger, Bianchini, Bibby, Bicester, Bickartoun, Bickers, Bickerton, Bickertoun, Bicket, Bickley, Bickwith, Biddie, Biddle-Cope, Biddulph, Bidie, Bielek, Bierstadt, Bigg, Biggar, Bigge, Bignel, Bignell, Bignold, Bigsby, Bill, Billet, Billingham, Billings, Billington, Billiny, Bilsland, Bilton, Bindley, Bingham, Bingley, Binnie, Binning, Binny, Binstead, Bint, Binyon, Biot, Birch, Birchall, Birchard, Bird, Birds, Birdy, Birkbeck, Birkett, Birnie, Birnit, Birrell, Birss, Birt, Birtwistle, Bishop, Bishton, Bisket, Bismark, Bissatt, Bissell, Bisset, Bissett, Blachard, Black, Blackadder, Blackader, Blackburn, Blackburne, Blacket, Blackett, Blackhall, Blackie, Blacklaw, Blackledge, Blackley, Blacklock, Blackman, Blackmore, Blackshaw, Blackstock, Blackston, Blackstone, Blackwel, Blackwell, Blackwood, Bladon, Bladworth, Blaen, Blagrave, Blagrove, Blaik, Blaikie, Blain,  Blair, Blake, Blakeborough, Blakeley, Blakeney, Blaker, Blakeway, Blakey, Blakie, Blakiston, Blamire, Blanc, Blancbinis, Blance, Blanchard, Bland, Blane, Blaney, Blantyre, Blatherwick, Blathwayt, Blau, Blaxton, Blease, Blencowe, Bles, Bless, Bligh, Blinkhoolie, Blinsel, Blinshal, Blinshel, Bliss, Blomfield, Blomiley, Blond, Blood, Bloor, Blow, Blower, Bloxam, Bloxsom, Blues, Bluett, Bluhme, Blumberg, Blundell, Blunden, Blunshell, Blunt, Bluntach, Blyth, Boack, Boag, Boagey, Boak, Board, Boardman, Boat, Boath, Bocket, Bockett, Bocquet, Boden, Bodenham, Boece, Bogie, Bogle, Bogue, Bohanna, Bohn, Boid, Boig, Boilean, Bokwe, Bolam, Boldero, Bolitho, Bolkesjo, Bollum, Bolsover, Bolton, Bombelles, Bombpas, Bonaparte, Bonar, Bond, Bone, Bonfield, Bonham, Bonhard, Bonheur, Bonkil, Bonkill, Bonkyl, Bonkyll, Bonnar, Bonner, Bonney, Bonno, Bonny, Bonnyman, Bontein, Bonthon, Bontine, Booker, Boon?, Boore, Boosey, Booth, Boothby, Bootland, Borah, Bord, Bordeley, Bore, Boreham, Boreland, Borghese, Borins, Borland, Borne, Borre, Borrer, Borrowman, Borthwick, Borwick, Bosazza, Bosehard, Bosley, Boss, Bossut, Bostock, Boston, Bostoun, Boswal, Boswall, Boswel, Boswell, Bosworth, Bothamley, Bothams, Bothwell, Botterell, Bottomley, Bottrill, Boucher, Bouchet, Bough, Boughtrigg, Bouie, Boulanger, Boulaye, Boulding, Boult, Boulton, Bourchier, Bourdon, Bourman, Bourne, Bousher, Boustead, Boutell, Boutflower, Boutterville, Bouzard, Bovet, Bovill, Bow, Bowden, Bowen, Bower, Bowerman, Bowers, Bowes, Bowhill, Bowie, Bowker, Bowler, Bowles, Bowley, Bowman, Bowmont, Bowrie, Bowring, Bowser, Bowstead, Bowton, Bowyer, Boyack, Boyall, Boyce, Boyd, Boydell, Boyd-Orr, Boyer, Boyes, Boyland, Boyle, Boyles, Boyn, Boyne, Boynton, Boys, Boyter, Brabner, Braceras, Brachan, Brache, Brackenbury, Braco, Bradbury, Braddon, Bradfoot, Bradfute, Bradley, Bradling, Bradshaw, Bradshawe, Brady, Braekstad, Braes, Brahan, Brahe, Brahomchuree, Braid, Braide, Braidwood, Brailsford, Brain, Brainsby, Braithwaite, Brakenridge, Bramley, Bramner, Bramwell, Bramwill, Branastrom, Branch, Brand, Brande, Brander, Brandes, Brandis, Brandling, Brandon, Brandon-Thomas, Brandram, Brands, Brandston, Brandt, Branford, Brangwyn, Branicki, Branigan, Branner, Brannigan, Branson, Brash, Brashaw, Brass, Brasser, Brassey, Braun, Braxfield, Bray, Brayshaw, Brazier, Breadalbane, Breadalbine, Breakspear, Breban, Brebner, Brechin, Bree, Breidenback, Breingan, Breitback, Breitkopf, Bremer, Bremner, Brendon, Brennan, Brereton, Bretherton, Brett, Brettell, Brewinall, Brewis, Brewster, Brian, Brice, Brickman, Briddon, Bridge, Bridgeman, Bridgens, Bridges, Bridgewater, Bridgins, Bridie, Briger, Briggs, Bright, Brightwell, Brims, Brindley, Bringlowe, Brinly, Brinton, Brisbane, Briscoe, Bristoe?, Bristol, Bristow, Britnell, Britter, Broack, Broad, Broadbent, Broadbere, Broadfoot, Broadhouse, Broadhurst, Broadley, Broadwood, Broak, Broch, Brock, Brockbank, Brocker? / Brooker?,  Brockett,  Brockie, Brocklehurst, Brockley, Broddie, Broddington, Brodie, Brody, Broghen?, Broghil, Broghill, Broglie, Broke, Brome, Bromley, Brook, Brookbank, Brooke, Brooking, Brooks, Brooksbank, Broom, Brooman, Broome, Broomfield, Broomhead, Brotchie, Brotherhood, Brotherston, Brotherstone, Brothwell, Brotze, Brouard, Brough, Brougham, Brougham & Vaux, Broughill, Broughton, Broun, Broune, Brounlie, Broun-Morison, Brounot, Brown, Browne, Brownie, Browning, Brownlee, Brownlie, Brownlow, Browse, Bruce, Bruce-Laird, Bruford, Bruhl, Brumell, Brumwell, Brun, Brunel, Brunelleschi, Brunner, Brunot, Brunsmid, Brunton, Bruson, Brusone, Brussone, Bruton, Bryan, Bryant, Bryce, Bryden, Brydie, Brydon, Brydone, Brymer, Bryon, Brydson, Bryson, Brysson, Bubb, Bucalossi, Buccleuch, Buccleuch & Queensberry, Buccleugh, Buchan, Buchanan, Buchan-Hepburn, Buchannan, Buchart, Buchinay, Buck, Buckinghamshire, Buckle, Buckler, Buckley, Buckman, Buckmaster, Budd, Budge, Buffey, Bugge, Buick, Buie, Buikles, Buish, Buist, Bulcock, Bull, Bullar, Bullen?, Buller, Bullimore, Bulling, Bullivant, Bulloch, Bullock, Bulloch, Bulman, Bulmer, Bumpus, Bunbury, Bunch, Bunche, Buncie, Buncle, Bunkill, Bunsile?, Bunt, Bunter, Buntine, Bunting, Bunyan, Bunyard, Bunyon, Buoncampagni, Buonetti, Burch, Burd, Burdekin, Burden, Burdett, Burdie, Burdon, Burford, Burge, Burges, Burgess, Burgh, Burke, Burkhill, Burlamacchi, Burleigh, Burles, Burlington, Burn, Burnaby, Burnand, Burnard, Burnat, Burne?, Burne-Jones, Burnell, Burnes, Burness, Burneston, Burnet, Burnett, Burney, Burnie, Burnlie, Burn-Murdoch, Burns, Burnside, Burny, Burr, Burrel, Burrell, Burrough, Burrows, Burt, Burton, Burtt, Burwash, Burwood, Bury, Busband?, Busby, Buschan, Buscom, Bushby, Busk, Buslott, Bussell, Busteed, Buswell, Butchart, Butcher, Bute, Butland, Butler, Butlin, Butt, Buttar, Buttars, Butten, Butter, Butterworth, Buttery, Button, Buttress, Buxey, Buxton, Buyers, Byers, Byker, Bym, Byng, Byres, Byrne, Byrom, Byron, Byrt, Byssat, Bzdega.

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Caballero, Cabbell, Cabenhead, Cabespine, Cacy, Cadbury, Cadby, Caddel, Caddell, Cade, Cadell, Cadenhead, Cadich, Cadinhead, Cadman, Cadney, Cadyow, Cadzow, Caesar, Caffarelli, Caffin, Cafter, Cahappell, Caine, Caird, Cairncross, Cairney, Cairnie, Cairns, Cairny, Caithles, Caithness, Caldecott, Calder, Calderon, Calderwood, Caldwall, Caldweel, Caldwell, Caliban, Callam, Callan, Callandar, Callander, Callen, Callender, Callum, Callwell, Calman, Calver, Calverly, Calvert, Cambel, Cambon, Cameron, Cameron-Swan, Camfield, Campagnano, Campbel, Campbell, Campbell-Bannerman, Campble, Camperdown, Campion, Campione, Cample, Camplin, Camwell, Candlish, Cann, Cannan, Canning, Cannon, Cansh, Canston, Cant, Canterbury, Cantlie, Canton, Cantor, Cantrell, Cape, Capel, Capes, Cappelletto, Cappes, Capps, Cappur, Capranica, Car, Caraher, Carbarns, Cardelli, Cardon, Cardross, Careless, Carew, Carey, Carfrae, Carfre, Cargey, Cargil, Cargill, Carignau, Cario, Carleton, Carlile, Carlin, Carlisle, Carlyle, Carment, Carmichael, Carmichal, Carnaby, Carnarvan, Carnegie, Carnegy, Carnie, Carnochan, Carnochen, Carnwath, Caroline, Carpenter, Carphin, Carr, Carrick, Carrie, Carrigan, Carrington, Carrol, Carroll, Carron, Carruth, Carruthers, Carse, Carslaw, Carson, Carstairs, Carstone, Carswell, Cartailhac, Carter, Cartmell, Cartney, Cartwright, Carty, Carus, Carus-Wilson, Caruth, Carwarden, Carwardine, Casey, Cash, Casillis, Caskey, Caskie, Caslon, Cass, Casselden, Cassell, Cassells, Cassels, Cassidi, Cassie, Cassillis, Cassils, Cassle, Casson, Castanares, Castell, Castelvecchi, Castle, Castlecreagh, Castlemilk, Castlerosse, Castro, Catanach, Cater, Cathcart, Cathie, Cathro, Catnach, Catnoch, Cator, Cattach, Cattanach, Cattell, Catterwell, Cattnach, Cattneck, Cattnoch, Catto, Catty, Cauwood, Caveletti, Cavan, Cavana, Cave, Cavell, Caven, Cavendish, Caverhill,  Cavers, Caw, Cawder, Cawdor, Cawley, Cawthorn, Cay, Cayley, Cazamian, Cazenove, Ceceri, Cellere, Celleri, Cellier, Cervinka, Cesari, Cessnock, Chads, Chadwick, Chaffers, Chaip, Chalk, Challand, Challen, Challinor, Chalmer, Chalmers, Chaloner, Chaloxer, Chamberlayne, Chambers, Champ, Chancellor, Chandler, Chandlish, Chandon, Chanler, Chan-Lim-Pak?, Chantray, Chantre, Chantrey, Chaplain, Chaplane, Chaplyn, Chapman, Chappell, Chard, Charge, Charles, Charlesworth, Charlton, Charnock, Charter, Charteris, Charters, Chartres, Chartris, Charttes, Chassels, Chater, Chaumont, Chauntler, Chawner, Cheap, Cheape, Cheatle, Cheere, Cheeseman, Cheine, Chelminski, Chenery, Chenevix, Cheng, Cherrie, Cherubini, Cherry, Chesser, Chester, Chesters, Chetwind, Chetwynd, Chevalier, Cheves, Cheylesmore, Cheyne, Chi, Chichester, Chichile, Chidley, Chidwick, Chiene, Chiesly, Chigi, Chi-jui, Chikako, Child, Childe-Pemberton, Chiller?, Chillen?, Chilton, Chinnoch, Chirnside, Chisholm, Chisolm, Cholmely, Chorlton, Chow, Chree, Christall, Christian, Christian-Jones, Christie, Christieson, Christison, Christlieb, Chrystal, Chrystie, Chrystison, Chrystisone, Chrysty, Chubb, Chumley, Church, Churcher, Churchil, Churchill, Churton, Cie, Cimitile, Cini, Cinnamon, Civile, Clabon, Clachrie, Claize, Clamp, Clanachan, Clanricarde, Clapperton, Clare, Clarenden, Clarendon, Claridge, Clark, Clarke, Clarke-Smith, Clark-Kennedy, Clarkson, Clason, Claumont, Clauson, Clavering, Clawcher, Claxton, Clay, Clayton, Cleaver, Cleetan, Clegg, Cleghorn, Cleland, Clelland, Clement, Clements, Clemow, Clephan, Clephane, Clerach, Clerihew, Clerk, Clerke, Clerkington, Clerk-Maxwell, Cleugh, Cleuiziou, Cleve, Cleypoole, Clibourne, Clifden, Cliff, Clifford, Clift, Clifton, Clinch, Clitheroe, Clive, Clodd, Clode, Cloggie, Cloonan, Cloudslie, Clough, Clouston, Clow, Clowes, Cluett, Clugston, Clunes, Clunie, Clunies-Ross, Clunnie, Cluny, Clure, Clutterbuck, Clutton, Clyde, Clyma, Clyne, Clynes, Coates, Coats, Coban, Cobb, Cobban, Cobbe, Cobbold, Cobham, Cochran, Cochrane, Cochrane-Patrick, Cochran-Patrick, Cock, Cockburn, Cockle, Cockman, Cockram, Cocks, Cockshott, Codmore, Codrington, Coe, Coffee, Coffey, Coffinger, Cogan, Coghill, Cohen, Coia, Coke, Coker, Colborn, Colburn, Colden, Coldicott, Coldstream, Coldwell, Cole, Colebrooke, Cole-Hamilton, Coleman, Coleridge, Coles, Coleville, Colgan, Colhoun, Colhown, Colin, Coline, Colledge, Collet, Collie, Collier, Collin, Colling, Collingridge, Collingwood, Collinnbell?, Collins, Collison, Colls, Colly, Collyer-Bristow, Colman, Colmer, Colonsay, Colquhon, Colquhoun, Colquhoune, Colston, Colt, Coltart, Columbus, Colvel, Colvil, Colvill, Colville, Colvin, Colwell, Coly, Combe, Combey, Combridge, Combs, Comer, Comerford, Commin, Common, Comrie, Comyn, Conacher, Conchar, Congalton, Congreve, Conine, Conn, Connal, Connall, Connaught, Connaway, Connel, Connell, Conner, Connerton, Conning, Connon, Connor, Conolly, Conqueror, Conradi, Conran, Consendine, Considine, Constable, Constance, Constantine, Constantinus, Conway, Conyers, Conzen, Cook, Cooke, Cookman, Cooks, Cooksey, Cookson, Cooley, Coolidge, Cooling, Coomb, Coombe, Coombs, Coope, Cooper, Cooples, Coote, Cope, Copeman, Copestake, Copland, Coppard, Copping, Coppinger, Coppock, Coquelin, Coram, Corbet, Corbett, Corbyne, Cordeux, Cordiner, Cordingley, Cordon, Core, Corehouse, Corelli, Cork, Corkran, Cormack, Cormie, Corneille, Cornfoot, Cornforth, Cornfute, Cornhill, Cornish, Cornsmaker, Cornthwaite, Cornwall, Cornwallis, Cornwell, Corrance, Corrie, Corsar, Corsbie, Corser, Corson, Corss, Cortis, Cortot, Corvan, Cosens, Cosgrove, Cosins, Cossar, Cossens, Cossio, Costello, Cosway, Cotes, Cottam, Cottel, Cottenham, Cotterill, Cottman, Cotton, Couban, Couchoud, Couie, Couil, Coul, Coull, Coullie, Coulman, Coulouris, Coulson, Coulter, Coulthard, Coulthart, Coupar, Couper, Coupland, Coursey?, Court, Courthope, Courtneidge, Courtney, Courtown, Courvoisier, Cousen, Cousin, Cousland, Cout, Couts, Coutt, Coutts, Couzen, Coventry, Cover, Coverley, Covert, Cowan, Coward, Coward-Klee, Cowden, Cowdon, Cowe, Cowel, Cowell, Cowhyrd, Cowie, Cowland, Cowley, Cowlin, Cown, Cowpar, Cowper, Cowvan, Cowzens, Cox, Coxon, Coyle, Coyne, Cozens, Crabb, Crabbe, Crabbie, Craib, Craig, Craig-Brown, Craigdallie, Craigen, Craighall, Craighill, Craigie, Craigmile, Craigmyle, Craik, Cramb, Crambie, Cramend, Cramer, Cramlington, Cramond, Cramphorn, Crampton, Cran, Cranburne, Crane, Cranley, Cranna, Cranshaw, Cranston, Cranstoun, Cranstown, Cranworth, Crapper, Craster, Craufoord, Crauford, Craufurd, Craven, Craw, Crawder, Crawfoord, Crawford, Crawford & Balcarres, Crawfurd, Crawhale, Crawley, Creak, Cream, Crean, Crease, Cree, Creech, Creelman, Cremorne, Crerar, Cressingham, Crew, Crewe, Crichton, Crichton-Browne, Chrichtone, Crichtoune, Crie, Crighton, Crilly, Cringletie, Cripling, Crispin, Cristall, Cristinus, Critch, Critchfield, Critchley, Crivelli, Croal, Croall, Croc, Crockat, Crocker, Crocket, Crockett, Croft, Crofts, Croker, Croll, Cromar, Cromarty, Crombie, Cromer, Cromwell, Cronin, Cronyn, Crook, Crooke, Crooks, Crookshank, Crookshanks, Crookston, Croom, Croome, Cropper, Crosbie, Crosby, Crosfield, Croslon, Crosne, Cross, Crosse, Crosser, Crossley, Crostie, Croston, Crouch, Crounbie, Crow, Crowdale, Crowden, Crowe, Crowest, Crowhurst, Crowl, Crowle, Crowley, Crowshaw, Crowther, Croy, Crozier, Cruckshank, Cruden, Cruickshank, Cruickshanks, Cruikshank, Crum, Crump, Cruthers, Cruttwell, Cryle, Cubey, Cubitt, Cubley, Cuddie, Cuie, Culbard, Culbert, Culbertson, Culbutt?, Culen, Cullam, Cullen, Cullens, Cullins, Cullis, Culreath, Culross, Culton, Culverwell, Cumberland, Cuming, Cummin, Cummine, Cumming, Cummings, Cummins, Cumstie, Cundall, Cundell, Cunfer, Cuningame, Cuningham, Cuninghame, Cunliff, Cunliffe, Cunningham, Cunninghame, Cunnington, Cunynghame, Cuppage, Cupples, Curchod, Curie, Curle, Curling, Curne?, Curr, Curran, Currance, Currey, Currie, Curriehill, Currier, Curries, Curror, Curruthers, Curry, Cursiter, Curtis, Curwen, Curwood, Curzon, Cushny, Cusine, Cust, Cutbert?, Cutchley, Cuthbert, Cuthbertson, Cuthell, Cuthill, Cutlar, Cutler, Cutlon, Cutter, Cutts, Czibulka.

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D'Abernon, Dacre, Daes, Daffen, Daffern, Dagge, Dagmar, Dahl, Dakeyne, Dakin, Dale, Dales, Dalgairns, Dalgarno, Dalgetty, Dalgleish, Dalgliesh, Dalglish, Dalhousie, Dalkeith, Dalkey?, Dall, Dallas, Dalmahoy, D'almaine, D'Almaine, Dalmeny, Dalry, Dalrymple, Dalrymple-Hay, Dalton, Dalvell, Dalyell, Dalyson?, Dalzeil, Dalzell, Dalzial, Dalziel, Damer, Damfreville, Dance, Dandridge, Daniel, Danks, Danskine, Dante, Danville, Dapino, Darby, Darbyshire, Darcy, D'arcy, D'Arcy, d'Arcy Jaxone, Dare, Dargan, Darge, Dargie, Dark, Darling, Darlington, Darlison, Darnley, Darnton, Darroch, Darsie?, Dartmouth, Darwentwater, Dasent, Dasidine, Da Silva, DaSilva, Daswan?, Datre, Datti, D'Auben, Daubeny, Daudet, Daulte, Dauney, Daunie, Daunt, Daushier, Dauson, Daveley, Davenhill, Davenport, Davesne, Davey, David, Davidson, Davidson-Wilsone, Davie, Davies, Davis, Davison, Davy, Dawer?, Dawes, Dawson, Day, Daymock, Daze, Deacon, Deaconson, Deaken, Dealtry, Dean, de Angelis, Deans, Deans-Campbell, Dearden, Deards, Dearle, Dearmer, Deas, De Beaufort, de Bellesne, de Berlot, de Bille, de Blaquiere, De Broglie, De Busk, De Camors, De Castro, Dechelette, de Clermont, de Coigny, De Courcy, De Davies, de Denne, Deeble, de Eiey?, Deere, de Faye, De Faye, Deford, De Geloy, de Grammont, de Gray Birch, De Greffin, De Guise, d'Hardelot, d'Havet Zuccardi, De Herzer, Deighton, de Jarnac, de Keyser, Delabarre, Delafosse, de Lamertine, Delany, Delaney, de la Roche, de la Rue, De La Rue, Delatouche, Delavall, Delavault, de Laveleye, Delbruck, De Legh, de l'Eure, del Gesu, Delille, Delins, Delius, Dell, Della-Cassa, Delmore, Delves, de Marsillac, De Martin, De Mattos, De Maupassant, De Mendoza Rios, De Montmorency, De Mouilpied, Dempster, de Mun, Denbigh, Dendy, Denham, Denholm, Denkin, Denman, Dennie, Denning, Dennis, Dennison, Denniston, Dennistoun, Denny, Denoon, Dent, Denton, Depledge, Depret, Derby, De Rees, Dering, Dermett, Dernier, Derome, de Rozier, Derrick, de Rothschild, De Rothschild, Derwentwater, de Serre, Deskford, Deslandres, Desportes, Desse, Dessen, d'Estaing, D'Este,  Des Vaux, De Sylva, Detmold, de Tracey, de Tuyll, Deuar, Deuchar, Deveney, De Vere, Devigny, De Vigny, Devlin, Devonshire, Dewar, Dewart, Dewarty, de Weyer, Dewhurst, Dews, Dewuen, Dey, Deyckes?, d'Hardelot, D'Havelland, d'Havet Zuccardi, D'hondekorter, Diack, Diamond, Diaper, Dibden, Dicey, Dick, Dickens, Dickenson, Dickeson, Dickie, Dickieson, Dickinson, Dickison, Dickisone, Dickman, Dicksee, Dickson, Diehson, Dietrichsen, Dignam, Dignum, Dill, Dillon, Dilly, Dilworth, Dimitreef, Dingwall, Dinham, Dinn, Dinneford, Dinny, Dinshaw, Dinsmore, Dinwiddie, Dinwoodie, Diockson, Di Rossi, Disher, Ditson, Dittman, Divchie?, Divers, Divett, Dix, Dixon, Djao, Dobbie, Dobbs, Dobell, Dobie, Dobinson?, Dobney, Dobson, Dochard, Docherty, Dockar, Dockery, Dodd, Doddridge, Dodds, Dodge, Dodgson, Dods, Dodsdon, Dodsworth, Dodworth, Dofts?, Doggett, Doglas, Doherty, Doidge, Doig, Dokoudovsky, Dolan, Dolin, Dolman, Dolphin, Domingo, Don, Donaghy, Donal, Donald, Donaldson, Donalt, Donan, Donart, Done, Dongan, Donnan, Donnelly, Donovan, Don Ronquillo, Donville, Don-Wauchope, Donyng, Doogan, Dooley, d'Ophemert, Dorchester, Dore, Dorling, Dorman, Dormer, Dornton, Dorras, Dorrat, D'Orsay, Dorton, Dorward, Dott, Dou, Doudney, Dougal, Dougall, Dougan, Doughty, Douglas, Douglas-Campbell, Douglass, Doull, Dounie, Doust, Douthwaite, Dove, Dow, Dowall, Dowden, Dowdy, Dowell, Dower, Dowglas, Dowie, Dowling, Down, Downes, Downey, Downie, Downing, Downshire, Dowsett, Dowson, Doxford, Doyle, Drage, Dragendorff, Drain, Drainie, Drake, Draper, Drapkin, Drayner, Drayton, Dreaper, Drechsler, Dredge, Dreghorn, Drennan, Dressel, Drever, Drevet, Drevit, Drew, Drewitt, Drewry, Driffield, Drimmie, Drivers, Drolsum, Dron, Drover, Druce, Druin, Drummond, Drummond-Grant, Drummond-Moray, Drumpellier, Dryall, Dryburgh, Dryden, Dryfus, Drysdale, Du Barry, Du Boulay, du Boulaye, Ducat, Duchall, Duckett, Duckworth, Duddle?, d'Udehem, d'Udehiem, d'Udekem d'Acoz, Dudge, Dudgeon, Dudley, Duerden, Duesbury, Duff, Duff-Dunbar, Dufferin & Ava, Duffes, Duffett, Duffus, Duft, Dufton, Dugde, Duglas, Duguid, Duke, Dukes, d'Uklanski, Dulan, Dulau, Dumaresq, Dumbar, Dumbarton, Dumfries, Dun, Dunbar, Dunbar & March, Dunbar-Brander, Dunboyne, Dunbrack, Duncan, Duncane, Duncan-Haldane, Duncanson, Dunch, Duncombe, Du Jardin, Dundas, Dundee, Dundonald, Dundrennan, Dunfermline, Dungan, Dungavel, Dungarvon, Dunglass, Dunkerley, Dunkerly, Dunlap, Dunley, Dunlop, Dunmore, Dunn, Dunnet, Dunnett, Dunnill, Dunning, Dunoon, Dunphie, Duns, Dunscheif, Dunsford, Dunsinnan, Dunsire, Dunsmore, Dunsmure, Dunstable, Dunster, Dunt, Dun-Waters, Dunwoodie, Duplin, Duponselle, Dupont, Durham, Durie, Durno, Durran, Durrant, Dury, Dustan, Dutch, Duthie, Dutton, Duxbury, Dwelly, Dyall, Dybell, Dybwad, Dyce, Dyer, Dykes, Dymock, Dymond, Dyneley?, Dyot, Dyott, Dysart, Dyson, Dytham.

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Eade, Eadie, Eady, Eagland, Eaglesome, Eagleton, Eardley, Earland, Earlston, Earp, Earsman, Eary, Eason, Easterbrook, East, Easthope, Eastlake, Easton, Eastwood, Eaton, Ebbs, Ebers, Eccles, Eckenstein, Eckersley, Eckford, Ecles, Edam, Eddie, Eddington, Eddis, Ede, Eden, Edgar, Edgcumbe, Edge, Edger, Edgerley, Edgeworth, Edie, Edinburgh, Edington, Edison-Bell, Edmeston, Edminston, Edmiston, Edmond, Edmondson, Edmonston, Edmonstone, Edmund, Edmunds, Ednie, Edward, Edwardes, Edwards, Edyvean, Edzar, Egan, Egelsom, Egerton, Eggeling, Egger, Eggo, Eglinton, Eglinton & Winton, Egremont, Ehrenfechter, Eiffel, Eiloart, Elcho, Elder, Eldin, Eldres, Eldridge, Elers, Elgen, Elgin, Elgin & Kincardine, Elibank, Eliebank, Eliot, Eliott, Ellenborough, Ellerman, Ellerthorn, Ellice, Ellicott, Ellidge, Ellies, Elington, Ellingham, Ellingsen, Ellioitt, Elliot, Elliott, Ellis, Ellison, Elliss, Ellivyn?, Ellman, Ellsworth, Ellwood, Elmer, Elmslie, Elmsly, Elphingston, Elphingstone, Elphinston, Elphinstone, Elphinstoune, Elsher, Elstob, Elsum, Elsynge, Elterlein, Elton, Eltze, Elvarado, Elvester, Elvey, Elwes, Elwin, Elworthy, Ely, Embleton, Emelyn, Emerson, Eminson, Emley, Emmerson, Emonds, Emory, Emslie, Engelbach, England, Englebach, English, Ennever, Ensor?, Entwhistle, Eosten, Epps, Eric, Erigena, Ernest, Ernst, Errels, Errington, Errol, Erroll, Erskin, Erskine, Ervine, Escombe, Escott-Thorne, Esdall, Esdon, Eskgrove, Espie, Esplin, Ess, Esslemont, Esson, Esterhazy, Etheridge, Etherington, Ettles, Ettlinger, Euart, Euing, Eunson, Eurie, Eury, Eurye, Evan, Evans, Evelyn, Everade, Everard, Everett, Everett-Green, Everley, Evershed, Evill, Ewan, Ewart, Ewen, Ewen-Watson, Ewer, Ewing, Ewung (Ewing)?, Exeter, Exley, Eyoch, Eyre, Eyers, Eyres, Eythan, Eyval, Eyvel, Eyvil.

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Faber, Faden. Faed, Fagan, Faheim, Fahey, Faichney, Faidherbe, Faill, Fair, Fairbairn, Fairburn, Fairclough, Fairer, Fairfax, Fairfowll, Fairgrieve, Fairholm, Fairlee, Fairless, Fairley, Fairlie, Fairman, Fairnbairn, Fairweather, Faithful, Faithfull, Falcnor, Falconar, Falconer, Faldo, Falhouse, Falkland, Falkner, Fall, Fallah, Fallows, Falmouth, Falshaw, Fane, Fanly, Fann, Fanner?, Fannin, Fanny, Farcher, Fardell, Farebrother, Farfor, Farhill, Farjeon, Farmanfarmayam, Farmer, Farnese, Farnfield, Farnie, Farnington, Farquarson, Farqueson, Farquhar, Farquharson, Farquharsone, Farquhinson, Farqur, Farqus, Farr, Farran, Farrant, Farre, Farren, Farrer, Farries, Farrow, Fasken, Fat, Faulder, Faulds, Faulkers, Faulkner, Faulks, Faulx, Favey, Fawcett, Fawdon, Fawkes, Fawn, Fay, Fearn, Fearon, Featch, Featherstone, Fechnie, Fechney, Fedderman, Feetham, Fegan, Feggetter, Feilding, Felgate, Fell, Fellowes, Fellows, Fels, Felton, Fendall, Fender, Fenfell, Fenffel, Fenfful, Fenglin, Fenn, Fennell, Fenollosa, Fenton, Fenwick, Fenwicke, Ferdinand, Fergueson, Fergus, Ferguson, Fergusson, Fergussone, Fergussoun, Fergussoune, Ferme, Fermer, Fern, Fernie, Feron, Ferosa, Feroza, Ferranti, Ferrari, Ferrie, Ferrier, Ferriman, Fetherstonehaugh, Fetis, Fettes, Ffolliott, Ffoulkes, Ffrench, Fiddes, Fidler, Fiuler, Field, Fielden, Fielding, Fife, Figgis, Filbee, Filchet, Fildes, Filippo, Fillans, Filleul, Fillmore, Filly, Filmuir, Fimestar, Fimester, Fimister, Fimster, Finch, Findaly, Finden, Findlater, Findlay, Findlayson, Findley, Findly, Fines, Fingal, Finla, Finlason, Finlater, Finlator, Finlay, Finlayson, Finly, Finnemore, Finnie, Finnigan, Finzi, Firth, Fischer, Fischer-Dieskau, Fish, Fisher, Fisken, Fismin?, Fitz-gerald, Fitzgerald, Fitzjohn, Fitzpatrick, Fitzroy, Fitzwilliam, Fladgate, Flagg, Flahault, Flakefield, Flanders, Flaszynski, Flavell, Flavy, Flaxman, Fleck, Fleckfield, Fleemich, Fleeming, Fleetwood, Fleis, Flemmich, Fleming, Flemming, Flemyng, Fletcher, Flett, Fliedner, Flinn, Flint, Float, Flockhart, Florence, Florian, Flower, Floyd, Flurscheim, Flynn, Flyter, Fogg, Foggo, Foggon, Fogo, Foley, Foli, Folkard, Folkes, Follett, Folley, Folliott, Follit, Fonson, Fontanne, Foord, Foot, Foote, Foran, Forbes, Forbess, Forbes-Robertson, Forbes-Sempill, Ford, Forde, Fordham, Fordice, Fordon, Fordun, Fordyce, Foreman, Forest, Forester, Forfar, Forgie, Fork, Forman, Forrest, Forrester, Forret, Forrie, Forrier, Forshaw, Forster, Forsyth, Forsythe, Forteath, Forteith, Fortescue, Fortisque, Forth, Fortnam, Fortune, Fosbery, Foster, Foster-Barham, Fothergill, Fotheringham, Fotheringhame, Foubister, Fouils, Foulboeuf, Foulds, Fouler, Foulerton, Foulis, Foulkes-Roberts, Fouller, Foullis, Foulsham, Foulton, Fountainhall,  Fowell, Fowkes, Fowle, Fowler, Fowlie, Fowlis, Fownes, Fox, Foxcroft, Foxwell, Foyles, Fracis, Fradgley, Fraitloose, Frame, France, Francis, Frangopoulo, Frank, Franklin, Franks, Fraser, Fraser-Macintosh, Fraser-Tytler, Frater, Frayne, Frazer, Freak, Frederic, Frederick, Fredwen, Free, Freebairn, Freeland, Freeling, Freeman, Freer, Freestone, French, French-Sheldon, Frendraught, Frenoy, Frere, Freshfield, Freshwater, Frew, Fribolin, Fricker, Friedberg, Friedman, Friel, Frier, Frig, Frigg, Frigge, Frinnely?, Fripp, Frisby, Friswell, Frith, Froc, Froelk, Froggatt, Frost, Frostick, Frowde, Frush, Fry, Fryer, Fryser, Fuchs, Fulcher?, Fulford, Fullarton, Fullegar, Fuller, Fullerton, Fulles, Fülles, Fulleylove, Fullton, Fulton, Fumagalli, Funnell, Furnace, Furniss, Furnivall, Fushimi, Fust, Fyfe, Fyffe.

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Gabriel, Gack, Gadda, Gaddum, Gadderar, Gadderer, Gaddum, Gaderer, Gadrer, Gadsby, Gaff, Gaffney, Gafford, Gage, Gahagen, Gainsborough, Gair, Gairdner, Gairn, Gairne, Galb?, Galbraith, Galbreath, Gald, Gale, Galen, Gall, Gallachan, Gallacher, Galletly, Gallice, Gallichan, Gallienne, Gallina, Gallocher, Gallon, Gallow, Galloway, Galpin, Galsworthy, Galt, Galway, Gambier, Gamble, Gamie, Gamley, Gammack, Gammie, Gamory?, Gander, Gandhi, Ganson, Gantreau, Garde, Garden, Gardener, Gardenstoune, Gardiner, Gardner, Garford, Garforth, Gargunock, Gariboldi, Garioch, Garland, Garlies, Garmorie?, Garn?, Garne, Garner, Garnett, Garnock, Garrard, Garratt, Garrett, Garrick, Garrie, Garrioch, Garriock, Garrod, Garron, Garrow, Garry, Garside, Garson, Garstin, Garthley, Garthwaite, Gartly, Gartshore, Garvie, Garvock, Gasc, Gascoign, Gascoigne, Gascoyn, Gaskell, Gaskill, Gasparini, Gatcliffe, Gatherer, Gatty, Gauchard, Gaudie, Gaukrodger, Gauld, Gault, Gausby, Gautier, Gavin, Gawthorp, Gay, Gaymer, Gays, Gayton, Gaze, Geake, Geale, Gearing, Gebbie, Gebharot, Gechan, Ged, Gedd, Gedde, Geddes, Geddie, Geddies, Geddy, Gedge, Gedney, Gee, Geekie, Geethe, Geikie, Geils, Geisler, Gellatly, Gelly, Gemmel, Gemmell, Gemmil, Gemmill, Gen, Gent, Gentel, Gentle, Gentleman, Gentles, Geols, George, Georgeson, Gerard, Gerdean, Gergeres, Gerhard, Gerhardi, Germaine, German, Gerran, Gerrard, Gerrie, Ghie, Giacomelli, Gib, Gibb, Gibbon, Gibbons, Gibbs, Gibney, Gibson, Gibson-Carmichael, Gibson-Craig, Gidden, Giddings, Gielgud, Giffard, Giffen, Gifford, Gift, Gilbernie, Gilbert, Gilchrist, Gildonnen, Gildonney?, Giles, Gilfillen, Gilginson, Gilkenson, Gilkinson, Gilkison, Gilks, Gill, Gillaird, Gillam, Gillan, Gilland, Gillanders, Gillans, Gilles, Gillespie, Gillett, Gillette, Gillfillan, Gillhooley, Gillice, Gillies, Gillies-Smith, Gillieson, Gillin, Gillis, Gillman, Gillon, Gillone, Gillott, Gilmer, Gilmour, Gilpin, Gilroy, Gilvaird, Gilzean, Girardin, Girdlestone, Girdwood, Giroux, Girtaner, Girvan, Gittins, Giustiniani-Bandini, Givins, Giza, Glachan, Gladding, Gladstanes, Gladstans, Gladston, Gladstone, Gladstones, Gladstons, Gladwell, Glaisher, Glammis, Glanvill, Glanville, Glas, Glaser, Glasford, Glasgow, Glass, Glasse, Glassford, Glasworthy, Glaves, Gleadowe-Newcomen, Glegg, Gleig, Glen, Glenbervie, Glencairn, Glen-Coats, Glencourse, Glencross, Glendinning, Glenelg, Glenlee, Glenlyon, Glennan, Glennie, Glenorchy, Glenquhoun, Gloag, Glover, Gluckslad, Glyn, Glynn, Goalen, Godbold, Goddart, Godfrey, Godwin, Goebel, Goff, Goffe, Gold, Goldberg, Goldie, Golding, Goldman, Goldner, Goldsmid, Goldsmith, Goldsworthy, Gollan, Gollancz, Gollanz, Goltz, Gomme, Gondor?, Gonner, Gooch, Good, Goodal, Goodall, Goodbrand, Goodden, Goode, Goodfellow, Goodhand?, Goodhart, Goodheart, Goodiff, Goodlad, Goodle, Goodlet, Goodman, Goodrich, Goodsir, Goodwe?, Goodwin, Goodyear, Goose, Goosh, Gooton?, Gooud, Gopell, Gorden, Gordon, Gordon-Cumming, Gordon-Duff, Gordon-Gilmour, Gore, Gorges, Gorky, Gorman, Gorn, Gorrie, Gorringe, Gorst, Gorton, Gosch, Goschen, Gosford, Gosler?, Gosling, Gosse, Gostling, Gostwick, Gottler, Gotto, Gottwaltz, Goudie, Goudy, Gough, Gougoltz, Gouinlock, Gould, Goulden, Goulding, Gouldsmith, Goulston, Gounod, Gourdon, Gourlay, Gourley, Gourlie, Govan, Gove, Goven, Govin?, Govinden, Gow, Gowan, Gowans, Gowen, Gowie?, Gowrie, Goyne, Grace, Gracie, Grady, Graeme, Graham, Grahame, Graham-Gilbert, Graham-Montgomery, Grahams, Grahamsley, Graham-Yool, Grainger, Granby, Grand, Grandaw, Grandison, Grandle, Grandsion, Grange, Granger, Grant, Grant-Ives, Grant-Sutti, Grant-Suttie, Grasly?, Grassam, Grassick, Graves, Gray, Graystone, Grazebrook, Grazioli, Greaves, Greely, Green, Greene, Greenfield, Greenhill, Greenhorn, Greenhorne, Greenlaw, Greenlees, Greenlies, Greenock, Greensfeter, Greenshields, Greenslade, Greensmith, Greentree, Greenwell, Greenwood, Greer, Greet, Greg, Gregersen, Gregg, Gregor, Gregore, Gregorson, Gregory, Gregson, Greig, Greive, Greiveson, Grelliere, Grem, Gren, Grenfell, Grenville, Grenville-Murray, Gresley, Grevel, Grevers, Greville, Grewar, Grey, Grice, Grieg, Grier, Griernan, Grierson, Grieve, Grieves, Griffen, Griffin, Griffith, Griffiths, Grig, Griggs, Grigor, Grigsby, Grillon, Grimmon, Grimond, Grimshaw, Grimson, Grimston, Grimstone, Grimwade, Grindall, Grindlay, Grindley, Grindrod, Grinton, Grinwell, Groat, Groats, Grocott, Groeme, Grogan, Groge, Gronlund, Groom, Groombridge, Groome?, Grosart, Grose, Grossmith, Grosvenor, Grote, Groth, Grove, Grover, Groves, Grub, Grubb, Grube, Grummer, Grundy-Newman, Grutzner, Gryckiewicz, Guan, Gudvangen, Guernsey, Guest, Gugliardi, Guichen, Guild, Guilford, Guillane, Guilleaume, Guiness, Guinness, Guise, Gull, Gullan, Gulland, Gullen, Gulliver, Gumley, Gumpel, Gun, Gunasingha, Gungl, Gunn, Gunning, Gunson, Gunton, Gurdon, Gurwood, Gustavus, Gusthart, Gutholz, Guthrie, Guthry, Gutzner, Guy, Guyot, Gweney, Gwilliams, Gwiney, Gwydir, Gwynn, Gwynne, Gyer, Gyll.

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Hacker, Hacket, Hackett, Hackston, Hacon, Hadden, Haddin, Haddington, Haddock, Haddon, Haddow, Haddoway, Haden, Haeburn-Little, Haesloop, Haffner, Hagart, Hagelby, Hagemans, Haggart, Haggarty, Hagger, Haggerston, Hagon, Hague, Hahn-Hahn, Haig, Haigh, Hail, Hailes, Hailey, Hailing, Hailstones, Haim, Haine, Haines, Haining, Hainsworth, Hair, Hairby, Hajee, Hakluyt, Halam, Halcrow, Haldan, Haldane, Haldeman, Halden, Haldin, Haldon, Hale, Hales, Halewood, Haley, Halfknight, Halfpenny, Halhead, Halhed, Halket, Halkett, Hall, Halladay, Hallam, Halland, Halley, Hallick, Halliday, Halliwell, Hallyburton, Hallyday, Haln, Halsall, Halsey, Halswelle, Halt, Halyburton, Hambden, Hamblen, Hambourg, Hamel, Hamer, Hamerton, Hamilton, Hamilton & Brandon, Hamilton-Grey, Hamiltoun, Hammersley, Hammerton, Hammet, Hammett, Hammond, Hammonds, Hampton, Hanbury, Hancock, Hand, Handcock, Handel, Handford, Handisyd, Handley, Handyside, Hanison?, Hankey, Hankins, Hanlan, Hanlenne, Hanna, Hannah, Hannay, Hannen, Hanny, Hanrott, Hansen, Hanson, Hapel, Happer, Hara, Harben, Harber, Harbertson, Harbison, Harbottle, Harbrow, Harcarse, Hardacre, Hardcastle, Harden, Hardie, Harding, Hardinge, Hardisty, Hardman, Hardmeat, Hardwick, Hardwicke, Hardy, Hare, Harford, Hargart, Hargood, Hargraves, Hargreaves, Harhoff, Harington, Harison, Harker, Harkess, Harkness, Harkom, Harlamoff, Harland, Harley, Harling, Harman, Harmsworth, Harms, Harp, Harper, Harpsau?/Harpshu?, Harpur, Harraden, Harrall, Harray, Harries, Harrington, Harris, Harrison, Harriss, Harrisson, Harrold, Harrow, Harrowby, Harrower, Harrys, Harrywood, Harstons, Hart, Harte, Hartford, Harthill, Hartigan, Hartin, Hartington, Hartland, Hartley, Hartnell, Harvard, Harvey, Harvie, Harward, Harwell?, Harwood, Hasben, Haselhust, Haslip, Hasluck, Hassall, Hassell, Hassit?, Hastie, Hastings, Haston, Haswell, Hatch, Hatchard, Hatchards, Hatchett, Hatfield, Hatherly, Hathorn, Hatlee, Hatrick, Hatton, Haughey, Haukyn, Hauser, Hautenne, Hava, Have, Havell, Havelock, Haverfield, Havergal, Havsteen, Hawcroft, Haweis, Hawes, Hawick, Hawker, Hawkesbury, Hawkesworth, Hawkey, Hawkins, Hawkley, Hawks, Hawley, Hawor, Haworth, Hawthorn, Hawthorne, Haxleton, Haxton, Hay, Hayashi, Haycock, Haycraft, Hayden, Haye, Hayes, Hayles, Hayley, Hayman, Haymen, Hayne, Haynes, Hays, Hayter, Haythornthwaite?, Hayton, Hayward, Haywood, Hayyard, Hazelby, Hazelius, Hazell, Hazelwood, Hazlewood, Hazlitt, Head, Headerwick, Headfort, Headlam, Headrick, Heal, Heale, Healey, Healy, Heans, Heap, Heard, Hearsey, Hearst, Heart, Heaseldine, Heath, Heathcote, Heathfield, Heatlie, Heatly, Heattlie, Hebden, Hebdon, Hebenton, Heber, Hebren, Heburn, Hector, Hedderwick, Heddle, Hedeler, Hedges, Hedlam, Hedley, Hedworth, Heeles, Heesom, Heflye, Hegarty, Heggie, Hegins, Hehir, Heinkle, Heinemann, Heinry?, Heins, Heird, Heislop, Heiton, Hellewell, Hellis, Helm, Helme, Helmsen, Helpmann, Helton, Helvetius, Heman, Hembleton, Hemfrey, Hempel, Hempstock, Hemskirk, Hemsley, Hemwick, Henchley, Henchly, Henderland, Henderson, Hendersone, Hendrie, Hendry, Henghey?, Henius, Henley, Henman?, Hennesey, Henney, Henniker, Henning, Henny, Henrie, Henry, Henryson, Henschel, Henshaw, Hensman?, Henson, Hently, Henty, Henville, Henzall, Henzell, Hepburn, Hepburne, Hepper, Hepworth, Herbert, Herbertson, Herd, Herdman, Hereford, Herford, Heriot, Herkes, Herman, Hermiston, Heron, Herrick, Herries, Herrine, Herring, Herriot, Herris, Herrmann, Herschel, Herterich, Herts, Hertzfeld, Hervey, Heslenfeld, Heslop, Hesse-Philipstadt, Hetherington, Hetherton, Heuatson, Heuffer, Heugh, Heward, Hewat, Hewats, Hewatson, Hewchan, Hewetson, Hewett, Hewgill, Hewison, Hewit, Hewitson, Hewitt, Hewlett, Heworth, Hewson, Hewston, Hexam, Heydon, Heygin, Hibbert, Hicby, Hichens, Hichmott, Hicken, Hickie, Hicklin, Hickling, Hickmott, Hicks, Hickson, Hiett, Higgens, Higgin, Higgins, Higginson, Higgs, Higham, Highet, Highgate, Higinbottom, Hilbert, Hildebrand, Hildesheimer, Hiles, Hilker, Hill, Hillary, Hillen, Hillman, Hills, Hilne?, Hilson, Hilton, Hime, Himmens, Himsworth, Hince, Hinchie, Hinchliff, Hinchy, Hinckle, Hind, Hinde, Hindes, Hindley, Hindman, Hindmarsh, Hinds, Hindshaw, Hine, Hinkelbein, Hinley, Hinshaw, Hinsley, Hintermann, Hinton, Hipsley, Hird, Hirohito, Hirrywood, Hirschfield, Hirsent, Hirst, Hiscoe, Hiscoke, Hislop, Hissey, Hitchcock, Hitchell, Hitchenor, Hitchman, Hives, Hixon, Hluchan, Hoadley, Hoar, Hoare, Hobart, Hobben, Hobbs, Hobday, Hobkirk, Hobler, Hobson, Hobster, Hoburn, Hoby, Hockenhull, Hockliffe, Hockridge, Hodder, Hodgart, Hodge, Hodges, Hodgeson, Hodgins, Hodgkinson, Hodgon, Hodgson, Hodkisson, Hodshon, Hodson, Hoffe, Hoffman, Hoffmeister, Hog, Hogan, Hogarth, Hogben, Hogg, Hoggan, Hoggard, Hohenlohe, Hoissack, Holberg, Holborn, Holbrook, Holburn, Holburne, Holden, Holder, Holdsworth, Hole, Holey?, Holiday, Holland, Hollander, Hollen, Holles, Holliday, Hollingbourn, Hollier, Hollins, Hollis, Holliss, Holliwell, Holloway, Hollowell, Hollswell, Hollway, Hollyer, Hollyman, Holman, Holmden, Holme, Holmes, Holms, Holshan?, Holt, Holtum, Holybush, Holyoak, Holyroodhouse, Home, Home-Drummond, Homes, Hondecooter, Hone, Honey, Honeyman, Honyman, Hood, Hoog, Hook, Hooke, Hooker, Hookham, Hookway, Hooley, Hoon, Hooper, Hoops, Hoornbeck, Hootan, Hooton, Hope, Hope-Johnstone, Hopepringle, Hope-Scott, Hopeton, Hopetoun, Hopkins, Hopkinson, Hopkirk, Hopper, Hoppner, Hopton, Hopwood, Hordern, Hore-Ruthven, Horley, Horn, Hornall, Hornbaeker, Hornby, Horne, Horner, Hornsby, Hornung, Horovitz, Horrell, Horridge, Horrocks, Horsburgh, Horseburgh, Horsepool, Horsfall, Horsington, Horsley, Horsman, Horspool, Hort, Horton, Horton-Smith, Horwill, Hosack, Hosak, Hoseason, Hosick, Hosie, Hosier, Hoskins, Hossack, Hotchkin, Hotchkis, Hotham?, Hotharn?, Hotsom, Houat, Houghton, Houison, Houlder, Houlderslaw, Houldsworth, Houlston, Hourie, Hourston, Housman, Houston, Houstoun, Houwens, Hovenden, Hovey, Howan?, Howard, Howat, Howatson, Howden, Howe, Howell, Howells, Howie, Howieson, Howison, Howitt, Howland, Howle, Howley, Howse, Howson, Howyson, Hoyes, Hoyle, Hozier, Hse, Hsiang, Hsieh-yuan, Hsun, Huai-ching, Hubard, Hubbard, Hubert, Hubson?, Huddleston, Hudson, Hudspeth, Hueffer, Huff, Hugall, Huggins, Hugginson, Hughen, Hughes, Hughey, Hughson, Hugo, Huie, Huish?, Huish, Huke, Hulbert, Hull, Hullock, Hulse?, Hulton, Humberston, Humby, Hume, Hummerstons, Humphray, Humphrey, Humphreys, Humphries, Hunan, Huneker, Hungerford, Hunt, Hunter, Hunter-Blair, Hunter-Weston, Huntle, Huntly, Hunton, Hurd, Hurlbutt, Hurle, Hurry, Hurst, Husband, Hussey, Husskisson, Hustwick, Huswell, Hutchan, Hutcheon, Hutcheson, Hutchings, Hutchins, Hutchinson, Hutchison, Hutchon, Huth, Hutoun, Hutson, Hutt, Hutton, Huxley, Huxtable, Huygens, Hyams, Hyde, Hylton, Hyman, Hynd, Hyndford, Hyne, Hynson, Hyslop. 

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Ibison, Ibister, Ibsen, Icke, Idzutaro, Iex, Iggulden, Iglesias, Iken, Illingworth, Ilott, Ilsley, Imlach, Imlah, Imray, Imrie, Inch, Inchbald, Inches, Inderwick, Inenach, Inger, Inglefield, Ingles, Ingleton, Inglis, Inglish, Ingoldsby, Ingram, Inkson, Inkster, Inman, Innerwick, Innes, Innie, Innis, Innocent, Insch, Insche, Insley, Inverkeithing, Inverleith, Iredale, Ireland, Irons, Ironside, Irven, Irvin, Irvine, Irving, Isaac, Isbister, Isham, Ishida, Isles, Ismay, Ison, Israels, Ito, Ittenbach, Ivanovici, Iverack, Ives, Ivey, Ivimey, Ivory, Iwan-Muller, Izatt, Izett, Izzet.

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Jaap, Jablonski, Jack, Jackman, Jackson, Jacksone, Jacobs, Jacobson, Jacometti, Jacques, Jaeger, Jaferay, Jaffe, Jaffray, Jaffrey, Jafray, Jagoe, Jahan, Jakobsen, Jamack, James, Jameson, Jamesone, Jamick, Jamie, Jamieson, Jamison, Jamouneau, Janatha, Japon, Jaquet, Jaquier, Jardin, Jardine, Jarlsberg, Jarrold, Jarrow, Jarvey, Jarvie, Jarvies, Jarvis, Jastrow, Jauffret, Javery, Jay, Jeanes?, Jeans, Jeary, Jebb, Jebbet, Jecqueline, Jeen, Jeffery, Jeffrey, Jeffreys, Jeffries, Jellicoe, Jeneson, Jenkenesse, Jenkin, Jenkins, Jenkinson, Jenks, Jenman, Jennens, Jenner, Jennings, Jenyns, Jepson, Jerdan, Jerffries?, Jerram, Jerrold, Jervey, Jervise, Jerviswood, Jerviswoode, Jervoise, Jesse, Jesseman, Jessiman, Jessop, Jeune, Jevons, Jewell, Jewitt, Jeyns, Jinkin, Jinks, Joachim, Joass, Jobbins, Jobling, Jobson, Jocelin, Jockel, Joel, Johan, Johanson, John, Johncock, Johns, Johnson, Johnsten, Johnston, Johnstone, Johnstoun, Joiner, Jollie, Jolly, Jonas, Jones, Joniystoun, Jonkines, Jönköping-Vulcan, Jonson, Jonsten, Jonston, Jopling, Joppling-Rowe, Jopp, Jordan, Jordison, Joseph, Josephs, Joss, Jounstoun, Jourdain, Jourdan, Jowall, Jowle, Joyce, Joyssy, Jubb, Jude, Jugra, Julian, Julyan, Jump, Juncken, Junken, Junkin, Junner, Junor, Juques?, Jurgenson, Justhard, Justice.

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Kafka, Kagenbusch, Kaimes, Kajiyama, Kaldy, Kames, Kancko, Kandt, Kane, Kang-Hu, Karlas, Karr, Karrol, Karslake, Kastner, Kato, Katterfelto, Kau, Kay, Kaye, Kea, Keane, Kearoby, Kearsby, Kearsley, Keary, Keating, Keatings, Keats, Keay, Kebbell, Keddie, Keegan, Keel, Keen, Keene, Keep, Keeton, Keevil, Keil, Keiller, Keilly, Keir, Keiro, Keith, Kekewich, Kelburne, Kelk, Kelland, Kellas, Keller, Kelley, Kellie, Kellner, Kello, Kellock, Kellow, Kelly, Kelman, Kelsall, Kelso, Keltie, Kelty, Kelway-Bamber, Kember, Kemble, Kemp, Kempe, Kempthorn, Kempton, Kendal, Kendall, Kendell, Kendrick, Kenmure, Kennard, Kennaway, Kennedy, Kennel, Kennell, Kenning, Kennison, Kent, Kentrea, Kenworthy, Kenyon, Keogh, Keppel, Keppie, Ker, Kerby, Kerkman, Kermack, Kermode, Kerohan, Kerr, Kershaw, Kerslake, Kerss, Kessack, Kessan, Kessen, Kesson, Ketchen, Kettle, Kettelbey, Kewley, Key, Keyden, Keyl, Keys, Keyser, Keyte, Keyworth, Khakoo, Kibble, Kid, Kidd, Kidder, Kiddie, Kiddy, Kidson, Kidston, Kidston-Kerr, Kiel, Kiely, Kier, Kieser, Kilarie, Kilburn, Kilburne, Kile?, Kilgour, Kilkerran, Killoch, Killock, Killough, Kilmarnock, Kilmaurs, Kilpatrick, Kilsyth, Kimble, Kimich, Kimm, Kimpton, Kinahan, Kincaid, Kincardine, Kincraigie, Kincraigy, King, Kingcaid, Kingdon, Kingham, Kinghorn, Kinglake, Kinglassie, Kingorne, Kingsale, Kingsbury, Kingsford, Kingsley, Kingsmill, Kingston, Kinloch, Kinlock, Kinmond, Kinna, Kinnaird, Kinnear, Kinneard, Kinnedder, Kinnell, Kinnibrough, Kinnoul, Kinnoull, Kinross, Kinsella, Kinsford, Kinsman, Kintore, Kintrae, Kintre, Kintrea, Kippen, Kirby, Kirk, Kirkaldy, Kirkcudbright, Kirke, Kirker, Kirkhope, Kirkland, Kirkmichael, Kirkness, Kirkpatrick, Kirkwood, Kirman, Kirsopp, Kirton, Kirwan, Kissock, Kitchen, Kitchener, Kitchie, Kitchin, Kitchon, Kitson, Kittlewood, Kitton, Kittrick, Kiver, Kleczynski, Klein, Klemming, Klingestein, Knaus, Kneller, Knight, Knollys, Knötel, Knott, Knowles, Knox, Knussen, Knutsford, Kobbé, Koerberg, Koettschau, Koh-Alblas, Kohler, Kohn, Koo, Kornel, Kornman, Kosloff, Kray, Kries, Krockett, Kropotkin, Kropotkine, Kruse, Kubelik, Kuni-No-Miya, Kunneke, Kunz, Kupferschmidt, Kwei-ti, Kyd, Kyle, Kynalmeaky, Kyneston, Kynnach, Kynoch, Kynock, Kyrkpatryk.

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Labouchere, Laburn, Lacaita, Lacey, Lachlan, Lachland, Lackie, Lad, Ladbury, Lade, Lafont, Lahade?, Lahaed?, Laideus, Laidlaw, Laidlay, Laidler, Laine, Laing, Laird, Lake, Lakeman, Lakin, Lalanne, Lalchand, Lallands, Lallier, Lally, La Martine, Lamb, Lambart, Lambe, Lambert,  Lambie, Lamborne, Lambton, Lamenais, Lamertine, Lamerton, Lammie, Lamond, Lamont, Lamplough, L'Amy, Lamy, Lanark, Lancaster, Lance, Lancellotti, Lancelotti, Lanceman, Landale, Landless, Landass, Landells, Landis, Landon, Landor, Landsborough, Landseer, Lane, Lanesborough, Lang, Langbridge, Langdale, Lange, Langlands, Langley, Langmuir, Langrish, Langton?, Langtree, Langtry, Langwill, Langworthy, Lanimure, Lankester, Lanlchand, Lansdown, Lansdowne, Lanton, Lapidevski, Lappenberg, Lapraik, Lardner, Large, Largilliere, Larken, Larkins, Larkman, Larnach, Larner, Lascelles, Lash / Losh?, Laskey, Laski, Latham, Lathem, La Touche, Latta, Latto, Lauchlan, Lauchlen, Laud, Lauder, Lauderdale, Laudohn, Laufer, Laughton, Laun, Laurenson, Laurie, Lautemenin, Lauther, Lauts, Lavaggi, Lavell, Laverack, Lavergne, Laverick, Lavery, Laville, Law, Lawder, Lawderdale, Lawerence, Lawes, Lawman, Lawmans, Lawrance, Lawrence, Lawrenson, Lawrey, Lawrie, Laws, Lawson, Lawtie, Laxton, Lay, Laycock, Laying, Layne, Layman, Layne-Smith, Layng, Layton, Lazarus, Lazzaris, Lea, Leadam, Leadbeater, Leadbetter, Leaf, Leak, Leal, Leamon, Lear, Learie, Learmonth, Leask, Leates, Leath, Leaver, Le Bailly, Le Brasseur, Leburn, Leck, Leckie, Leclerc, Le Couppey, Ledingham, Ledlie, Ledoyen, Ledsham, Lee, Leech, Leechman, Leeney, Leeper, Lees, Leetch, Leete, Lefebure-Wely, Le Feuvre, Lefroy, Legat, Legate, Leggat, Leggatt, Legg, Legge, Leggett, Legh, Legrand, Lehmann, Lehzen, Leibenduntz, Leibnitz, Leichman, Leigh, Leighton, Leishman, Leisk, Leitch, Leith, Leitham, Leith-Buchanan, Leithead, Leith-Hay, Lellan, Lellans, Lely, Leman, Le Maire, Lemare, Lemon, Lena, Leng, Lennane?, Lennex, Lennie, Lennox, Lenny, Lenton, Leny, Leo, Leonard, Leonards, Leoni, Leopold, Leppard, Lepper, Lepri, Lercke?, Leresche, Lermont, Lerwill, Lescher, Lesher, Lesley, Leslie, Lesly, Lessel, Lessells, Lessels, Lesser, Lesslie, Lester, Le Sueur, Letch, Letham, Letoup, Letts, Leven, Leven & Melville, Lever, Leveson-Gower, Levey, Levie, Levien, Levinge, Levingston, Leviston?, Levitus, Levy, Lewandowski, Leward?, Lewars, Lewen, Lewes, Lewin, Lewis, Lewisham, Lewisohn, Ley?, Leychoyle, Leyden, Leyland, Leys, Lhermitte, Liang, Lias, Libby, Libirnie, Liddall, Liddel, Liddell, Lidderdale, Liddle, Lidgate, Lidgett, Lie, Liebig, Ligertwood, Lightbody, Lightfoot, Lighton, Likely, Likly, Lilbourne, Lilburn, Lilburne, Lille, Lilley, Lillingston, Lilywhite, Limb, Limond, Lin, Lincoln, Lind, Linday, Linden, Lindesay, Lindley, Lindsay, Lindsley, Line, Lines, Ling, Lining, Linklater, Linley, Linlithgow, Linning, Linskill, Linton, Lintot, Lipp, Lippe, Lippincott, Lipscombe, Lipski, Lipton, Lisle, Lisney, List, Lister, Liston, Liszt, Litchfield, Lithgow, Little, Littledale, Littlejohn, Littleton, Livesey, Liveston?, Livingston, Livingston-Adler, Livingstone, Livingstoune, Livinston, Liviston, Lizars, Llandaff, Llewellyn, Lloyd, Llylliwhite, Llywelyn, Loachead, Loader, Loban, Lobb, Lobban, Lobbock, Lobenhoffer, Loch, Lochead, Lochhead, Lochie?, Lochnaw, Lochore, Lock, Lockart, Locke, Locker, Lockett, Lockhart, Lockhart-Mure, Lockhart-Ross, Lockie, Lockwood, Lockyer, Loder, Loebell, Loewy, Lofthouse, Loftus, Logan, Logey, Loggie, Logie, Lohr, Lokhart, Lom, Lomas, Lomax, Lombe, London, Londonderry, Loney, Long, Longdon, Longerville, Longfellow, Longley, Longman, Longmans, Longmore, Longmuir, Longstaff, Longyears, Lonsdale, Lonys, Lorain, Loras, Lord, Lorimer, Lormer, Lorne, Lornie, Lorrain, Lorraine, Lorrimer, Loth, Lothian, Louden, Loudon, Loudoun, Loughborough, Louis, Louisa, Louson, Loutith, Louttit, Lovat, Love, Lovejoy, Loveland, Lovell, Lovelle, Lover, Lovett, Lovett-Cameron, Lovitt, Low, Lowand?, Lowber, Lowden, Lowdon, Lowe, Lowell, Lowey, Lowis, Lowles, Lownie, Lowre?, Lowrie, Lowson, Lowther, Lowthian, Loyd, Loyer, Lubbock, Lucas, Luck, Luckett, Lucy, Ludendorff, Luff, Lugton, Luini, Luisillo, Luke, Lully, Lum, Lumb, Lumisden, Lumley, Lumsdaine, Lumsdale, Lumsden, Lunain, Lunan, Lunnan, Lunardi, Lundi, Lunn, Lunt, Lupino, Lupton, Lupus, Lurston, Lush, Lusk, Lutas, Lutefoot, Lutfutt, Luther, Luttrell, Lutyens, Lutz, Luxmoore, Luya, Luyster, Lyall, Lyddon, Lyde, Lyel, Lyell, Lyle, Lymburn, Lynall, Lynch, Lyndoch, Lyne, Lynedoch, Lynes, Lynton, Lyon, Lyone, Lyon-Mackenzie, Lyons, Lysaght, Lyster, Lyte, Lytill, Lyttelton, Lyttleton, Lytton.

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Macadam, MacAdam, Macalister, Macallan, MacAllan, Macallister, MacAllister, Macalpine, Macan, Macandrew, Macara, Macarater, Macarter, Macarthur, MacArthur, Macartney, Macaskill, MacAskill, Macaul, Macaulay, Macauley, Macay, MacBain, Macbane, Macbean, MacBean, Macbeth, Macbraire, Macbrayne, MacBrayne, MacBreck, MacCallum, Maccheyne, MacClarie, Macclellan, Maccoll, MacColl, MacCormick, Maccorquodale, MacCrindle, Macculloch, Maccunn, Macdiarmid, MacDiarmid, Macdonald, MacDonald, Macdonell, Macdonnell, Macdormit, Macdoual, Macdouall, Macdougal, Macdougald, Macdougall, MacDougall, Macdowal, Macdowall, MacDowall, Macduff, MacDuff, Maceachern, MacEchern, Macewan, MacEwan, Macewan, MacEwen, MacFadden, Macfadyen, Macfarlan, MacFarlan, Macfarlane, MacFarlane, Macfarlane-Grieve, Macfarren, Macferson, Macfie, Macghie, Macgibbon, MacGibbon, Macgil, Macgilchrist, Macgill, MacGillavery, Macgillivray, MacGillivray, MacGilvray?, Macglashan, MacGlashan, Macgoune, Macgregor, MacGregor, MacGruthar, MacHaffie, Machardie, Machardy, MacHarg, Machattie, MacHattie, MacHugh, Macilwraithe, Macindoe, Macinnes, MacInnes, Macinroy, Macintosh, MacIntosh, Macintyre, MacIntyre, Macisack, Maciver, Macivor, Mackain, MacKanzie, MacKassack, Mackay, MacKay, Mackbriar, Mackdonald, Mackean, Mackechnie, MacKeen, Mackellar, Mackelvie, MacKelvie, Mackenna, Mackenzie, MacKenzie, MacKereth, Mackerlich, Mackessack, Mackessack-Leitch, Mackett?, MackEuan, Mackgill, Mackgregor, MacKid, Mackie, MacKillop, Mackimie, MacKimie, Mackimmie, MacKimmie, Mackinlay, Mackinnon, MacKinnon, Mackintosh, MacKintosh, Mackison, Mackisone, Mackleod, Mackness, Macknight, Macksone, Mackubin, Macky, Mackye, Maclachlan, MacLachlan, Maclagan, MacLagan, Maclaggan, Maclaine, MacLanachan, Maclaran, Maclaren, MacLaren, Maclarty, Maclauchlan, Maclaurin, Maclean, MacLean, Macleay, Macledoe, Maclehose, MacLehose, Macleish, Maclellan, MacLellan, Maclelland, Maclennan, MacLennan, Macleod, MacLeod, Maclise, Maclone, Macluckie, Maclure, Macmaster, Macmath, MacMenamin, MacMichael, Macmillan, MacMillan, MacMitchell, Macmurtrie, Macnab, Macnabb, MacNabb, Macnair, Macnamara, Macnaughtan, Macnaughten, Macnaughton, Macneale, Macnee, Macneil, Macneill, MacNeill, Macness, Macnicol, Macnight, Macnish, Macniven, Maconchie, Maconechy, Maconochie, Maconocy, MacOwan, Macphail, MacPhail, Macpherson, MacPherson, Macquarrie, MacQuarrie, Macqueen, Macquoid, Macquorn, Macrae, MacRae, Macreadie, Macredie, Macrimmon, Macritchie, MacRitchie, Macrorie, MacRosty, Macrummen, Macswine, Mactaggart, Mactavish, MacTavish, Mactier, Macturk, Macvey, Macvicar, Macviccar, Macvourich, Macwalter, Macwatt, MacWatt, MacWilliam, MacWillie, McAdam, McAffer, McAinsh, McAlaster, McAldon, McAleer, McAleese, Mcalelay, Mcaleley, McAlister, McAlla, McAllan, McAllaster, McAlley, McAllister, McAllum, Mcallum, McAlpin, Mcalpine, McAlpine, McAmer, McAnally, McAnaly, McAndie, McAndrew, McAndy, McAnlay, McAra, McArdle, McArter, Mcarthur, McArthur, Mcash, McAsh, McAshlane, McAskill, Mcaslane, McAulay, Mcauley, McAuly, Mcausland, McAusland, McAwley, McBain, McBean, Mcbeath, McBeath, McBennett, McBeth, McBey, McBlain, McBrain, Mcbrair, McBrair, Mcbran?, McBrayne, McBreck, McBride, McBurnie, McCaa, McCadan, McCafferty, McCagie, McCaig, McCail, McCairns, McCairtnay, McCairtney, McCaish, McCalcall, McCalester, McCall, McCallan, McCallester, McCallum, McCally, McCalmont, McCandlish, McCanerany, McCann, McCarey, McCarter, Mccarter, McCarthie, McCarthy, McCartney, McCarty, McCaskie, McCaskill, McCaslan, Mccaslan, McCaul, McCaulay, McCaushlene?, McCausland, McCaw, McCay, McCellen?, McChamish, McCheyne, McChlery, McCissack, McClacland, McClamerock, McClan, McClanan, McClare,  McClaud, McClean, McCleanon, McCleish, McClellan, McClelland, McClen, McClenaghen, McClenan, McClenin, McClise, McClumpha, McClure, McClurg, McCluskie, McClymont, McColl, McColuch, McCombe, McCombie, McConachie, McConchie, McConel, McConell, McConlochie, McConnachie, McConnel, McConochie, McConville, McCook, McCookin, McCorkindale, McCormick, McCorquodale, McCosh, McCouloch, McCourt, McCoy, McCracken, McCrae, McCrain, McCreadie, McCreath, McCrie, McCrindle, McCron, McCrone, McCubbin, McCubbing, McCullach, McCulloch, McCullochs, McCundy, McCurrach, McCurrack, McCurrich, McCusker, McCutcheon, McDavid, McDermaid, McDerment, McDermid, McDiarmid, McDonald, McDonall, McDonnell, McDouall, McDougal, McDougall, McDoull, McDowal, McDowall, McDowell, McDowgall, Mceldoe, McElfrish, Mcelhose, McElney, McElroy, Mcendoe, Mcenzie, McEuan, McEvey, McEvoy, McEwan, McEwan-Younger, McEwen, McEwing, Mcfadgen, Mcfarlan, McFarlan, McFarlane, McFarline, McFeal, McFee?, Mcferson, Mcfeydan, McFie, McFrance, McGarratie, McGavin, Mcgavin, McGeachan, McGeachy, McGee, McGeechan, McGeorge, McGerrow, McGettigan, McGhie, McGibon, Mcgibbon, McGibbon, McGichan, McGie, McGilchrist, McGill, McGillavry, McGillewie, McGillivery, McGillivraes, McGillivray, McGilliwie, Mcgilp, McGilvray, McGin, McGinn, McGirvan, McGillanders, McGivney, McGlade, McGlashan, McGlashen, McGlyn, McGonegal, McGoohan, McGougon, Mcgougon, McGovern, McGowan, McGowans, McGown, McGranachan, McGrath, McGraw, Mcgregor, McGregor, McGrigor, McGrimmond, McGuain, McGuffie, McGuffog, McGuire, McHaffie, McHardie, McHardy, McHarg, McHattie, McHatty, Mchouat, McHouat, McHurath, McHutchison, McIan, McIlraith, McIlriach, McIlvain, McIldwie, McIlwraith, McIndoe, McIndowie, Mcinlay, McInnes, McInnie, McInroy, Mcintire, McIntire, McIntosch, Mcintosh, McIntosh, McIntyre, McIsaac, McIvan, McIver, McIvor, McJames, McJannet, McKail, McKaill, McKain, McKandie, McKandy, McKane, McKay, Mckean, McKean, Mckechney, McKechnie, McKechny, Mckechny, McKee, McKeever, McKeig, McKellar, McKelvie, McKenie, McKen, Mckendrick, McKendrick, McKenlay, McKenna, McKennell, Mckenzie, McKenzie, McKeown, McKerchar, McKerley, McKerlie,  McKerrell, McKerrow, McKersay,  McKessack, McKetterick, McKeur?, McKibben, McKichan, McKid, McKidd, McKie, McKigney, McKill, McKillar, McKillican, McKillop, McKim, McKimie, McKimmie, McKina, McKindlay, McKinlay, McKinna, McKinnel, McKinnell, McKinnie, McKinnon, McKintosh, McKinvin, McKinzie, McKirdy, McKirren, McKissack, McKissock, McKittrick, McKnaught, McKnockiter, Mckpherson, McKraw, McKusker, McLachlan, McLachlane, McLaclan, McLae, McLagan, McLaggan, McLain, McLaine, McLallan, Mclaran, McLaran, McLardie, McLaren, McLarren, McLarty, McLauchlan, McLauchlane, McLaud, McLaughlin, McLaurin, McLaurrin, McLaws, Mclay, McLay, Mclean, McLean, McLearie, McLeaver, McLeay, McLedee, McLedoe, McLee, McLeen, McLehose, McLeish, McLellan, McLelland, McLenachan, McLennan, Mcleod, McLeod, McLeran, McLerie, McLuckie, McLusky, McMannis, McManus, McMartin, McMaster, McMath, McMeekan, McMeekin, McMenamin, Mcmichal, McMichael, McMichan, McMicking, McMillan, McMin, McMinn?, McMonies, McMonnies, McMorrine, McMullin, McMunn, McMurdo, McMurray, McMurrich, McMurtie, McMurtrie, McMutrie, McNab, McNabain, McNair, McNamara, McNaght, McNaught, McNaughten, McNaughton, McNeil, McNeilage, McNeilie, Mcneill, McNeill, Mcnelish, McNellan, McNichol, Mcnicol, McNicol, Mcnicoll, McNicoll, Mcniel,  McNiel, McNiell, McNight, McNilish, Mcnillage, McNish, McNiven, McOmbie, McOscar, McOwat, McOy, McPate, McPetrie, McPhatrick, McPhail, McPheal, McPhearson, McPhee, Mcpherson, McPherson, McPhintedow, McPhirgie, McPhun, McQueen, McRae, McRaith, McReady, McRitchie, McRobb, McRobbie, Mcrobbin, McRobert, McRobie, McRobin, McRurich, McSavaney, McShane, McStephen, McSymon, McTagart, McTaggart, McTavish, McTear, McTerphson?, McThomas, McTier, McTurk, McTyre, Mcure, McVain, McVane, McVean, McVey, McVicar, McVickar, McVie, McVinnie, McVitte, McVittie, McWaters, Mcwatt, McWattie, Mcwatts, McWhae, Mcwhinnie, McWhinnie, McWhir, McWhirter, McWhyte, McWilliam, McWilliams, McWillie, McWorter, McYounie.

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Maartens, Mabbott, Mabon, Machell, Machen, Machin, Machray, Mack, Maddan, Madden, Maddin, Maddison, Maddox, Madras, Madula, Maeland?, Maersche, Maeterlinck, Maffet, Magden, Magee, Magens, Maggs, Maginnes, Magniac, Magnus, Maguire, Mahew, Mahlig, Mähllig, Mahomed, Mahomet, Mahon, Mahony, Maiben, Maidens, Maidment, Maillard, Maillebois, Main, Mair, Maisey, Maisonfort, Maistertoune, Maitland, Major, Makay, Makcarttnay, Makeham, Makgill, Makintosh, Makluin, Makqueen, Malaby, Malam, Malborough, Malcolm, Malcom, Malcome, Malcolmson, Malcomson, Malden, Maleis, Malet, Malibran, Malin?, Malins, Mall, Mallach, Mallet, Mallett, Mallice, Mallies, Mallinson, Malloch, Mallock, Malone, Maloney, Malortie, Malpass, Malthus, Maltravers, Malvin, Malvina, Man, Manby, Manchester, Manclark, Mancor, Mander, Manderson, Manderston, Mane, Manero?, Manford, Manger, Mangin, Manhill, Manlove, Mann, Mannering, Manners, Manning, Manolatou, Manor, Mansell, Mansfield, Manson, Mant, Mantach, Mantegazza, Mantoch, Manton, Mantz, Manuel, Manwell, Maples, Mapleton, Map, Mapp, Mappin, Mapson, Mar, Marandola, Marchant, Marchbank, Marchland, Marchmont, Marckham, Marco, Margach, Margerison, Margiston, Margrave, Maria, Mariani,  Marischal, Marjoribanks, Marjoriebanks, Marjorybanks, Markham, Markie, Marklew, Markova, Marks, Marley, Marlay / Marley?, Marlborough, Marley, Marlin, Marnie, Marnoch, Marquis, Marr, Marriott, Marrow, Marsden, Marsh, Marshal, Marshall, Marshel, Marson, Marston, Marter, Martin, Martine, Martinon, Marwick, Marwood, Marx, Mary, Marzials, Masham, Masino, Maskell, Masland, Mason, Massey, Massie, Massimo, Massine, Masson, Massy, Master, Masterman, Masters, Masterton, Mastertoun, Mastertoune, Mastin, Maston, Matchen, Mather, Mathes, Matheson, Mathew, Mathews, Mathewson, Mathias, Mathies, Mathie, Mathieson, Mathison, Mathson?, Mattacks, Mattei, Matther, Mattheson, Mattheus, Matthew, Matthews, Matthie, Mattsieson, Matthison, Mauchane, Mauchline & Tarinyean, Maude, Maudsley, Maughan, Maul, Maule, Maull, Maun, Maunder, Maundeville, Maurais, Maurice, Maver, Mavor, Mawby, Mawer, Mawson, Max, Maxfield, Maximillian, Maxsom, Maxton, Maxtone, Maxtone-Graham, Maxwel, Maxwell, May, Mayall, Maye, Mayer, Mayfield, Mayhew, Maylam, Mayland, Mayne, Mayo, Mazzantini, Meacham, Mead, Meade, Meadowbank, Meadows, Meal, Mearns, Mears, Mearson, Meason, Mechi, Medcalf, Medhurst, Medwyn, Mee, Meechie, Meehan, Meek, Meffan, Meffet, Meffett, Meggat, Megget, Meggison, Mehemet Ali, Meier, Meik, Meiklam, Meikle, Meiklejohn, Mein, Mein-Austin, Meinhold, Meinertzhagen, Meinzes, Meissionier, Meister, Meldrem, Meldrum, Melfort, Melhuish, Melimo, Meline, Melish, Meliss, Mellen, Melles, Mellie, Mellies, Mellin, Mellis, Mellish, Melliss, Mellor, Mellors, Melrose, Melsom, Melven, Melvil, Melville, Melvin, Mendip, Menigall, Mennie, Menpes, Menteath, Menteith, Mentip, Mentiss, Menzel, Menzies, Merae, Mercer, Merchant, Mercier, Meredith, Meridith, Meriton, Merk, Mermey, Merob, Merrilees, Merrilie, Merritt, Merry, Merryfield, Merryweather, Merser, Mershal, Mershall, Mershel, Merston, Mertineau, Merton, Merwe, Meslier, Messel, Messer, Messerschmitt, Meston, Metaxas, Metcalf, Metcalfe, Metherie, Methman, Methmani?, Methuen, Methven, Metzler, Mewburn, Mewhort, Mews, Mewse, Meyer, Meynell, Michael, Michaelsson, Michal, Michel, Michelet, Michell, Michie, Mickel, Mickle, Micklewarth, Micklewham, Midas, Middlemas, Middlemass, Middlemiss, Middleton, Midford, Midgley, Midworth, Miekel, Miers, Mighall, Migle, Mil, Milan, Milart, Milbank, Milburne, Mildred, Miles, Mill, Millais, Millan, Millar, Millard, Millart, Miller, Millert, Millichip, Milligan, Milling, Milln, Millne, Mills, Miln, Milne, Milner, Milns, Milott, Milroy, Milton, Milvina, Minchington, Minns, Minshall, Minster, Minto, Minty, Mirerahi, Mirrahi, Mirtle, Mirylees, Missing, Mitchal, Mitchall, Mitchel, Mitchell, Mitchell-Thomson, Mitchelson, Mitchison, Mitford, Mitra, Mitton, Mivart, Moar, Moat, Mockler, Modi, Moeller, Moesting, Moffat, Moffatt, Mogan, Mogg, Mogridge, Mohammed, Moinet, Moir, Moira, Moiston, Molden, Moldenhawer, Mole, Molecey, Molesworth, Molison, Molle, Mollison, Molloy, Molson, Molyneaux, Molyneux, Molyson, Monaco, Monaghan, Monboddo, Monchamps, Moncreif, Moncreiff, Moncreiffe, Moncrief, Moncrieff, Moncrieffe, Monck, Moncur, Mond, Monell?, Monk, Monke, Monmouth, Monnard, Monro, Monson, Montagu, Montague, Montbard, Monteath, Monteccio, Monteith, Montelius, Montgomerie, Montgomery, Montgomery-Cuninghame, Montmorin, Montrie, Montrose, Monypenny, Moodie, Moody, Moon, Mooney, Moor, Moore, Moorley, Moran, Morath, Moray, Mordington, More, Morehead, Morel, Moreland, Mores, Moreson, Moret,  Moreton, Morgan, Morge, Morham, Mori, Moriarty, Morin, Moris, Morise, Morison, Morisone, Moristonne, Morland, Morley, Mornington, Moroni, Morosoff, Morran, Morrell, Morren, Morres, Morrice, Morrieson, Morris, Morrish, Morrison, Morrow, Morsing, Mortier, Mortimer, Morton, Morville, Mory, Moscrip, Moscrop, Mosecroft, Moseley, Mosely, Moses, Mosley, Moss, Mossman, Motherwell, Motson, Motte, Mottram, Mouat, Moubray, Mougach, Moule, Moulton, Moultry, Mounsap?, Mounsey, Mounsher, Mountcharles, Mountford, Mountmorres, Mountseer, Mousley, Mowat, Mowatt, Mowbray, Moxon, Moyes, Mozart, Muchline & Tarinyean, Muckart, Mudie, Muggach, Muier, Muil, Muir, Muirden, Muirhead, Muirson, Mule, Mulgrave, Mulhall, Mulholland, Mullen, Mullens, Muller, Müller, Müller-Mory, Mullett-Merrick, Mulhall, Mulligan, Mulliner, Mullins, Mullions, Mullo-Weir, Mulraney, Mulready, Mulvey, Munchay, Mundell, Munford, Mungle, Mungo, Munn, Munnoch, Munro, Munroe, Munro-Ferguson, Munsie, Munster, Murat, Murcar, Murchie, Murchison, Murchisson, Murchland, Murdach, Murdgatroyd, Murdison, Murdoch, Murduc, Mure, Murfin, Murfy, Murgatroyd, Murison, Murland, Murphey, Murphy, Murray, Murray-Bisset, Murray-Gartshore, Murrell, Murrie, Murthland, Murwell, Musgrave, Musgrove, Mushet, Musson, Mustard, Mutch, Muterer, Mutrie, Mutter, Mutton, Muzzey, Mycock, Myers, Myle, Myles, Myln, Mylne, Mylott, Myra, Myrbach, Myrtle.

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Naan, Nachez, Nachot, Nadin, Nagako, Nailands, Naiper, Nairn, Nairne, Naismith, Naismyth, Nakahara, Nalason?, Nalder, Nall, Namdar, Nanson, Naper, Napier, Napier & Ettrick, Napleton, Napoleon, Naquet, Nares, Narlo, Nash, Nasmith, Nasmyth, Nason, Nassim, Nathan, Nattali, Nattes, Nauchtie, Naughtie, Naughton, Naughty, Naunton, Nawtie, Neal?, Neald, Neale, Neame, Neasmith, Neat, Neath, Neaum, Neave, Neaves, Necretti, Needham, Negris, Neil, Neild, Neile, Neill, Neillson, Neilson, Neilsone, Neisbet, Neish, Neison, Neithercut, Nelka, Nelson, Nepomucene, Nepting, Nesfield, Nesmith, Ness, Nettleton, Neulands, Neuman, Nevay, Nevill, Neville, Nevine, Nevins, Nevinson, Nevison, Nevitt, New, Newabbey, Newall, Newark, Newbery, Newberry, Newbigen, Newbigging, Newbold, Newbrook, Newburgh, Newbury, Newby, Newbyth, Newcomb, Newcombe, Newcome, Newcomen, Newhall, Newham, Newill, Newland, Newlands, Newman, Newsam, Newton, Newtoun, Niame, Niblett, Nibloe, Nice, Nicelson, Nichol, Nicholas,  Nicholl, Nicholls, Nichols, Nicholson, Nickel, Nickell, Nicol, Nicoll, Nicolle, Nicolls, Nicolson, Niddrie, Nield, Nietzche, Nightingale, Nilson, Nilson(s?), Nilsson, Nimmo, Nimmon, Ninrawe, Nisbet, Nisbett, Nisbit, Nishihara, Nissen, Nithsdale, Niven, Nivison, Nixon, Nobbs, Noble, Nock, Noel, Nogi, Nohl, Nolden, Noldsworth, Nollekens, Nolven, Norbreck, Norbury, Norcot, Norfolk, Norie, Norman, Norrich, Norrie, Norrington, Norris, North, Northcliffe, Northcote, Northedge, Northesk, Northland, Northumberland, Northwood, Norton, Norval, Norway, Norwell, Norwich, Norwood, Nosley?, Notman, Nott, Nottman, Novello, Nowell, Numm, Nunney, Nurse, Nursey, Nutford, Nutt, Nutter, Nystrom.

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Oakden, Oake, Oakes, Oakley, Oakman, Oastler, Oate, Obata, Oberbeck, O'Brien, O'Carroll, O'Conner, O'Connor, Ochiltree, Ochterlony, Oddie, Odeschalchi, Odnaes, O'Docherty, O'Donnell, O'Driscoll, Oesten, Oetzmann, Offenbach, Officer, Offley, Offord, Oger, Ogg, Ogilby, Ogilvie, Ogilvy, Oglander, Ogle, Oglivie, Ogston, Ogstone, O'Hagan, O'Hana, O'Hara, O'Hear, O'Hora?, Okamato, Oke, Okeden, O'Keffe, O'Kelly, Okey, Okuto, Olderslade, Oldfield, Oldham, Oldrieve, Oliphant, Olive, Oliver, Olivia, Olleth, Olliff, Ollivier, Olney, Olyett, Olyphant, Oman, Omey, Omond, O'Neill, Onions, Onslow, Oppenheim, Oppenheimer, Oralow, Oram, Orange, Orangefield, Oranmore-Browne, Orchard, Ordchardson, Ord, Orde, O'Reilly, Orford, Oris, Orkney, Orleans, Orloff, Orme, Ormerod, Ormidale, Ormiston, Ormond, Ormsby, O'Rouark, O'Rourk, Orr, Orrell, Orrey, Orr-Ewing, Orridge, Orrock, Orsini, Ortmans, Osborn, Osborne, Osburn, O'Shea, Ossian, Ossington, Osterwald, Ostlere, Oswald, Otterburn, Ottewell, Ottley, Otto, Otway, Ouchterlony, Oughten, Ould, Oulton, Ouseley, Outhwaite, Outram, Overbury, Overton, Owen, Owens, Oxenford, Oxenham, Ower, Oxford, Oxley, Oxton.

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Pabidge / Pabridge / Palbridge?, Paca, Pacey, Pack, Packer, Packman, Padder, Paddgett, Paddison, Padel, Paderwski, Padgett, Padon, Pagan, Paganini, Page, Pagen, Paget, Pahlevi, Paige, Paikin, Pain, Paine, Painter, Pairman, Paischell?, Paisley, Paisly, Paiton, Pakes, Paley, Palmer, Palmieri, Panbride, Panetti, Paniter, Panmure, Pannett, Panten?, Panther, Panton, Paoli, Papillon, Papps?, Parday, Parez, Parfitt, Parish, Park, Parke, Parker, Parkes, Parkham, Parkin / Perkin?, Parkins, Parkinson, Parkynes, Parlane, Parley, Parnie, Parodi, Parr, Parrott, Parry, Parson, Parsons, Partington, Parton, Partoon, Partridge, Pascanet, Paselli, Pasley, Pasly, Pasmore, Passe, Patch, Pateman, Paterson, Patience, Patison, Patmore, Paton, Patrick, Patrizi, Patten, Patterson, Patteson, Patti, Pattillo, Pattison, Patton, Pattullo, Patullo, Paul, Paulin, Paull, Pavlow, Pawling, Pawson, Paxpoynt, Paxten, Paxton, Payer, Payn, Payne, Payton, Peace, Peach, Peachey, Peacock, Peake, Pearce, Peareth, Pearey, Pears, Pearsall, Pearse, Pearsie, Pearson, Pearston, Pease, Peasgood, Peat, Peavey, Pebardy, Pebles, Peblis, Pecci, Peck, Peckham, Pecorini, Peddar, Peddie, Peddie-Waddell, Peden, Pedin, Pedro, Peebles, Peel, Peet, Pegg, Peggie, Pegler, Pei-fu, Pei-Fu, Peile, Peill, Peirson, Peckotsch, Peke, Pelham, Pellatt, Pellew, Pellico, Pellieret, Pelman, Pemberton, Pembroke, Penbrooke, Pencaitland, Pendennis?, Pender, Pendreich, Pendrigh, Peniall,  Pennant, Pennecuik, Pennefather, Pennell, Penney, Pennie, Penny, Pennycook, Pennycuick, Penreth, Penrose, Pensman?, Pentland, Penzer, Peok, Pepin, Pépin, Peploe, Pepper, Pepperell, Perasell, Perceval, Percival, Percy, Pereira, Perfect, Perigal, Perkin, Perkins, Perks, Perli, Perman, Perry, Persia, Persons, Persse, Perth, Perth & Melfort, Petan, Petaw, Peter, Peterborough, Peterkin, Peters, Petersen, Peterson, Petherick, Pething?, Petit, Petrarch, Petre, Petriburg, Petrie, Petrusch, Petry, Pettegrew, Petter, Petteri, Pettie, Pettigrew, Pettitt, Pettrie, Petty, Pew, Peyroney, Pfenuiguer, Phelips, Phelps, Phemister, Philans, Philimore, Philip, Philipps, Philips, Philipson, Phillimore, Phillip, Phillips, Phillipps, Phillipson, Philliskirk, Phillpotts, Philp, Philpot, Phimester, Phimister, Phimster, Phin, Phinn, Phipps, Phips, Phipson, Phym, Phyn, Piatti, Pic, Picachi, Pickard, Pickles, Picken, Pickering, Pickersgill, Pickett, Picton, Pidding, Pidsley, Pierce, Piggot, Piggott, Pigorini, Pigott, Pike, Pilkington, Pillans, Pillar, Pilley, Pilson, Pimpetoun, Pinard / Pinclard?, Pinchard, Pinckhard, Pindar, Pine, Pink, Pinkerton, Pinkertown, Pinkney, Pinkstone, Pinney, Pinnington, Pinson, Pinsuti, Pious, Piozzi, Piper, Piploe, Pipon, Pirie, Pirrie, Pirry, Pitblado, Pitcairn, Pitcairne, Pitfour, Pitman, Pitmilly, Pitsligo, Pitt, Pittendreich, Pitts, Plaidy, Planche, Plant, Plantagenet, Plarr, Plaskitt, Plater, Platnauer, Platneuer, Platt, Player, Playfair, Playne, Playstead, Plender, Plint, Ploopyut?, Plouman, Plowden, Plowman, Plum, Plumer, Plummer, Plumptre, Plumridge, Plumtre, Plush, Plutarch, Poake, Pochin, Pocklington-Coltman, Pocock, Poetzi, Poillard, Pointon, Poland, Pole, Polignac, Polkemmet, Polkinghorne, Pollard, Polleri, Pollin, Pollitzer, Pollock, Pollok, Polmaise, Polonaski, Polson, Polwart, Polworth, Pond, Poniatowski, Poninski, Ponsenby, Ponsonby, Pont, Ponton, Pontoun, Pook, Pool, Poole, Pooler, Pooley, Poor, Pootch, Pope, Popham, Pople, Porcher, Pordage, Portbury, Porteous, Porter, Porterfield, Portin, Portland, Portman, Portmore, Portous, Poslon, Posnette, Postles, Postlewaite, Potocka, Pott, Potter, Pottinger, Potts, Poulett? / Powlett?, Poulter, Poulton, Pounder, Pountain, Povey, Pow, Powell, Power, Powis, Powlett, Pownall, Powney, Powrie, Poynder, Poynter, Poynton, Poznanski, Pozzi, Praed, Praestegaard, Prain, Prall, Pratt, Pray, Preacher, Preece, Prentice, Prentis, Prescott, Presgrave, Presley, Preston, Prestongrange, Prestrey, Pretsell, Price, Prichard, Prideaux, Pridham, Priest, Priestly, Priestman, Prikryl, Prime, Primerose, Primmer, Primrose, Prince, Pring, Pringle, Prinlet?, Prinsep, Prior, Prist, Pritchard, Priuli-Bon, Procter, Proctor, Prophet, Prosser, Protheroe, Prott, Proud, Proudfoot, Proudhon, Prout, Provan, Provand, Prowse, Pryce, Pryde, Pryner, Pryor, Pryse, Psalter, Puckle, Pudor, Puget, Puggatt, Pugh, Pugno, Pugsley, Pullan, Pullar, Pullen, Puller, Pulley, Pullin, Pulteney, Purcell, Purdey, Purdie, Purdom, Purnell, Pursaill, Purse, Pursell, Purves, Purvis, Purvise, Putnam, Putsford, Putt, Puttick, Pu-yi, Pye, Pyne, Pyper, Pyul.

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Quadling, Quain, Quaker, Quaritch, Quarrell, Quash, Queenan, Queensberry, Quick, Quigg, Quilter, Quin, Qunton, Quirk.

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Raa / Rae?, Raban, Rabbe, Rabottini, Radcliffe, Radford, Radomski, Rae, Raeburn, Raff, Raffan, Rag, Ragg, Raglan, Railey, Railton, Raimes, Rainbow, Raine, Rainer, Rainy, Rais, Rait, Raitt, Raleigh, Ralli, Ralph, Ralston, Ram, Ramage, Rammell, Rampini, Rampling, Ramsay, Ramsey, Ranby, Rand, Randall, Randells, Randler, Randles, Randolph, Ranken, Rankin, Rankine, Rankl, Rankyn, Rannie, Ransani, Ransbury, Ransom, Ranson, Ranyard, Rapin, Rappitt, Ratchcliffe, Ratcliff, Ratcliffe, Rath, Rathbone, Rathie, Rathmore, Rathry, Ratter, Rattray, Rattry, Raulston, Rausch, Raven, Ravenscroft, Ravenshaw, Ravensworth, Raw, Rawdin?, Rawling, Rawlings, Rawlinson, Rawnsley, Rawstorne, Rawstrone, Ray, Rayment, Raymond, Raynard, Rayner, Raynos, Rayson, Rea, Reach, Read, Reade, Reader, Readhead, Reaich, Reaston, Reat, Reay, Redburn?, Reddick, Reddie, Reddik, Redding, Redesdale, Redet, Redfern, Redfield, Redford, Redhead, Redifer, Redin, Redmayne, Redoch, Redpath, Redpeth, Redway, Ree, Reeach, Reece, Reed, Reekie, Reeoch, Rees, Reeves, Reford, Reginald, Reid, Reidfurd, Reilly, Reinach, Reinhart, Reinwald, Reith, Remington, Rendall, Rendlesham, Renferd, Renfrew, Rennie, Renny, Rensselaer, Renten, Renton, Rentore, Rentoul, Renwick, Reoch, Reside, Reslezck?, Retorfort, Rev, Reves, Revie, Rewcastle, Rex, Reynalds, Reynardson, Reynolds, Rhenins, Rheronis, Rhind, Rhodes, Rhum, Rhymer, Rhynd, Rhynnes, Rhys, Ria, Riach, Riba, Ribadeneira, Ricard, Ricardo, Riccard, Rice, Rich, Richard, Richards, Richardson, Richie,  Richmond, Richter, Rickard, Rickesby, Rickett,  Ricketts, Rickards, Rickman, Ricordi, Riddal, Riddel, Riddell, Riddle, Riddoch, Ridge, Ridgely, Ridgway, Ridler, Ridley, Riegel, Ries, Rigby, Rigden, Rigg, Rigge, Riggs, Righ, Rihan, Riley, Rimbauld, Rimbault, Rimell, Rimmel, Rimmell, Rimmer, Rin, Rind, Ring, Rinn, Rintoul, Ripley, Ripon, Rippen, Rippin, Rippon, Risebro, Risk, Ristelhucker, Ritch, Ritchey, Ritchie, Ritson, Ritter, Ritterling, Ritzell, Rivero, Rivers, Rivington, Rivolti, Rix, Rizza, Roadman, Roads, Roarty, Rob, Robarts, Robartson, Robb, Robe, Robbie, Robbins, Robert, Roberton, Roberts, Robertson, Robertsone, Robeson, Robieson, Robina, Robinson, Robison, Robson, Robynson, Roche, Rochead, Rocheid, Rochester, Rochfort, Rock, Rocke, Rockett, Rockingham, Rodbourn, Rodd, Roddick, Roddie, Roddis, Roden, Roderique, Rodger, Rodgers, Rodrigues, Rodwell, Roe, Roeckel, Roedemer, Roederer, Roeg, Roffey, Roger, Rogers, Rogerson, Roget, Rohmar, Roland, Rolfe, Rolland, Rolle, Rolleston, Rollo, Rollock, Rolls, Rolph, Rolphe, Rolt, Romain, Romanes, Romans, Rome, Romer, Romilly, Romney, Ronald, Ronaldson, Ronchi, Ronne, Roocroft, Roodman, Rooke, Rookeby, Rooney, Rooper, Roos, Roosevelt, Root, Ropes, Roques, Rorison, Ros, Rosas, Rosbery, Roscoe, Rose, Rosebery, Roseberry, Rosedale, Rosenberg, Rosenthal, Rosenz, Rosey, Rosher, Rosie, Roskell, Roslyn, Ross, Rossana, Rossbotham, Rosse, Rosser, Rossetti, Rossi, Rossleigh?, Rosslyn, Rossola, Rosspeigliosi, Roster, Rothe, Rothes, Rothesay, Rothney, Rothschild, Rough, Rougier, Roulston, Rountal, Rourella, Rouse, Rousey, Routen, Routledge, Roux, Roux-Fazillac, Row, Rowallan, Rowan, Rowand, Rowat, Rowatt, Rowberry, Rowbotham, Rowcliffe, Rowe, Rowell, Rowland, Rowlenson, Rowles, Rowley, Rowlinson, Rowney, Rowntree, Roworth, Roxburgh, Roxburghe, Roxby, Roy, Royan, Royce, Royden, Royes, Royge, Royston, Rozier, Rubens, Rubini, Rubinstein, Ruce?, Rucker, Rudd, Ruddiman, Ruddle, Rudge, Rudkin, Ruglen, Rule, Rumball, Rumbold, Rumney, Runcie, Runciman, Rundall, Runsiman, Runsimane, Rusal, Ruscoe, Rusel, Rusell, Rush, Rushforth, Rushton, Rushworth, Rusk, Rusol?, Ruspoli, Russ, Russal, Russall, Russan, Russel, Russell, Russia, Rust, Ruthall, Rutherfoord, Rutherford, Rutherfurd, Rutherfurd-Clark, Rutherglen, Ruthven, Rutland, Rutter, Ruvigny, Ruxton, Ryan, Ryaway?, Rychen, Ryder, Rydley, Ryes, Rygh, Ryland, Ryly, Rymer, Rynd, Ryrie.

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St Abachum, St Achilleus, St Agatha, St Agnes, St Alban's, St Alexander, St Anastasius, St Andrews, St Anicetus, St Anthony, St Appolonia, St Athanasius, St Audifax, St Barbe-West, St Barnaby, St Basilides, Benedict, St Bernadin, St Blase, St Boniface, St Caius, St Casimir, St Catharine, St Cletus, St Christeau, St Clair, St Columba, St Crescentia, St Cyrinus, St Domitilla, St Dorothy, St Eleutherius, St Epimachus, St Erasmus, St Eventius, St Fabian, St Faustinus, St Felicianus, St Felicitas, St Felix, St Fillan, St Francis, St George, St Gordian, St Gregory, St Gregory Nazianzen, St Helier, St Hermenegildus, St Higinus, St Hilary, St Ignatius, St Ildephonsus, St Isidore, St James, St Joachim, St John, St John Chrysostom, St Joseph, St Jovita, St Julian, St Juvenal, St Leo, St Leo II, St Lucius, St Kentigern, St Marcellianus, St Marcellimus, St Marcellinus, St Marcellus, St Marcus, St Margaret, St Marius, St Mark, St Martha, St Martina, St Maur, St Maximus, St Michael, St Modan, St Modestus, St Monica, St Mungo, St Nabor, St Nazarus, St Nereus, St Ninian, St Nolasco, St Norbert, St Pancratius, St Patrick, St Paul, St Paulinus, St Perpetua, St Peter, St Petronilla, St Philip, St Philipnerius, St Polycarp, St Primus, St Prisca, St Pudentiana, St Quentin, St Romualdus, St Sebastian, St Sikora, St Silverius, St Soter, St Stanislaus, St Telephorus, St Theodulus, St Thomas, St Tirburtius, St Timothy, St Ubaldus, St Urban, St Valentine, St Valerianus, St Vigeans, St Vincent, St Vitalias, St Vitus.

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Sabakin, Sabin, Sabiston, Sacchetti, Sacchitti, Sacheverel, Sadler, Sadlier, Sage, Saice, Saintclair, Saintou, Sala, Salama, Sales, Salisbury, Salkeld, Sallis, Salmen, Salmon, Salmond, Salomon, Salsbury, Salt, Salter, Saltoun, Salvesen, Salviati, Salvin, Sammons, Sample, Sampson, Samuel, Samuels, Samwell, Sand, Sanday, Sandell, Sandeman, Sanders, Sanderson, Sandeson, Sandford, Sandieson, Sandilands, Sandiman, Sandison, Sands, Sandwich, Sandy, Sang, Sanger, Sangster, Sangston, Sanquhar, Sanson, Sargeant, Sargent, Sargeson, Sarsfield, Sarsini, Satchell, Satherley, Sato, Sattelton, Satterthwaite, Saumarez, Saunders, Sautter?, Savage, Save, Savigny, Savil, Savill, Saville, Savory, Sawbridge, Sawers, Sawyer, Sawyers, Saxby, Saxe-Coburg, Saxe-Weimar, Saxon?, Sayce, Saycell, Sayer, Scadlock, Scaife, Scalan, Scanlan, Scarlatti, Scarlett, Scarsbrook, Scarsdale, Scarth, Scatchard, Sceales, Schade?, Schafer, Schanck, Schaw, Scheipherd, Schertzinger, Schewalton, Schewer, Schioch, Schiphird, Schirmer, Schlapp, Schlesinger, Schmaltz, Schmide, Schmidt, Schmoltz, Schnee, Schneider, Schnieder, Schoefter-Weirtz, Schoefter-Wiertz, Schofield, Schoirswood, Scholes, Scholey, Scholfield, Scholten, Schomberg, Schriber, Schroder, Schultzen, Schumacher, Schumann, Schventhaler, Schweitzer, Schwerdtfeger, Schyler, Scioch, Sclar, Sclate, Sclater, Scleat, Scmidt, Scobel, Scobie, Scoggins, Scolefeild, Scolefield, Scone, Scooler, Scorgie, Scot, Scotland, Scot-Moncrieff, Scott, Scott-Hall, Scott-Ireland, Scott-Moncrieff, Scott-Riddell, Scougal, Scoular, Scovell, Scribner, Scrimgeour, Scvrimger, Scrimzeor, Scrimzeour, Scrivens, Scroggie, Scroop, Scrope, Scrymgeour, Scrymsour, Scrymzeour, Scudder, Scultzen, Seafield, Seafort, Seaforth, Seager, Seale, Seaman, Seamer, Searle, Seater, Seath, Seaton, Seattoun, Seavill, Sebright, Secchi, Seceford, Sech, Seddon, Sedgwick, Seear, Seegar, Sefton, Seggie, Seirfeld?, Seivewright, Selby, Selden, Seldon, Selkirk, Selkrig, Selkrige, Sellar, Sellars, Seller, Sellers, Sellon, Selous, Selwyn, Semenoff, Semmes, Semon, Sempell, Sempill, Semple, Sen, Sendler, Senior, Senn, Sennebier, Sephton, Sequerin, Serare, Serer / Sever?, Sergeant, Sergeantson, Serlupi, Serlupi-Crescenzi, Serman, Sermi, Service, Seton, Severo, Sevigne, Sewell, Sey, Seymount, Seymour, Seyssel, Seyton, Shackell, Shackleton, Shacklock, Shadwell, Shae, Shafto, Shaftsbury, Shaiach, Shairp, Shakespeare, Shand, Shandy, Shank, Shankland, Shanklie, Shanks, Shannan, Shannon, Shans, Shappell, Sharman, Sharp, Sharpe, Sharrott, Sharwood, Shato, Shattock, Shatwell, Shaw, Shaw-Stewart, Sheach, Sheard, Shearer, Shearin, Shearman, Shedd, Sheddan, Shedden, Shedden-Dobie, Sheed, Sheen?, Sheffield, Shefford, Sheild, Sheilds, Sheills, Sheils, Shelby, Sheldon, Shelley, Shelton, Shennan, Shenton, Shephan, Shephard, Shepheard, Shepherd, Sheppard, Shepperd, Shepperdson, Sherar, Sheridan, Sheriff, Sherrard, Sherridan, Sherston, Sherwell, Sherwin, Sherwood, Shewalton, Shewan, Shiach, Shidehara, Shields, Shiell, Shiells, Shiels, Shiff, Shih-kai, Shiling?, Shilling, Shimizu, Shiphird, Shipley, Shippand?, Shippey, Shipton, Shipway,  Shipwith, Shiress, Shirlaw, Shirley, Shirran, Shirreff, Shirreffs, Shirrres, Shivas, Shmidt, Shoar, Shodwell, Sholkret, Sholto, Shone, Shoolbred, Shore, Shoreditch, Shores, Shorland, Short, Shortland, Shortridge, Shortt, Shotter, Shrigley, Shrimpton, Shuckburgh, Shum, Shuras, Shute, Shuttleworth, Sibbald, Sibert (Gibert)?, Sibley, Sichel, Siddie, Sidmouth, Sidney, Siegert, Siegle, Siemens, Sievewright, Sievwright, Sikes?, Sikora, Silcock, Silke, Sillcox, Silver, Silversides, Silverton, Silvertop, Silvester, Silvestri, Sim, Sime, Simkin, Simm, Simmers, Simmeson, Simmonds, Simmonetti, Simmons, Simms, Simonetti, Simons, Simpkin, Simpson, Simpsone, Sims, Simsom, Simson, Sinclair, Sinclar, Sincler, Sinews, Sing, Singer, Sinklar, Singleton, Sinnetts, Sinnott, Sinton, Siongi, Sisam, Sithrum, Sitter, Sittwell, Sitwell, Sivewright, Sivright, Sivwright, Skae, Skakels, Skea, Skead, Sked, Skeen, Skeete, Skeffington, Skelly, Skelmersdale, Skelton, Skene, Skepper, Skerrington, Skett, Skimming, Skinner, Skiock, Skipper, Skirlaw, Skirving, Skotte, Skrimshire, Skrine, Slack, Slackes, Sladen, Slaney, Slark, Slater, Slatter, Slaven, Slay, Sleat, Sleigh, Sleight, Sleurrie, Slight, Sligo, Sliop, Sloan, Sloane, Slol, Slorach, Sloss, Smail, Small, Smallwood, Smart, Smeall, Smealls, Smeaton, Smedley, Smellie, Smibert, Smiles, Smillie, Smirnove, Smith, Smitton, Smollett, Smuts, Smyly, Smyt, Smyth, Smythe, Snadden, Snaith, Sneddon, Snell, Snewin, Sneyd, Snodgrass, Snody, Snow, Snowball, Snowie, Soames, Soane, Sofaer, Soffaer, Sollum, Solly, Solomon, Solomons, Somera, Somers, Somerside, Somervail, Somervel, Somervell, Somervile, Somerville, Somerwel, Sommervell, Sommerville, Sonico, Soothill, Sophr, Sorensen, Soresby, Sorley, Sotaro, Sotheby, Sotheran, Sothers, Soulis, Souls, Soulsby, Soult, Souness, Sousa, Soutar, Souter, Southampton, Southcott, Southerne, Southesk, Southey, Southgate, Southwark, Southworth, Soutter, Sowerby, Sowter, Soyer, Spalding, Spallart, Spankie, Sparham, Spark, Sparks, Sparrow, Spaslett, Speakman, Spearman, Spears, Specht, Spedding, Speechley, Speed, Speedie, Speedy, Speid, Speight, Speir, Spelke, Spell, Spenc, Spence, Spencer, Spender, Spens, Spenser, Sperling, Speywack, Spier, Spiers, Spinney, Spite, Spittal, Spittle, Spoad, Spohr, Sponden, Spooner, Sporle?, Spotswood, Spotteswood, Spottiswood, Spottiswoode, Spowart, Sprague, Spranger, Spreckley, Spreul, Spreull, Sprigg, Spriggs, Springhall, Sproat, Sprot, Sprott, Sproul, Sproull, Spurgeon, Spurr, Spynie, Square, Squire, Squires, Stables, Stacey, Stafford, Stagg, Stainer, Stair, Stairs, Stait, Staite, Stalker, Stallard, Stanbridge, Standen, Stanfield, Stanford, Stange, Stanhop, Stanhope, Staniforth, Staniland, Stanley, Stanners, Stanton, Stanwell, Stanyford, Staples, Stapleton, Stark, Starke, Starkey, Starkie, Statham, Staunton, Stavelly, Staveren, Stavert, Stayner, Stead, Steadman, Steane, Steavenson, Stebbing, Stechert, Stedman, Steed, Steedman, Steedmans, Steel, Steele, Steell, Steevens, Steeves, Stefansson, Steggal, Steil, Steill, Stein, Steinson, Steinway, Stenhouse, Stenley?, Stennhouse, Stenson, Stephen, Stephens, Stephenson, Stepniak, Stept, Sterck, Sterling, Stern, Steuart, Steuart-Menzies, Steuart-Murray, Steven, Stevens, Stevenson, Stevensone, Steward, Stewart, Stewart-Clark, Stibbs, Stile, Stiles, Still, Stillie, Stillingfleet, Stillman, Stimson, Stirling, Stirrat, Stirton, Stitt, Stiven, Stoabo, Stobart, Stobie, Stobo, Stock, Stocken, Stocker, Stockley, Stockten, Stockton, Stodart, Stoddard, Stoddart, Stodhart, Stodhert, Stoerar, Stok, Stokes, Stokfield, Stolberg, Stone, Stoneman, Stones, Stonestreet, Stonier, Storar, Stordy, Storey, Storie, Storm, Stormont, Stormonth, Storrar, Storrie, Story, Stot, Stote, Stothard, Stothart, Stothers, Stothert, Stott, Stoughton, Stout, Stovey, Stow, Stowe, Strachan, Strachan-Davidson, Strachey, Stradivari, Stradivarius, Strahan, Straith, Straker, Strand, Strang, Strange, Straquhyn, Stratford de Redclyffe, Strath, Strathallan, Strathaven, Strathavon, Strathdee, Strathearn, Strathern, Strathmore, Strathmore & Kinghorne, Strathy, Straton, Stratten, Stratton, Straughan, Straughn, Strauss, Street, Strelezki, Stretten, Stretton, Strickland, Stride, Stringer, Strode, Stroganova, Stronach, Stronch, Strong, Stronge, Strother, Stroud, Struan, Strudwick, Struthers, Strutt, Strutts, Stuart, Stuart-Glennie, Stubb, Stubbs, Studd, Studholme, Sturgeonne, Sturgess, Sturrer, Sturrock, Styan, Such, Suckling, Suertees, Suerties, Sueton, Suff, Sugden, Sugg, Suhm, Suleiman, Sulley, Sullivan, Sully, Sulman, Summer, Summers, Summerscales, Summervel, Summy, Sumner, Sumptner, Sumson, Sunderland, Sung-Lin, Sunley, Sunter, Surenne, Surman, Surridge, Susanne, Susman, Sussex, Sussman, Sutcliffe, Suter, Suther, Sutherland, Sutherland-Gower, Sutor, Suttaby, Sutter, Suttie, Sutton, Suzuki, Sveinbjornsson, Sverdrups, Swailes, Swain, Swalling, Swallow, Swan, Swann, Swanson, Swanston, Swedenborg, Sweetman, Swells, Swick, Swift, Swinborne, Swinburn, Swinburne, Swinnerton, Swinton, Swire, Sword, Sydenham, Sydney, Sydserf?, Sydserff, Syfang, Sykes, Sylvester, Sym, Syme, Symington, Symmers, Symon, Symons, Sympson, Syrenius, Sysang, Sze.

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Tabart, Tacker, Tadema, Taff, Taffety, Taffie, Tagart, Taggart, Tague, Tailbois, Taillandier, Tailor, Tailzefar?, Tailzeour-shepherd, Tainsh, Tair, Taish, Tait, Takahashi, Talbot, Talbott, Tallents, Tallien, Tallis, Tallon, Tam, Tamura, Tani, Tankerville, Tann, Tannahill, Tanner, Tannock, Tantost, Tapp, Tappenden, Tapsall, Tapson, Taranger, Tarbat, Tarbet, Tarbett?, Tarentum, Tarkington, Tarleton, Tarras, Tasker, Tassie, Tatam, Tate, Tatham, Tatlock, Tattam, Tattersall, Tattisall, Taubert, Tauchnitz, Tavendale, Tawse, Tayler, Taylor, Tchekoff, Teak, Teal, Teape, Tearle, Teasdale, Teat, Tedcastle, Teetgen, Tegart, Tegetmeier, Tegg, Teh, Teichman, Teit, Teixiera?, Telfair, Telfer, Telford, Tell, Tellefson, Telpher, Tempelton, Temperley, Tempest, Temple, Templeman, Templemore, Templeton, Temporal, Tenant, Tenent, Tennant, Tennent, Tennents, Tenniel, Tennison, Tennyson, Terhune, Terris, Terry, Tetrazzini, Teunion, Tevendale, Thacker, Thackery, Thackwell, Thain, Thanet, Thastrie?, Thayne, Theim, Thelwall, Theodali, Theodore, Therasa, Therese, Thesane, Thibaut, Thicknesse, Thimm, Thin, Third, Thirkell, Thirlby,  Thistlethwait, Thistlethwaite, Thoine, Thom, Thomas, Thomason, Thome, Thompson, Thoms, Thomson, Thomsone, Thomson-Walker, Thorburn, Thoresby, Thorley, Thornbury, Thorndike, Thorne, Thornell, Thorneton, Thornhill, Thornley, Thornton, Thornton-Cook, Thorntoun, Thorold, Thorp, Thorpe, Thould, Thow, Thrale, Threapland, Threipland, Threpland, Threshie, Thriepland, Thring, Thrisk, Throgmorton, Thrupp, Thurgate, Thurlow, Thursbey, Thursby, Thurston, Thwaites, Thylie, Thyne, Tichbourne, Tiddeman, Tidemand, Tidley, Tiernan, Tiggatt, Tigh, Tighe, Tigwell, Tilford, Tilghman, Tillie, Tilling, Tillotson, Tilly, Tillyer?, Tilsley, Timmes?, Timms, Tindal, Tindall, Tinline, Tinney, Tinnigan, Tinning, Tinnis, Tinsmith, Tiplady, Tipper, Tirol, Tischler, Titchbourn, Titmarsh, Tivedale, Toash, Tocher, Tod, Todd, Todhunter, Todrick, Tods, Tofain, Toll, Tollemache, Toller, Tollitt, Tolmie, Tolson, Tolstoi, Tolstoy, Tom, Tombleson, Tomkins, Tomkinson, Tomlin, Tomline, Tomlinson, Tommasi, Tompkins, Tomson, Tonge, Tonking, Toole, Tooley, Toolin, Toon, Toone, Toons, Toovey, Topham, Toping, Toquot, Tor, Torey, Tormey, Torphichen, Torrance, Torre, Torres, Torrichelli, Torrie, Torrington, Torris, Torry, Tory, Tosswill, Tosti, Totill, Totty, Touch, Touchett, Touchwood, Tough, Toui, Toulmin, Touraine, Tours, Tourville, Tovey, Towers, Towler, Towend, Towns, Townsend, Townshend, Towyth, Towzie?, Toyner, Tracy, Trafford, Trail, Traill, Train, Trainer, Trainor, Trampton, Trant, Trapp, Traquair, Tratt, Travancore, Travis, Trayer, Trayner, Traynor, Trayte, Trazanne?, Tredegar, Treacher, Treakell, Tredegar, Tregilas, Tregold, Treherne, Treloar, Tremble, Tremelling, Trench, Trenholm, Tresidder, Tress, Tresselt, Tressillis, Trevelyan, Trevelyn, Trevor, Tribe, Trigg, Trine, Tristram, Trollopp, Tromball, Troop, Trotere Trotter, Troughton, Troup, Trow, Troyon, Trubner, Trubridge, Truelove, Truesdale, Truguet, Truscott, Tschaikowsky, Tshimoto, Tsiang, Tso-Lin, Tsun, Tuan, Tuck, Tucker, Tuckett, Tuckwood, Tudhope, Tudor, Tudsbery, Tuff, Tugh, Tuinno, Tuke, Tukhtusingee, Tulip, Tullibardine, Tulloch, Tulloh, Tully, Tunno, Tunstall, Tunzelmann, Tupper, Turfus, Turley, Turnball, Turnbul, Turnbull, Turner, Turnor, Turnour, Turpin, Turquand, Turrant, Turrill, Tury, Tussaud, Tutin, Tuttle, Tutton, Twaddle, Tweddale, Tweddle, Tweedale, Tweeddale, Tweedie, Tweeny, Twells, Twentyman, Twigg, Twine, Twinhow, Twining, Twiss, Twyford, Twynholm, Tyau, Tyler, Tylyer, Tymms, Tynan, Tynet, Tyrer, Tyrie, Tyrrel, Tyrrell, Tyson, Tytler, Tze-chi.

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Uchida, Udney, Ufford, Ulbrich, Ulcoq, Ulmer, Ulrich, Ulster, Umphray, Underdown, Underwood, Unitt, Unwin, Uppman, Uptin, Upton, Urchart, Ure, Urie, Urquhart, Urling, Urquhart, Usher, Ussher, Ux, Uxbridge, Uys.

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Vajani, Valentine, Valk, Vallance, Vallentine, Valling, Valpy, Valworth, Vambery, Van, Vance, Vandamme, Vandendriesche, Vanderkrutz, Van Dreelen, Vane, Vanecourt, Van Houten, van Loon, Van Mildart, Vann, Vanner, Vans, Vans Agnew, Vansittart, Van Sloetten, Van Staver, Van Stovern,  Van Vloten & Luttenberg, Van Voost, Varden, Vardon, Vardrine?, Varley, Varmby, Vary, Vass, Vassall, Vaughan, Vaugh, Vaughn, Vaus, Vaux, Vavaser, Veatch, Vedder, Veitch, Veraibois, Vere, Verity, Verne, Vernet-Balechou, Vernon, Vert, Vertue, Verulam, Vespignani, Viano, Viardot, Vibert, Vicars, Victor Emanuel, Vickerman, Vickers, Victoria, Vieuxtemps, Viewig, Villard, Villars, Villiers, Vince, Vincent, Viney, Vinnicombe, Viotti, Virtue, Vischer, Visconti, Visetelly, Vissalt, Vitel, Vitelleschi, Vittans, Vivian, Voge, Voiorici, Vokes, Voller, Volta, Voltaire, Voltary, von Henck, von Rottenburg, Voss, Vost, Vozsanger, Vulliamy, Vyner, Vyse.

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Wachop, Waddal, Waddall, Waddel, Waddell, Waddie, Waddy, Wade, Wadley, Wadsworth, Waesche, Waffenaer, Wagg, Wagner, Wagstaff, Wagstaffe, Wainwright, Waite, Waitt, Wake, Wakefield, Wakenshaw, Waldegrave, Waldie, Waldon, Waldron, Wales, Walford, Walger, Walkden, Walker, Walkingshaw, Walkinshaw, Wall, Wallace, Wallack, Wallas, Wallen, Waller, Wallet, Wallington, Wallis, Walls, Wallsgrove, Walmisley, Waln, Walpol, Walpole, Walrond, Walsh, Walsingham, Walstab, Walston, Walter, Walters, Walton, Wanderer, Wands, Wann, Wans, Wansborough, Wantage, Warburton, Ward, Wardell, Warden, Wardlaw, Wardle, Wardleworth, Wardrop, Warfield, Waring, Wark, Warland, Warman, Warmer, Warmingham, Warne, Warner, Warr, Warrack, Warran, Warrand, Warren, Warrender, Warriner, Warrington, Warrior, Warriston, Warter, Warton, Warwick, Warzinek, Washbourne, Washington, Wason, Wass, Wasse, Waterfield, Waterhouse, Waterlow, Waterman, Waters, Waterson, Waterston, Waterstone, Watherhead, Watherston, Wathew, Watie, Watkin, Watkins, Watling, Watson, Watt, Watts, Wauch, Wauchop, Wauchope, Waugh, Wavell, Way, Waye, Waygood, Wayte, Weadriff, Weaklie, Weale, Weardale, Weare, Weate, Weatherall, Weatherby, Weatherhead, Weatherley, Weatherly, Weaver, Webb, Webber, Weber, Webrahn, Webster, Wedd, Wedderburn, Wedderburne, Wedderson, Wedderspoon, Wedel, Wedgewood, Wedgwood, Wedmore, Weekes, Weelands, Weelkes, Weems, Weesnes, Weidenslaufar, Weil, Weild, Weimar, Weippert, Weir, Weisse, Weissmüller, Welch, Welche, Weld, Weldon, Welford, Wellesley, Welling, Wellington, Wellis, Welliss, Wells, Wellstood, Wellwomb, Wellwood, Welsh, Welter, Welwood, Wemyss, Wemyss & March, Wengenroth?, Wenley, Werner, Wernyjowskyj, Werrington, Wertherford, Wescott, Wesley, West, Westall, Westbrook, Westcott, Westell, Westerman, Westermayer, Westlake, Westland, Westmacott, Westminster, Westmoorland, Westmoreland, Weston, Westrup, Westwater, Westwell, Westwood, Wetherall, Wethered, Wetherell, Wetherup, Wettenhall, Wevelichoven, Weyden, Weyman, Weymss, Whaley, Wharie, Wharton, Whary, Whatton, Wheatley, Wheeler, Wheildon, Whelan, Wheldal, Wheldon, Wheler?, Wheleton, Wherry, Whichcote, Whickham, Whickman, Whigham, Whincup, Whinfield, Whinton, Whistler, Whitaker, Whitbourn, Whitborne, Whitcom, Whitcomb. White, Whiteaway, Whitefoord, Whiteford, Whitehead, Whitehill, Whitehouse, Whitelaw, Whiteley, Whitelock, Whitely, Whiteman, Whiteside, Whiteway, Whitewright, Whitfield, Whitford, Whitgrave, Whitie, Whiting, Whitlaw, Whitlet, Whitlie, Whitlock, Whitmarsh, Whitmore, Whitroy, Whitson, Whittaker, Whittall, Whittet, Whittier, Whittingham, Whittington, Whittle, Whitton, Whitworth, Whyman, Whymper, Whyte, Whytock, Wick, Wickham, Wickins, Widdison, Widdowson, Wieland, Wietrowitz,  Wigg, Wigham, Wight, Wightman, Wighton, Wigston, Wigton, Wilberforce, Wilcke, Wilcock, Wilczynska, Wild, Wilde, Wilders, Wilding-Jones, Wildt, Wildy, Wiles, Wilken, Wilkes, Wilkie, Wilkieson, Wilkin, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Wilkison, Will, Willams, Willats, Willawrenie?, Willby, Willcox,  Wille, Willes, Willett, William, Williams, Williamson, Willie, Willingdon, Willington, Willis, Willison, Willman, Willment, Willmore, Willmott, Willock, Willoughby, Willoughby de Broke, Willougby de Eresby, Willougby de Eresby & Gwydir, Willox, Wills, Willshire, Willson, Wilmot, Wilmott, Wilsher, Wilson, Wilson-Dunnet, Wilsone, Wilsoun, Wilton, Wiltshire, Wilye, Wimberley, Wimbush, Wimpenny, Winans, Wincher, Winchester, Winchister, Winder, Windham, Windover, Windsor, Winfield, Wing, Wingate, Wingrove, Wining, Wink, Winker, Winkler, Winks, Winn, Winne, Winnington-Ingram, Winrahme, Winram, Winser, Winship, Winslow, Winsor, Winstanley, Winster, Winterburn, Winteringham, Winton, Wintown, Wipper, Wirtemberg, Wiryuk, Wise, Wiseley, Wiseman, Wiser, Wishart, Wishaw, Witham, Witherall, Witherford, Witherly, Withers, Witherspoon, Withington, Withycombe, Witman, Witson, Witte, Witterson?, Wittey, Wittington, Woad, Wodderspoon, Wodrow, Wohl, Wolcot, Wolesley, Wolfe, Wolfenden, Wolff, Wolffe, Wolfit, Wollett, Wollstonecraft, Wolseley, Wolsey, Wolverton, Wombwell, Womprey?, Wood, Woodbine, Woodburn, Woodcock, Woodd, Woodfield, Woodgate, Woodhead, Woodhouse, Woodland, Woodley, Woodman, Woodmancot, Woodmesston, Woodrooffe, Woodrow, Woodruff, Woods, Woodside, Woodward, Woodyatt, Woolard, Woolcombe, Wooler, Wooley, Woolf, Woolgar, Woolhouse, Woolison, Woolland, Woollcombe, Woollett, Woolley, Woollman, Woolsley, Woolward, Wooton, Wootton, Wordie, Wordsworth, Worf, Worgan, Work, Worke, Workman, Wormick, Worswick, Wortabet, Worth, Wortham, Worthington, Wortley, Wostinholm, Wotherspoon, Wotton, Wouverman, Wowerman, Wragge, Wrate, Wray, Wregg, Wren, Wrench, Wrigby, Wright, Wrightslands, Wrightson, Wrigley, Wroa, Wroe, Wrongrey, Wrozina, Wyatt, Wych?, Wycliffe, Wyhte, Wyld, Wyles, Wylie, Wyllie, Wyman, Wynchlie, Wyndam, Wyndham, Wynford, Wynn, Wynne, Wyntown, Wynzet, Wyper, Wyse, Wythers, Wyvill.


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Yamagta, Yamanashi, Yamina, Yamoto?, Yana, Yao-Shan, Yapp, Yardley, Yarrel, Yarrow, Yasuda, Yate, Yates, Yaycock, Yeadon, Yeaman, Yeats, Yeilder, Yellowby, Yellowlees, Yelverton, Yerburgh, Yerbury, Yester, Yeuill, Yi-teh, Yollan, Yonge, Yool, Yooll, York, Yorke, Yorston, Yorstoun, Yoshino, Youd, Youens, Young, Younge, Younger, Younghusband, Youngman, Younie, Yoxall, Yuan, Yuan-hung, Yu-hsiang, Yu-Hsiang, Yuil, Yuill, Yuille, Yule, Yung-Hsiang, Yunie, Yusem.

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Zadeck, Zambra, Zancan, Zeffertt, Zetland, Zetterling, Ziegler, Zoeller, Zoung?, Zuhleki, Zuil, Zwecker.

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