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The Society at Glasgow for Promoting Religious Knowledge Among the Poor
(Children who attended the Society Schools Between the Above Years)


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Name of Child School Attended
?, ? 2nd school
Ackenhead, Daniel 2nd school
Ackenhead, Elizabeth (Eliz) 2nd school
Aiken, ? 1st school
Alexander, Jean 2nd school
Alexander, John 2nd school
Alexander, Margaret 2nd school
Alexander, Samuel 2nd school
Algie, John 1st school
Alison / Allason, John 2nd school
Allason, Jean 1st school
Allen, John 2nd school
Alston, John 2nd school
Anderson, James 2nd school
Anderson, John 2nd school
Andrew, James 1st school
Baird, Janet 2nd school
Banks, Ann 2nd school
Beatwales (looks like), John & another 1st school
Belford, Charles 2nd school
Bell, Alexander (Alexr) 1st school
Bell, Mary 1st school
Bellinnie, Robert (Robt) ( see as Robert Billiny) 1st school
Billiny, Robert (Robt) (see also Bellinnie) 1st school
Binnie, Margaret 2nd school
Binning, John? 2nd school
Bowre, William (Wm) 2nd school
Boyd, Margaret 2nd school
Broch / Brock, Walter 1st school
Broch? / Brock?, James 1st school
Brodie, Elizabeth 1st school
Brown, Duncan 2nd school
Brown, Mary 1st school
Brown, Peter 2nd school
Brown, William (Wm) 1st school
Brown, William (Wm) 2nd school
Bryce, Elizabeth (Eliz) 2nd school
Buchanan, Duncan 2nd school
Buchanan, Elizabeth (Eliz) 2nd school
Buchanan, George 2nd school
Buchanan, Janet 2nd school
Buchanan, Marion 2nd school
Burnlie, Jean 2nd school
Caldwall (Caldwell)? (Calwall) , Alexander 1st school
Cameron, George 2nd school
Campbell, Alexander (Alexr) 1st school
Campbell, Archibald (Archd) 2nd school
Campbell, Colin 2nd school
Campbell, Elizabeth 2nd school
Campbell, Jean 1st school
Campble, Alexander (Alexr) 1st school
Campble, Lillie 2nd school
Cample, Archibald 1st school
Cample, Elizabeth 1st school
Carmichael, Alexander (Alexr) 1st school
Carmichael, Christian 2nd school
Carmichael, John 2nd school
Chamber / Chambers, William (Wm) 1st school
Chamber, Ninian 1st school
Chambers, Alexander 1st school
Clerk / Clark, Agnes 2nd school
Clerk, Margaret 1st school
Clerk, Robert 1st school
Colhoun, John 1st school
Craig, Michell 2nd school
Crawfurd / Crawford, John 1st school
Crawfurd, Hugh 1st school
Crawfurd, James 2nd school
Crawfurd, Thomas (Thos) 2nd school
Currie, Agnes 2nd school
Dalgleish, Agnes 1st school
Dalglish, Alexander (Alexr) 2nd school
Deans, James (Jas) 1st school
Dennie, James (Jas) 2nd school
Denny (Dennie), Marian 2nd school
Dick, Mary 2nd school
Dickson, Katrine? 1st school
Dickson, William (Wm) 1st school
Dounie, William 2nd school
Downie, Margaret 2nd school
Drysdale, Andrew 1st school
Duncan, William (Wm) 2nd school
Duncan, William (Wm) 1st school
Euing, Agnes 1st school
Ewing, Ann 1st school
Fairlie, May 1st school
Fairlie, William 1st school?
Fairlie, William (Wm) 1st school
Falconer, Malcolm 2nd school
Ferguson, Euphan 1st school
Ferguson, John 1st school
Ferguson, Sarah 1st school
Findlay / Finlay, John 2nd school
Finlay, William 1st school
Finlay, William (Wm) 2nd school
Fleeming, Agnes 1st school
Fleeming, John 1st school
Fleming, Janet 2nd school
Fleming, Mary 2nd school
Foch??? (uncertain), David 2nd school
Fulton, Jean 2nd school
Gemmel, John 2nd school
Gibson, John 2nd school
Gilfillan, John 1st school
Gilfillan, Margaret 1st school
Gillespie, Andrew 2nd school
Gillespie, James 2nd school
Gillespie, Peter 2nd school
Gordon, John 1st school
Graham, Allison 1st school
Graham, Peter 2nd school
Graham, Robert (Robt) 1st school
Graham, Robert (Robt) 2nd school
Graham, Thomas (Thos) 2nd school
Gray, George 1st school
Gray, William (Wm) 1st school
Greenlees, Agnes 1st school
Greenlees, William (Wm) 2nd school
Hadden, John 2nd school
Hamilton, David 1st school
Harbertson, Mathew 2nd school
Harries, Margaret (ENTRY SCORED OUT) 1st school
Harris, Margaret 1st school
Henderson, Janet 1st school
Hendry, Robert (Robt) 2nd school
Hill, Jeen / Jean 1st school
Hollan / Holland, Peter 1st school
Holland, Margaret 1st school
Howie, Bessie 2nd school
Hutcheson, Andrew 2nd school
Ingram, Mary 2nd school
Jack, Jean / Janet 2nd school
Jackson, James 1st school
Johnston, Archibald (Archd) 2nd school
Johnston, David 1st school
Johnston, Elizabeth (Eliz) 2nd school
Johnston, Robert 1st school
Keir, Agnes 2nd school
Keir, Catrine / Catherine 2nd school
Keir, Isabel 2nd school
Keir, Isobel 1st school
Keir, John 1st school
Keir, John 2nd school
Kerr, Margaret 2nd school
Kessan, Janet 1st school
Kessan, Thomas 1st school
Kid / Kidd, Alexander (Alexr) 2nd school
Kile? / Rile?, James 1st school
King, Robert? 1st school
Lang, Elizabeth 1st school
Leechman / Leishman, Margaret 1st school
Lewis, Grizell 1st school
Lewis, Janet 1st school
Lindsay, James 1st school
Liveston, Mary 1st school
Liviston, Agnes 1st school
Liviston, Peter 1st school
Lochie? / Lockie?, Janet 2nd school
Logan, Agnes 2nd school
Logan, Janet 2nd school
Love, Margaret 1st school
Mackie, Isabell 2nd school
Maitland, Hugh 2nd school
Marshall, Margaret 2nd school
Mathie, Margaret 1st school
Mcadam, James 1st school
Mcallum?, Janet 1st school
Mcalpine, Katherine 1st school
Mcauley, Margaret 2nd school
McAusland, Alexander (Alexr) 1st school
McBrain, Daniel 1st school
Mcbrair / McBrair, Florence 2nd school
McCallester, Janet 1st & 2nd school
McCallum, Mary 1st school
McCaulay, Lillias 2nd school
McCrain (or Mcbrain)?, Dunald (Donald)? 2nd school
McCulloch / Mcculloch, Margaret 1st school
McCulloch, Janet 1st school
McDonald, Euphan 1st school
McDonald, Isabel 1st school?
McDonald, Isobell / Isobel 1st school
McDowgal / McDowgall / McDougall, Peter 1st school
McDowgall, Hugh 1st school
McDowgall, Hugh 1st school
McDowgall, Robert 1st school
McDowgall, Robert 1st school
Mceldoe / McLedoe, John 2nd school
Mcendoe, James 1st school
Mcendoe, Walter 1st school
Mcfarlan / Mcfarlane, Walter 2nd school
Mcferson, Archibald (Archd) 2nd school
Mcferson, Duncan 2nd school
Mcindlay?, Peter 1st school
McIndoe, James 1st school
McIndoe, William (Wm) 1st school
McIntyre, Alexander (Alexr) 2nd school
McIntyre, Hellen 2nd school
Mckechney, (Mckechnie)? James 1st school
Mckendrick, Janet 1st school
Mckendrick, Mary 1st school
McLae, Robert 1st school
McLean, Mary 1st school
McLedoe, John 1st school
Mcleod, Janet 1st school
Mcneilage, Catherin 2nd school
Mcneilage, Catrine 1st school
Mcnelish, Catherine 2nd school
Mcnilish, John 1st school
Mcnillage, John 1st school
Mcnillage, Margaret 1st school
Mcure, Ann 1st school (as above)?
Mcure, Ann (forename name altered) 1st school (as below)?
Mcure, Mary 1st school
Mcwatt / Mcwatts, John 2nd school
Mcwatt / Mcwatts, William 2nd school
Meinzes, George 1st school
Miller, John 2nd school
Moreson, James 2nd school
Morison, Ann 2nd school
Morison, David 2nd school
Morison, Helen 1st school
Morison, Janet 2nd school
Morison, Jean 1st school
Morison, Patrick 2nd school
Muir, John 2nd school
Muir, William 1st school
Muir?, Anne 1st school
Muirhead, Marian 1st school
Murdoch, Archibald (Archd) 2nd school
Murdoch, James (Jas) 2nd school
Murray, James 2nd school
Murray, Thomas 1st school
Neilson, William 1st school
Neilson, William 1st school
Nicol, Archibald (Archd) 2nd school
Nicolson, Catherine 1st school
Nicolson, Catherine 2nd school
Nicolson, Margaret 1st school
Nielson, Robert 1st school
Nisbit, Catrine / Catharine 2nd school
Niven, James (Jas) 2nd school
Park, Isobell / Isobel 1st school
Park, Janet 2nd school
Park, Marian 1st school
Park, Mary 2nd school
Park, Thomas 1st school
Park, William 1st school
Park, William (Wm) 1st school
Paterson, David 2nd school
Paterson, Robert (Robt) 2nd school
Peterson, Janet 2nd school
Pinkerton, Elizabeth 2nd school
Pinkerton, Robert (Robt) 2nd school
Pollock, Margaret 2nd school
Porterfield, Gabriel 2nd school
Porterfield, John 2nd school
Rankine / Ranken, Agnes 1st school
Rankine / Ranken, Jean 1st school
Reid, Agnes 1st school
Reid, Andrew 2nd school
Reid, Christin 1st school
Reid, Daniel 1st school
Reid, James 2nd school
Reid, James J Andrew (James Reid)? (is this more than 1 person)? 1st school
Reid, John 1st school
Reid, Patrick 2nd school
Reid, Thomas 2nd school
Reid, Thomas (Thos) 1st school
Ridd (as in Reid) / Kidd?, Ann 2nd school
Riddell / Riddel, James 2nd school
Riddell, Mary 2nd school
Robertson, Janet 2nd school
Robertson, Mary 2nd school
Robertson, Peggie 1st & 2nd school
Robertson, Walter 1st school
Robertson, William 1st school
Salmen (Salmon)?, Archibald (Archd) 2nd school
Salmon, Archibald 1st school
Salmon, Peter 1st school
Scot, Margaret 2nd school
Selkrige, James 2nd school
Sheills / Sheilds, Jean 2nd school
Sheills, James 2nd school
Sinclair, Daniel 2nd school
Sloan, William (Wm) 2nd school
Smellie, James 1st school
Smith, James 1st school
Somervell, Margaret 2nd school
Somervell, Mary 2nd school
Somervile / Somervell, Margarat / Margaret 2nd school
Somervile, Mary 2nd school
Somervile, Rebecca 2nd school
Sommervell, Margaret 2nd school
Sommervell, Robert (Robt) 2nd school
Steel, Ann / Anna 2nd school
Steel, Mary 2nd school
Steell, Mary 2nd school
Stevenson, Janet 1st school
Stewart, James 1st school
Stewart, John 1st school
Taylor, Elizabeth 1st school
Taylor, Elizabeth (Eliz) 2nd school
Taylor, James 2nd school
Taylor, Robert (Robt) 1st school
Taylor, Thomas 2nd school
Taylor, Thomas 1st school
Tenent, Margaret 2nd school
Tenent, Robert 2nd school
Thomson, Helen 1st school
Vaugh, David 2nd school
Walker, Hugh 1st school
Walker, Janet 1st school
Walker, Janet 2nd school
Walker, John 1st school
Walker, Robert (Robt) 2nd school
Wallace, Christen 2nd school
Wallace, Christian 2nd school
Wallace, Janet 1st school
Walter, Janet 1st school?
Watson, Janet 2nd school
Weir, Archibald (Archd) 2nd school
Weir, Margaret 1st school
Weir, Margaret 2nd school
Weir, Peter 2nd school
Whithad? / Whitlad? (Whitehead)?, Sarah 1st school
Whitlaw, ? (SCORED OUT) 2nd school
Wilson, Christian 2nd school
Wilson, James 2nd school
Wilson, John 1st school?
Wilson, John 2nd school
Winning, John 2nd school
Wright, Janet 2nd school
Wright, Sarah 1st school
Wyllie, James 2nd school


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