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Snippets in Time : Period - George V : 1911-1936
(This web page covers King George 5th : postage 22nd June 1911 to 31st December 1924 only)

(including People and Places requiring Identification)

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Can anyone identify the Surname of the family mentioned in this letter & what was John's connection with the Gun & Shell Factory, near Calcutta, India?
Code 147 C : 60

March 11th 1914 : Letter from Cossipore, India  to Edinburgh, Scotland : see




1910-1920 circa London, Picadilly Circus, and Shaftsbury Memorial Fountain  No postal marking :

Dear Frances -
Thank you so much for your very interesting letter you wrote the little ones ay my school. They did so enjoy hearing all about the lambs. and the goslings. They are not big enough to write back to you - so I have given your letters to some bigger children in another school - and expect they will be pleased to answer. The picture on the other side is just 10 minutes walk from the School Goodbye dear love from D


1910-1920 circa  York Minster

Posted by Lielie? in Yorkshire?, on ? in UK : Sent to Miss M Gemmell Comiston Road, Morningside, Edinburgh

Dear Mary
  Arrived all this length quite safely. Hope you got home alright Cakes & Lenny (looks like) delicious accept my heartiest thanks. Yours Lilie?   Love to Auntie
Thanks for seeing me off this morning.


1910-1920 circa    Mount Famine, Hayfield (107)

Posted  by Auntie in 1910-1920 circa? in UK : Sent to Miss ? Atack Bolton Road, Atherton, Lancashire

Hope you are getting along alright & that you enjoyed your "Old Girls" affair. Joan? is quite enjoying hereself here & we both send our love & a big kiss. Auntie


1910-1920 circa    Jedburgh Abbey (Flood Lit) (107)

Written by M Veitch in 1910-1930 circa in UK : Sent or given to Meg

Dear Meg
      Would you please cut the number out of one of the pages (of) the home companion. It is a small No 1. Annie told me to cut it off but I forgot about (it) till she asked for it last night Am up to the eyes in paper & paint Hope you have all got over the flue all right. love to the bairns & tom Yours respectfully  M Veitch  


1910-1930 circa    Fife Arms Hotel, Braemar (107)

Posted by Fa..... in circa 1910-1930 in Aberdeenshire : Sent to Miss G Sutcliffe c/o Mrs L Hawkey, 'Veronica' Carbis Bay near Penzance, Cornwall

Many thanks for your letter which we were very pleased to receive. We had a very nice two days journey here - cool & comfortable & are getting on very well here in every way. I have marked our Sitting room, the big Bay in & the two side windows - Such a big delightful room - we are having a very nice time. ...... is better and I am sleeping better I will write you by & bye properly. Love Fa.....



1910-1930 circa    Weimar : Sitz hinter Goethe's Gartenhaus  (107 / 61) : No postal marking : includes typed message stuck on back which has been badly defaced by having been glued down onto something then ripped off.

This lit(tle pic)ture is in ..... ideal lov(e a)nd peacef(ul) ......... thus for..... stron(g)..... now all destruction .......and property....... modern culture it .....ather .....the bru....... human ...... 

1910-1930+?  Weimar Goethe's Gartenhaus (107 / 61) : No postal marking : includes press cutting glued onto the back

Press cutting from the Times : headed  HATE AND CULTURE : TO THE EDITOR OF THE TIMES.

(signed) Yours Truly, CONSTANCE C. WALLACE.




1911    Bowl of roses : Birthday wish (107 scan box)

Posted by ? on 27th June 1911 in Penarth : Sent to Miss F E Hughes City Road, Cardiff

With love from Aunt & Uncle



1911    Byron's Elm, Harrow

Posted by Bunny on 28th June 1911 in Harrow : sent to Mrs Chawner Burston, Stone, Staffordshire

dearest - I got in quite easily there was nothing in the world to be afraid of. It was the most gorgeous scene.  You should have been there to see the lovely dresses & the diamonds & the gorgeous uniforms of all countries . I shall remember it for ever. I made friends with the lady on my right & she chatted to me all the time. Needless to say the acting was the best possible to have & dear Forbes it was nice to see & hear him again.  the S.P.  was beautiful & I have never heard any one in any theatre get such a reception as Sir Percy got. they cheered him for several minutes - They kept us in so long after it was over that I missed the last rain & had to taxi out to fitt?????  we are lunching in Town & I'm not dressed yet so excuse this -


1911    In the West Countrie : The Castle an Bay, Fowey

Posted by JL? on 2nd July 1911 in Gwaun-Cae-Curwen : sent to Miss Williams Tyr Syre, Sketty near Swansea

                            June 2nd 1911
Dear Miss Williams
                                The Bands are playing up here now in the Parks on Sunday before & after chapel time viz 5/6 pm & 8/9 pm. went down  a pit yesterday for the first time & was up to my ankles in mud
                                Yrs Sincerely


1911    In the West Countrie : The Castle an Bay, Fowey

Posted by JL? on 2nd July 1911 in Gwaun-Cae-Curwen : sent to Miss Williams Tyr Syre, Sketty near Swansea

                            June 2nd 1911
Dear Miss Williams
                                The Bands are playing up here now in the Parks on Sunday before & after chapel time viz 5/6 pm & 8/9 pm. went down  a pit yesterday for the first time & was up to my ankles in mud
                                Yrs Sincerely



1911    Festival of Empire. Chrystal Palace, London. May to October 1911 (107)

Posted by N? or C on 3rd July 1911 at Crystal Palace, London : Sent to Mrs Cooper Awefield House, Matson, Gloucester

we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves weather grand love to all N? & C


1911?    Portrait of Rev. Edmund Arbuthnott Knox (Bishop of Manchester) - (107 scan box) : text as on card

Posted by L H....b? on 13th? July 1911? in ...arlton : Sent to Miss Sims Elmsteed, New Street, Andover, Hants.

Dear Miss sims will you Kindly tell Miss Baker that i shall not be abel to Let her have eney Keas as they are all you? so bli..... i am very sorry to have to disapoint her nob? feeling very well Conn...came in your truly L H....b?



1911    Runswick

Posted by JN. W? on 14th July 1911 in Hinderwell : sent to Miss Whitaker Bramham, Boston Spa, R.S.O.

Runswick. Wednesday
Had a lovely day been to Stathes (Staithes) & Runswick Bay. JN. W?


1911    Joke card : couple getting married (107 scan box)

Posted by ? on 17th July 1911 in Glasgow : sent to Mr? W McDonald c/o Mrs vance, Mugdock Road, Milngavie

Hope you don't look so scared as this, when, your turn comes How's Springburn



1911    Lest we forget : ship & clasped hands (107 scan box)

Written by Marjory S Lyon on 19th July 1911 in Ballindalloch : sent to Miss Elsie Reid West Lodge, Aberlour, Banffshire

Drummagrain Ballindalloch July 19th 1911
Dear Elsie This is your PC at last I got home safe. Hope your mother is keeping some better. I wish I was back to Aberlour to have some more sun. With Love from Marjory S Lyon


1911    Howden Bridge

Posted by ? on 22nd July 1911 in Mid Calder : sent to Miss M Watson Kinleith Mill, Currie (now Edinburgh)

Message : nil



1911    Gardner's memorial Church, Brechin

Posted by H M on 7th August 1911 in Forfar : Sent to Mrs Graham Dalkeith Avenue, Dumbreck (Glasgow)

Dunnichen - 7: 8: 11.
Just time for p.c. I am going out to do some pressing sick visits. Later I have a baptism out near Kirkbuddo. Thanks for all your letters this morning. Love to all.  H.M.


1911    Gardner's memorial Church, Brechin (107)

Posted by A on 8th August 1911 in Ilfracombe : Sent to Mrs Legg Shaftsbury House, Perry Rise, Forest-Hill, London

Great Western Hotel Ilfracombe
Arrived all right - Splendid run - Glorious weather - Will write to morrow - Love A  Aug. 8. 11



1911    The Castle from Grass Market, Edinburgh

Posted by Mak or MAK on 10th August 1911 in Fort William : Sent to Mrs Davis in Endymion Road, London

We are having a lovely holiday in bonnie Scotland stayed at Edinburgh last week, & went to Stirling Killicrankie,* the Trossachs & sailed through several lochs. We are now at Fort William in the midst of the wild scenery of the Highlands. Just returned from Skye.
Kindest regards to all - Mak (or MAK)                             * = Killiecrankie



1911    Couple by window holding hands : Best wish (107 scan box)

Posted by ? on 11th? August 1911 in Glasgow : Sent to Mr W McDonald c/o Mrs Vance, Burnside Place, Milngavie

Hope you are behaving yourself. Ye Ken Wha Frae


1911    Basel : river scene (107 / 61)

Posted by Gertrude Brotze on 12th August 1911 in Lignieres, Switzerland : Sent to Mrs H Sellon Hitch Hatchel Road, (this would appear wrong : see other addresses), Chatham

Adr. Mette? Saure Bonjour Pensionat. Signières. et. Neuchatel.
Dear Aunt, Have been in Basel for two months. Am now at Neuchâtel in a Pension to learn French. Hope to hear from you soon. With love and kisses to all, Gertrude Brotze


1911    The Pier, From The Rocks, Ilfracombe     

Posted by A on 13th August 1911 in Ilfracombe : Sent to Mrs Legg Shaftsbury House, Perry Rise, London

Sunday Exceedingly hot here yesterday & to-day Thunderstorm this afternoon - not much rain & no cooler - Leg better. can walk in comparative comfort to-day, which is a blessing as I am rather .........s for Going for a walk this Evening, as it seems to have cleared up Love A


1911    St Ives     

Posted by Sam? on 13th August 1911 in St Ives : Sent to Miss Leah Quick c/o Edwards road, Erdington nr. Birmingham

Dear Leah
               Just a P. C. to let you know we shall be home on Monday but I don't know what time. It may be 12 or 1 oclock. So you had better not wait up but leave us a bit of supper & tell Wyn? to put the key in the usual place. (the back door key) We shall all very likely have to walk from Brum. Love to all from Sam & ??? Its roasting here today



1911    Ilfracombe: Sunset Effect

Posted by A on 14th August 1911 in Ilfracombe : Sent to Mrs Legg Shaftsbury House, Perry Rise, London

Monday 5pm  Had this sunset last Evening - Had sea bath this morning, drive out to Wollacombe sands (am there now) - magnificent stretch of sands - 84d in shade, but with slight breeze - not a breath of air Saturday & Sunday - Drive back to Ilfracombe now - Love A


1911    Aros House and Tobermory Bay

Posted by J Holmes on 14th August 1911 in Tobermory : Sent to Miss J S Blair Grantly Gardens, Shawlands, Glasgow

Spending our holidays at Oban & have had a sail here to-day which has been delightful. Hope you are feeling the better of your holiday at Millport. I return to Port Dundas on Monday 21st. Will see you shortly thereafter.    J Holmes



1911    East Front, Charlecote Park, Stratford-on-Avon

Posted by Elsie on 15th August 1911 in  : Sent to Mr Morrison East Park Street, Huntly

Mrs M. arrived all Safe last Evening and George had just left with her for Round-home. Hope you are getting on all right yrs Elsie
Nether Comisty


1911    Castle Stalker, Appin

Posted by Aunt P? on 15th August 1911 in  : Sent to Miss C W Wilding Jones in Hampton Old Hall, Malpas, Cheshire

Augt 15th
Yesterday Daddy saw a Golden Eagles nest far away in the rocks behind our hills, & I wld (sic) like to photograph it, & send you one xxx Your loving Aunt P?


1911    East front, Charlecote Park, Stratford-on-Avon (107)

Posted by Elsie on 15th August 1911 in Huntly : Sent to Mr Morrison East Park Street, Huntly

Nether Comisty
Mrs. M. arrived  all Safe last Evening and George has just left with her for Round-home. Hope you are getting on all right Yrs Elsie



1911    The swiss Lodge, Lytham (107)

Posted by Lizzie on 15th?/19th? August 1911 in  Lytham : Sent to Miss M Brown Castle Cottages, Spylaw, Kelso, Roxburghshire

Lytham Hall
Dear Peggy you will be surprized (sic) to hear from me from this place. I have been here a fortnight today. I am in the nursery, and liking it very much. Please excuse this scribble as I am in a hurry.  Yours affect-ly Lizzie.


1911    Weather symptoms with couple walking & poem (107 scan box) : text as on card

Posted by J J on 18th August 1911 in Prestwick : Sent to Mr W McDonald c/o Mrs Vance, Burnside Place, Milngavie

thank very much for nice P.  ?? received when is it coming off now. be sure and send me an invitation, our time is about up here. and I have not got a boy after all, too bad isent (sic) it. remember me to all at Springburn trust you are well kind regards from one at Prestwick   Sink view St Ninians Rd.   J J


1911    Interlaken (& mountains) (107 / 61) : text all in French, so please forgive any errors of transcription!

Posted by A Daulte on 20th August 1911 in Basel, Switzerland : Sent to Mr & Mrs Sellon Heimat, Chatham , England
Merci de vos bons voeux! Venillez agréer à votre tour ceux bien sincères que je forme pour que vous passiez de belles fêtes de Noël et une heureuse nouvelle année.  A. Daulte.  Bâle, 20. XII. 11.


1911    Lincluden Abbey, Dumfries

Posted by ? on 24th August 1911 in  : Sent to Miss A Fraser Thorncliffe, Onston Gardens, Wallington, Surrey

Message: nil


1911    On the Ouse at Bishopthorpe, York (107)

Posted by Annie on 26th August 1911 in Wallsend, UK : Sent to Mrs Wood High Street, Coldstream on Tweed, Scotland

Arrived safely. Had nice company all the way through Will write later.  Annie


1911+    Sprig of purple heather (107 scan box)

Posted by Liz on 4th September 1911+ in Glasgow? : Sent to Mrs Wm McDonald Petershill Road, Springburn, Glasgow

Kenby 213 Nithsdale Road
Thanks very much for P C it was very good of you to keep to your promise we are not going away for the week-end is put oiff will see you on Sunday at 5.30 will call for you dont for get be good plenty of roses Liz


1911    Palace Ruins, Dunfermline

Posted by Jeanie on 9th October 1911 in  : Sent to Miss Maggie Lewis in North Street, St Andrews

Dear Maggie
Just a card to say I received yours glad to see by it you were both well I was home last sat night till Sunday. we have painters in the house just now so we are kept  busy had C and A in last night they are all well were you at the celebrations trusting you are keeping clear of the cold in this weather
                  Best Love Jeanie



1911    Dresden - Postplatβ (Postplatz) (107 / 61) message all in German & mostly not transcribed

Posted by H Shmidt on 18th October 1911 in Berlin : Sent to A Sussmann Esq c/ Dresdner Bank, Old Broad Street, London

Lieber Herr Sussmann! ........... H. Shmidt


1911    Painting of monks by a fire (107 scan box)

Posted by Caroline on 24th October 1911 in Aberdeen : Sent to Mrs Howie Wool Mill, Auchleven, Insch

My Dearest Auntie,
I forgot to put in measurements. Foot 9½ inches. Leg 23 ins. We are getting plenty of rain now. It is simply pelting tonight. How are you all Keeping? Have'nt had a line from you for ages Mother is writing this week. Love to all Do you like this style? Caroline


1911    Oxford Circus, London

Posted by konie? on 26th October 1911 in  : Sent to Miss J Trayner U F Church Manse, Bucklyvie

Dear Janie,
      Very many thanks for good wishes Having a good time seeing the sights. Will write again soon  best Love from konie (looks like)



1911    New Street, Birmingham (107)

Posted by Hilda on 4th November 1911 in Birmingham : Sent to Mrs Aikman The Elms, Great Hampton, Evesham

Dear Ma.
   Thanks for your letter I quite understand about parcel & will write you later. I am very pleased with present. Love to all.   Hilda -
Shall have a week to morrow.


1911    Portrait of unknown woman in large hat (107 scan box)

Posted by Mabel on 10th November 1911 in Leeds : Sent to Miss M B Fose/Tose? Carlisle Street, Seaton Carew near West Hartlepool

My Dear Molly
    many thanks for your dear little letter. It was very kind of you to send me your first letter & I must say it was a very nice one too.
With Best Love to Mother & Yourself. Auntie Mabel.


1911     Christmas card wishes : with poem, A little work, etc. (107 scan box)

Posted? by Chris F Roberts in December 1911 in Liverpool : Sent to ?

From Chris F. Roberts, 9 Joliffe Street, Princes Park, Liverpool


1911     Christmas cards : with poems (2) (107 scan box)

Sent by Alexander Stirling & Mrs James Stirling in December 1911 : Sent to the McCulloch family


1911    Christmas tree with Santa - Froliche Weinachten (107 scan box)

Posted by M D on 20th December 1911 in Grossendorf, Germany  Sent to Miss Isabel Parker Bramhead Gardens, London

My dearest little Isabel! A happy Christmas to you. I have often been thinking of you & I still value the little keepsake you gave me very highly. Best love to Mrs Annis? & Miller. I will soon write you a letter. Yours loving M. D.


1911    Edinburgh Castle (107)

Posted by D S on 23rd? December 1911 in Edinburgh?  Sent to Miss Rilett? Wilford? Crescent, Meadows, Nottingham

Dear Miss Rilett I thank you for the Kind Remembrance I like the hat very much Wishing a happy christmas & a prosperous New Year Yours Sincerely D.... St..ns


1911    Joke card : man with drink (107 scan box)

Posted by Rose on 27th December 1911 in Felixstowe : Sent to John Morron? Deck dogger, H.M.S. Grasshopper, 1st Flotilla, Harwich

Dear Jack. Just a line hoping you enjoyed yourself aboard missing Xmas. Was sorry I never saw you ashore Xmas night. I was looking for you. Good night love. From Your Ever loving Rose


1911     Comic fat man with boy in house, with poem (107 scan box)

Posted by Jennie on 30th December 1911 in Carlisle : Sent to Mr W McDonald Petershill Road, Springburn, Glasgow

I am glad that you got back all right this is Carlisle taties pots (looks like)  Jennie


1911+   Vase of roses (107 san box)

Posted by Will T? in 1911+ in Bridgewater : Sent to Miss Haines Avening?, Esplanade, Burnham, Somerset

My dear Flo
just a Pc to wish you all happiness for your birthday I hope you will have many yet I should like to be with you yours ever Wil T x



1911/ 1912 circa     three women raking Hay (107 scan box)

Posted by ETH? in 1911-12 in .....stone : Sent to Miss A Ellis c/o Mrs W Beswick, Rough Close Stoke on Trent

21 Bellasis St Stafford
Dear Alice
          Just a line saying I am sorry I could not come to Blackpool for it has not stopped raining here until this morning so if it keeps like this you can expect us on Sunday. I enjoyed my self grand at Whampton. I am coming to Stone this afternoon & if I new weather I should see you I should come because Jack is at work & I have got Berbarth? and may come that far ETH?


1911/ 1912 circa    The Needle's E'e. Arbroath (107 scan box)

Posted by Isa? in 1911-12 in Arbroath : Sent to Miss Watson Kinleith Mills, Currie (now Edinburgh)

My Dear Meg I am having a lovely time here, it is a lovely place. I am at the Pie(?)rots every night they are very good this year. I see Bab every day, & we go for a walk. I am going a drive to Hillside on Sunday it will be grand if the weather is fine Isa? xx
you will be feeling quite lonely this week but you will make up for it next week I know


1911/ 1913 circa   Meeting of the Ettrick and Tweed, Selkirk  (107)

Posted by A H in 1911-13 in Selkirk : Sent to Miss B Watson c/o Mrs Blaney Union Street, Burntisland

Thank you very much for your P. C. I am having a lovely time here. Yesterday, we had a motor run to Edinburgh, going to Peebles & Penecuik. (sic) Hope you are having a nice holiday The weather is really very good. Yrs A. H.


1911/ 1913 circa   Looking down from Dunkeld Bridge  (107)

Posted by ? in 1911-13 in Stanley : Sent to Miss Ritchie Bruce hill, Cardross, Port of Menteith

yours this morning delighted hope the weather will keep fine  all well


1912    Köln a. Rh. : Partie in der Flora (107 / 61)  : all in German

Posted by P Rothames (looks like) on 7th March 1912 in Coln, Germany : Sent to Mrs Hortense Sellon Heimat, Maidstone Road Road, Chatham
message not transcribed


1912    St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh (107) 

Posted by J? ? (looks like) on 25th March 1912 in Perth  : Sent to The Rev. L A? Dahl M.A. The Rectory, Burgh Castle, near Great Yarmouth

Thanks for Mater's letter. Have sent it to Cosen (looks like). Glad to receive better news, but hope for better still before long. All good wishes J? ?


 Historical Note: on 15th April 1912, RMS Titanic sank with the loss of 1,517 lives.


1912    Sanssouci, Potsdam (107) 

Posted by A C K (looks like) on 1st April 1912 in ......ich, UK?  : Sent to Miss C Fox Ivy Farm, Coddenham

M. D. C. G. & F. Auntie C will be glad if you will send her Primroses on Sat  I will send a small Parcel back Yours with love to all A  C K


1912    Middle Falls of Moness, Aberfeldy (107) 

Posted by M M on 18th April 1912 in Aberfeldy  : Sent to Mrs John Drysdale Grocer, Aberdour

c/o Mrs Stewart,
Atholl House,
   Aberfeldy. /
Norse hopes you are keeping well. A big fine Boy arrived here on the 7th / M.M.


1912    Bern und die Alpen (107 / 61)  : all in German : please forgive any transcription mistakes!

Posted by Max ? on 23rd May 1912 in Bern : Sent to Herrn Susman c/o Dresdner Bank, London

Bern, den 23. Mai 1912.
Werter Herr Sussman,
Dir freundlichten Grũssem sendet Ihnen aus der schonen Schweiz
             Ihr ergehener Max ?


1912    The Pavillion, South Parade Pier, Southsea (107)

Posted by Ethel on 24th May 1912 in Portsmouth : Sent to Mrs Edwards Pleasant View, Pentre, Glamorganshire, Wales

Arrived safely. We are staying at Mrs Harvey's. Mrs Godsall has not arrived - She cannot come. Just going to meet ??? & Dolly We've bee(n) to the hostel and seen her ladyship  Best love Ethel


1912    Flûelen mit Bristenstock (3074 m) (107 / 61)  : all in German : please forgive any transcription mistakes!

Posted by ? B on 30th May 1912 in Zurich : Sent to Mrs A Sussmann c/o Dresdner Bank, 65 Old Broad Street, London

Basel 29/5/12
Freundliche Grüsse sendet Ihnen  ? B.................
                                                             ? Bosshar....


1912   Kirroughtree, Newton Stewart (107)

Posted by M Dick on ?1 June 1912 in Newton Stewart : Sent to Mrs Watson Gardens, Kinleith Mill, Currie (now Edinburgh), Midlothian

This is the big house  here, Lovely weather & having A. 1. time. Love to all. M. Dick


1912    Portrait of a young woman - (possibly an English actress)

Posted by Jennie on 6th July 1912 in Whitley Bay : Sent to Mr W McDonald in Petershill Road, Springburn, Glasgow

enjoying myself all right here.


1912    National Harbour Dover, from Western Heights : (107)

Posted by L R on 11th July 1912 in Dover : Sent to Miss M Simmons Osborne Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey

Dear  Minnie
Thanks for yours, & hope you are enjoying life, as I very much am, isn't it a treat after that show I dont know a bit yet when I shall be leaving home, You might tell Annie to come & see me, if she has time when she comes to Dover it is quite near. Goodbye yours L. R.


1912    Schlangenbad, Germany (107 / 61) message all in German

Posted by Carl Fülles on 12th July 1912 in Schlangenbad, Germany : Sent to A Susman c/o Dresdner Bank, Old Broad Street, London

12/6/12 - rest of message not transcribed except for signature

Carl Fülles ..... H. Fülles



1912    Nauheim - Teichhaus (Germany) (107 / 61)

Written by Henry Susman on 13th July 1912 in Nauheim?, Germany : Sent by hand? to Mr Adolf Susman in London

This is a most delightful spot.
Henry Susman
July 13 - 1912


1912    Guildhall and Lord Mayor's Carriage, London  (107)

Posted by J C on 22nd July 1912 in Shepherds Bush, London : Sent to Miss Carnie? c/o Simpson's, Rutland Street, Edinburgh

Having quite a nice time here. Home Tues. first.    J. C.


1912    Observatory & Hotel, Ben Nevis The Summit , altitude 4406 FT  (107)

Posted by C? on 22nd July 1912 in Fort William : Sent to B H Rimell Cygnet Lodge, Hanley Swan, Worcestershire

Passed this today. Hoping to catch boat  C?



1912    Edinburgh Castle from Grassmarket  (107)

Posted by Maggie on 28th July 1912 in Edinburgh : Sent to Miss K Mentip? Station House, Gateside, Fife

Sunday 28th July
Dear Kate. You will be thinking i am a beauty not sending you a card before now Many thanks for the one you sent me. Hope you are all in the best of health. I am starting my holiday on the 2nd Aug. to the 25th Sept. The house is to be shut up. Tom would tell you i met him at Leuchers about three weeks ago what lovely flowers he had. Hope they are getting ........................... From your affect Cousin Maggie



1912    Hunter's Quay from Water  (107 / 61)

Posted by Frank on 29th July 1912 in Sand..... : Sent to Miss Bessie Gunn, Doll Brora, Sutherlandshire

I got down here safe & well found Isa & Tina both well and happy all alone Tina is going to Edin monday morn for the week coming up along with me  Isa will will be alone there but Isa Murrayfield Is coming for the week aful wet weather here got mothers letter all right hope this will find you all well Kind love to all Frank

X on Dunstaffnage house on other side remember me to (Flora (Mrs Mitchel)


1912    County Bridge, Todmorden  (107)

Posted by Mary Alice on 9th August 1912 in Todmorden : Sent to Mrs George Hill View, Ticklerton, Church Stretton, Salop

Dear Friends
                      We received your Flowers with thanks dont think of being out of my debt for those thing (sic) I sent you if they are any good to you the flowers keep lovely and we always take them to fathers (sic) grave the Raspberrys were lovely as well with love from all to all  Mary Alice


1912    Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales  (107) (spelling as on card)

Posted by Annie on 12th August 1912 in Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales : Sent to Miss E E Williams, 8 Pleasant View, Rhondda, Wales

White House Llanwrtyd Wells
Dear Em I arrived Safely. Very Lonly Journey. This is a lovely Place. Where are You going for  Your Holidays. I wish you could come here  we would habe some fun. (annie) xxxxx


1912    West End, Rothesay  (107)

Posted by Jim on 12th August 1912 in Rothesay : Sent to R J Donaldson, Esqr. Rothesay Gas, Dowanhill, Glasgow

Dear Bob/ Returning to Glasgow tonight. Had a ripping time and lovely weather. Will you call up to 20 Gardner St., Wed. morning and I will wait for you / Ta Ta Jim



1912    Punjab Government Offices, Simla  (107)

Posted by John Williams on 27th August 1912 in Mitcheldean : Sent to Miss Ada Griffin Cox's Road, Napton, near Rugby, Warwickshire

Aug 27th
Dear Miss Griffin so glad your P.C. what a pretty Church. you see I am at home. I did not like Gloucester (come back on Sat). "oh " what rain, did not stop all day. Monday. (to day the Sun is shining. hope you are quite well also & give our love to him please this is  P.C. of India. love to both from. Jn. Williams


1912    Wallace Well Pittencrieff Glen (Dunfermline)  (107)

Posted by Arthur on 31st August 1912 in Dunfermline : Sent to Miss M Watson Kinleith Mill, Currie (now Edinburgh), Midlothian

enjoying my holiday xxx Arthur



1912    Piers and Switchback, Folkestone  (107)

Posted by Aunt Goodie on 3rd September 1912 in Folkestone : Sent to Miss Gwen G? Conor  Elgin Road, Dublin

Folkestone Sep 3rd
Am afraid you had very bad weather for Horse Show - Here it's (sic) not quite so wet but much colder Much love from Aunt Goodie


1912    Ayr : The Twa' bridges & Brig o' Doon  (107)

Posted by Neena?/Weena?/Nana? on 6th September 1912 in Ayr : Sent to Mr W Ball Junr.  Rochford's Villas, Blind Man's Lane, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire

Kindest regards To Auntie Kip (looks like) Mr Ball from Neena?/Weena?/Nana?



1912?  Yew Tree Avenue, Roseneath  (107)

Posted by E C Dewar on 7th September 1912? in Kilcreggan : Sent to Miss Mary McGregor  Strathmore Gardens, Glasgow

Dear Mary, I am so sorry to hear you have had whooping cough & I hope you are nearly well now. Give your mother my love & love & kisses from your friend  E. C. Dewar   The Copse, Kilcreggan   7th Sept


1912    Father beside son in bed : Don't go down the mine, Dad, with poem  (107 / 61)

Posted by Wm. McD in December 1912 in Airdrie : Sent to Miss Polly McDonald c/o Shuttle Street, Glasgow

hoping this finds you all right & keeping well I will likely see you on Saturday if I have time to call. your Sincerely Wm McD


1912    Basel : Deutschrittergarten mit Rheinpfalz  (107 / 61) : all in French, so please forgive any errors of transcription!

Posted by A Daulte on 26th December 1912 in Bâle, Switzerland : Sent to Mrs H Sellon Heimat, Maidstone Road, Chatham

Je vous suis vraiment bien re connaisant de ce que, malgré la distance qui nous sépare et malgré tout le temps qui s'est écoulé depuis que vous étiez élève de la. Töchterschule, vous voulez bien vous souvenir de moi dans des senténebts d'arnitié. Je vous remercie de vos bons voeux et je forme à mon tour les meilleurs souhaits pour que l'année nouvelle soir pour vous et les vôtres heoreuse et riche en béné dictions.  A. Daulte.
Bâle, 26. XII. 12.


1913 (or) 1913 +     Exposition internationale. Gand 1913 : Porte Monumentale : (107) message all in French, please forgive any transcription errors! 

Posted by Lily Cardon in 1913 (or) 1913 + in  Belgium: Sent to Madamoiselle Antoinette d'Udekem d'Acoz,  Rue de Bruges, Gand

Ma chere Nenette, Merci mille fois  de ton aimable invitation pour jeudi  Henriette et moi nous  regrettons infiniment de ne  pouvoir l'accepter n' etant pas libres ce jour.
...cais, ma chere Nenette mille choses bien affectneuses de Lily Cardon


1913    Calgary, Alta from Mount Pleasant

Posted by G. J. G. in 1913? in Mitford : Sent to Mr B L Wilson, The Rescue Station, Ashby de la Zouch

Hope every thing is alright - and that you are not having any trouble. Had a good journey Hope to sail from New York on Mon. 19th        G. J. G.


1913    Photograph of Mrs Thomson the old maid (as in servant) at front door of house

Posted by James McDonald on 15th January 1913 in West Kilbride : Sent to Mrs James McDonald in Petershill Road, Springburn, Glasgow

Dear Wife and family i send p C to let you now (know) i have got a Cure for the Coff i go down to the bech (beach) and have a drink off (of) salt water before breakfest (breakfast)  x x x x x


1913    Lake and tree scene (107 scan box)

Posted by J Paul on 27th March 1917 in Bridgend : Sent to Mrs D E Evans Cardiff Road, Bargoed, Wales

Dear Mrs Evans
   Just a line to let you know I got  back alright monday night. I must say I should like to have a week end like I spent with -with (sic)  every week. Had a fine time at Penarth also. I hope Da is better now. & that Mr Evans & Dick got back to Bargoed safe Monday night will write a Letter soon. With Love to all from J Paul


1913    Lago di Como. Menaggio (107 / 61)

Posted by ? on 1st April (Mag) 1913 in Menaggio : Sent to Miss K? Sellon Wallfield, Bovey Terrace, South Devon 

F. of Ascet? : 1913 Grand hotel Menaggio.
Just to thank you for letter which reached me Mon: morn & I will answer soon. We reached here after a most comfortable though long journey on Tues! Mother not very tired - in perfect hot weather - which alas! & turned? after thunder cold & windy & .grey but mountains & lake still beautiful - only in a different mood - & the sun & blue sky is there to be seen once clouds lift. I went to a most loud & discordant but devout & busy mass - altho this aft! Benediction Rosary Litany of Loretto - which I ....the peasants............ (rest unclear)



1913    Dick Institute, Kilmarnock (107)

Posted by Tesa on 21st April 1913 in Glasgow : Sent to Miss Mack  Henderson Street, Glasgow

Scotstoun 21/4/13
We got your message tonight & you can depend upon one of us being with you tomorrow morning between eleven & twelve o'clock. Kindest regards. Tesa


1913    Loch Achray. The Queens View (107)

Posted by M? L? Bain on 24th April 1913 in Edinburgh : Sent to Mr R Westermayer  Hotel Negresso, Nice France (address scored out - followed by)  Wein Outriche 16(?) Liebhartgasse

This is something Scotch. Many thanks for nice card. I always meant to answer it and always put off. Hope you receive it all right. for I am not very sure of the address. I am still in the Post Office. Hope you are well. Very warm here Today. P,lease excuse writing. Kind Regards. M? L? Bain


1913    Hindhead, Gibbet Cross (107)

Posted by Violet on 26th April 1913 in Hindhead : Sent to Miss Dell  Church farm, near Hayling, Hants.

Dear Ivy/ Just a card to let you know I'm still alive & pro-gressing favourably. Its awfully pretty here I often go up by this Cross its 95 ft above the sea, a bit different to Hayling isnt it. Remember me to Mrs & Mr & Miss Beard & Love to yourself Violet. Write when you have time


1913     Flüelen und der Bristenstock (107 / 61) Message all in German / Swiss German

Posted by Arthur Bosshard (looks like) on 24th May 1913 in Schwartzenberg, Switzerland : Sent to O? Süssman c/o Dresdener Bank, Old Broad Street, London


1913     Bremen. Roland (statue) (107 / 61)

Written by Henry Susman on 3rd June 1913 in Bremen, Germany : Sent (hand-delivered)? to Mr Adolf Susman London

A "lively" street in Bremen.
    Henry Susman
Bremen ; June 3 1913.


1913     London. Buckingham Palace (107)

Posted by Walter or Amy? on 3rd June 1913 in Forest Gate : Sent to Mr & Mrs S F Marter Castle Road, Isleworth, Middlesex

Sunday Evening
Dear F. & S. your welcome letter to hand, very pleased to hear that you are both a.1. I will try & run over next Sunday. Yes I've got plenty of quarter plates I can let you have, so will put them in my pocket when I come over the loganberry is going along quite a. 1. cheerio. love from us all to you both will do my best for next Sunday Walter & Amy?



1913     Princess Parade as seen from an aeroplane (107)

Posted by ? on 15th June 1913 in Blackpool : Sent to Mr G Hilbert St Georges Road, Wingsford, Cheshire

My Dear ? & ?
We arrived safe, just twelve oclock I am wishing you Both was with us & then we would be complete its just grand we have been up to the south shore this after noon mothers a bit Wed (looks like) we have got good diggins  ?? ? room ?? no doubt ??? will know we are on the top landing hoping you will go on all right yours truly ????


1913     Loreley (Rhine), Germany (107 / 61)

Posted by F? G Wagner on 18th June 1913 in Frankfurt, Germany : Sent to Herrn A Susman Dresdner Bank, Old Broad Street, London

Frankfurt, Main
Having a very nice time & splendid weather. Am going to the Taunus tomorrow
    Yrs sincerely
    F? G. Wagner
Kind regards
  G. W. W.


1913    Ivy on wall with poem : (107 scan box)

Posted by Jim on 3rd July 1913 in Rhoose, Cardiff : Sent to Miss A Griffin Coses Road, Napton near Rugby, Warwickshire

Dr Ada
          Just a P C I have no time for letter now but in the morning I will write again. I hope you are in the Pink as it leaves me at present, thanks for letter I was delighted to receive, Kindly remember me to all, late for Post. Love is June allright    with love Jim


1913   Scotlandwell  (107)

Posted by Ma Ma & Daddy on 7th July 1913 in Scotlandwell : Sent to Master Jas. B Craigie c/o Mrs Thomson, Hawthornbank Place, Leith

Scotlandwell 7th July 1913
Dear James,
                We have arrived all safe but got a lot of rain when we arrived. It rained all day yesterday & some today again. I hope you are keeping better again & able to be out. We have forgotten a good lot of things you will need to bring them with you. Love to all from Ma Ma & Daddy.


1913   Victoria Pier, Douglas  (107)

Posted by F? Yates on 7th July 1913 in Douglas : Sent to Mr A Partington Brewery Lane, Leigh & Bedford near Manchester, Lancaster

Dear Friend,
Perhaps you will be surprised to hear we have arrived at Douglas again by the mid-night boat, landing here at 5-15 on Saturday morning I have not had time to see you before we came but I hope you are all well. We are having grand weather here at present, and we are enjoying ourselves as usual. Yours F? Yates  16 Richmond Grove, off Buck? Road, Doug(las)



1913   Corra Linn, Falls of Clyde, Lanark (Winter)  (107)

Posted by Lizzie on 10th July 1913 in Lanark : Sent to Miss A Messer Dalry Road, Edinburgh

Dear Agnes enjoying my self hope you are do the same Lizzie



1913    Couple by old castle : Goin' to kiss the ra'al 'blarney stone (107 scan box)

Posted by Mrs Beggs on 24th July 1913 in Bally..... , Ireland? : Sent to Mrs McDonald Petershill Road, Glasgow

Mrs McDonald we are having glorious weather here hoping you have the same    Mrs Beggs


1913    North Berwick, The Shore Showing Bass Rock & Harbour (107)

Posted by Ethel on 25th July 1913 in Edinburgh : Sent to Miss J M Craig Balcormo Cottage, Upper Largo, Fife

5 Braid Avenue
Many thanks for your card. We were out at camp yesterday & were expecting to see some of you but heard from the "Captain" that you were in Largo. Hope you have a good holiday. Heard Joan's name called out tonight at the school concert. Love from all  Ethel


1913     Bridge on the Islands, Inverness (107)

Posted by A Gregor on 29th July 1913 in Inverness : Sent to Miss Howie Auchleven, Insch, Aberdeenshire

Am here on holidays. Having a good time. Will be in Insch next week when hope to visit you. Kind Regards A Gregor


1913     At St Fillans (107)

Posted by G M S on 29th July 1913 in Perth : Sent to Miss Barclay Baldovan Terrace, Dundee

Just here for the day. Lovely weather.  G. M. S   Had P.C. from Bella on Sat.


1913    Peeps at Jesmond Dene (107)

Posted by Dorothy Hindmarsh on 30th July 1913 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne : Sent to Miss M Wilkinson Cocklaw, Ayton, Berwickshire

The Cottage, Jesmond Dene House, Newcastle-on-Tyne

Dear Maggie,
     This is a picture of the Dene, which is only a few yards from where I am staying. I am having a fine holiday. Please write to me soon, and put on the above address./ Best Love Dorothy Hindmarsh


1913    Cheddar, The Pinnacles (107)

Posted by D on 7th August 1913 in Chaeddar : Sent to Master J C James Llanstephan Vicarage, Carmarthen, Wales 

Have seen wonderful sights today   D


1913    Hornshole Bridge, Hawick (107)

Posted by Wm Turnbull on 11th August 1913 in Scotland? : Sent to Mrs George Walker Lansdowne Terrace, North Shields 

Dear Mrs Walker,
                          I arrived home all safe on Saturday after a very pleasant holiday. I met my sisters alright and we had a nice afternoon in Newcastle! Trusting Mr. Walker & Willie are alright & Thanking you for your Kindness Yours Truly.  Wm. Turnbull


1913    Woman & child at house door  with garden (107)

Posted by Mrs Hall on 13th August 1913 in Gateshead : Sent to Miss Roberta Chishony (looks like) c/o Mrs Kyle, Seafield, Isle of Whithorn

Thanks for notes to Bryan & Kenneth. Vi is just down with them. we are all well only we miss you at the week ends, the kiddies often ask when you are coming hope it won't be long now love from all  Mfrs Hall  


1913    Raith House from Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy (107)

Posted by B. M. B. on 21st August 1913 in Kirkcaldy : Sent to Mrs Watson Kinleith, Currie (now Edinburgh), Mid-Lothian 

Having a nice holiday here, & grand weather will see you soon B. M. B


1913    Joke card cowboy robbing city type gent with gun (107 scan box)

Posted by Chrissie on 26th August 1913 in Glasgow Southern : Sent to Miss M Brown Park Terrace The Glebe, Dunoon 

Dear Mary I am glad to hear that you are enjoying yourself. your chum Chrissie


1913    Comrie Glen Artney Forest (107)

Posted by ? on 27th August 1913 in Comrie : Sent to Master Willie Reid West Lodge, Aberlour, Banffshire 

With love from Tom. He is away for the milk with his Auntie Katie


1913    Llandudno from Camera Hill (107)

Posted by Emily on 30th August 1913 in Llandudno : Sent to Miss Holland c/o Mrs Sooutter (looks like) Devonshire Road, Handsworth, Birmingham (&) c/o Mrs Robert, Murtle Holme, Madoc Street, Llandudno

Dear Flo

Just a P C sorry I have not written before but I have been so taken up with Llandudno that I have forgotten everything it is simply a lovely place  Best Love Emily


1913    Vase of roses (107 scan box)

Posted by Bill or Bell on 31st August 1913 in Newcastle on Tyne : Sent to Mrs Thomson Springfield Terrace, Felling on Tyne

Many Happy Returns of the day from Bill & Bell


1913    Bruxelles, La Bourse (107)

Posted by ? on 3rd September 1913 in Brussel / Bruxelles : Sent to Mrs Hagon "Langley", Natal Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey

Hotel prince of Wales
Rue Ruz????? Brussels

Have been here since Friday & are having a very nice time. We are out all day & go to bed quite tired out The weather is all that can be desired not too hot (for me) but  hotter so, for Mrs Peny. Hope you & Father are well Shall come down & see you when we are back   Yours Love S........


1913    Château du Sallant (107 / 61) Text all in French (please forgive any mistakes with transcription)!

Posted by ? Brunot on 24th September 1913 in Allassac Correze : Sent to Madame Sellon Heimat Hatchet Hook Road, Chatham

Le Saillant par Allassac Corrēze
Cherè Madame, Mon Mari rentre de Paris, il a vu le paquet de livers que vous avez en l'amabilité d'envoyer aux enfants, mais il a oublié de leur rapparter, étaret d'jā très encombré de Commissioners. Ils trouveront done votre surprise à notre retour, dans une quinzaine. Merci donc chère Madame in attendant  que que nous ayons vu voire present. Amicales pensés de nous sous à vous trois ?? Brunot


1913    Couple cuddling in park (107 scan box)

Posted by ? on 30th September 1913 in Glasgow : Sent to Mr Wm McDonald Petershill Road, Springburn, Glasgow

213 Nithsdale Rd Pollockshields
Holo Willie were on all the world have you been this while back when are you thinking of coming to Henley to see me I was looking for you all last Sunday night drop me a P.C. and let me know when are you coming give my best regards to your father and ??? and dont forget the wife & ????? from ?



1913    Oitojigokw in Nagasakipark (Japan)

Posted by Lucy on 13/14th October 1913 in Nagasaki : Sent to Mrs  E A Bolitho Rockbeare House, nr. Exeter, Devon

Ulnzen (looks like) Oct 12th
Arrived here yesterday by train Motor Car & walk up the hill. Tomorrow move down & go to Shimabara (looks like) about 13 miles walking. Picture shows hot springs which this place is full of


1913    Windermere from Orrest Head (107)

Posted by A Chamberlin on  14th October 1913 in England? : Sent to Mr Banister Caldershaw Road, Uxbridge Road, West Ealing

Dear Leslie
     I should be pleased to see you Thursday when your father & Mr. Newton come, if you cannot well come Friday eve  A Chamberlin


1913    Portrait of an unidentified lady (107 scan box)

Posted by Agnes G on 14th October 1913 in Aberdeen : Sent to Miss Howie Auchleven, Insch

  Got home. safely. but no Motor Car to await her Majesty.* My sister however was at the joint? Station and took my bundles home. Thanks so much for my fine weekend. yrs  Agnes. G. (*Note: the reference to her Majesty could very well be a term used in jest)!


1913    Oltojigokw in Nagasaki Park, Japan (107)

Posted by ? on 14th October 1913 in Nagasaki, Japan : Sent to Mrs E A Bolitho  Rockbeare House, near Exeter, Devon
Oct 12th
Arrived here yesterday by train Motor Car & walk up the hill. Tomorrow move down to Shimabara about 13 miles walking. Picture shows hot springs which this place is full of.


1913     Toronto - South Africa Memorial Monument (107) Message on more than one card. part of message missing.

Written by ? on 24th October 1913 in Canada : Sent to ? in the UK?

c/o Mr Fanter (looks like)        Oct 24/13
461 Welland Avenue
    West Toronto
       Ontario Canada
Dear Dick
Just a line hoping this finds you well as this leaves me fine & dandy as the canadians say. I have decided to come home on the Carcisan (looks like) it leaves Montreal on Nov 25/th. I guess it will take about ten days to come over. George will give you all particulars if you wish to meet me at Liverpool But dont comer puposely (sic) to


1913    Portrait of an unidentified lady (107 scan box) : text all in French so please forgive any transcription errors!

Posted by Agnes G 24th November 1913 in Basel, Switzerland : Sent to Mrs H Sellon Heimat, Maidstone Road, Chatham, Kent

Vous êtes vraiment trop bonne de me donner par votre envoi une nouvelle preuve de vos sentiments d'amitie' ā mon égard. Je vous en remercie bien sincerèment, et j'ajonte que nous saurons apprecécier votre don. - Je n'ai rein de particulier ā vous dire sur ma personne ou sur la vie que je mène, si ce n'est que depuis le Nouvelan j'ai chez moi ma petite-fille, qui, vers la fin du mois prochain, partira pour l'Angleterre, oū elle doit entrer, pour les soins d'un jeune enlant, dans une famille demeurant ā Hollywood-Baconfield. En attendant je leu enseigne les premiers élements de l'anglais, afin qu'elle puisse plús facilement se tirer d'affaire quand elle sera là bus ?gréez. Madame, avec mes re???ercîments, mes cordicles Salutations.
Bâ24 II.13  


1913    Marksburg (castle) (107 / 61) message all in German & not transcribed

Posted by Breitbach on 4th December 1913 in Brühl, Germany : Sent to Frau Hortense Sellon Heimat, Maidstone Road, Chatham

(signed)  Breitbach



1913    Mason's College & Chamberlain's Square, Birmingham (107)

Posted by Lucy on 7th December 1913 in Birmingham (Edward VII stamp) : Sent to Miss E Bliss 102 Trafalgar Road, Moseley

    59 Langley Rd
            Small Heath
                Dec 7th
Dear Emily
                 Isn't there something familiar about this building
                                        With love from Lucy.


1913   Plain postcard (107) 

Posted by William Morgan on or about  20th December 1913 in Gurnos, Wales : Sent to Mr A B Paddison ...sfe...Fac.., Aberdulais

Sat. Dec. 20th
                         (W. I/J? Prescutcho) (looks like)
Dear Sir
                Will you please let me have your Subscription Book as soon as possible to enable me to make out a list of Subscriptions & oblige  Yours Truly Wm Morgan Sec.




1914-1918 circa    Portrait photograph of an unidentified soldier presumably called Arthur (but may be not).

Written by Arthur and delivered without stamp or postmarks : No name or address given.

Dear Aunts
                    sorry haven't heard from you for a while but at any rate a(m) sending you a photo & have just returned from 4 days leave up to London, which I thoroughly enjoyed, visiting some of the historical places such as, The Tower of London, st Paul's Cathedral, Westminster Abbey & Parliament Houses. The only four houses left after the great fire of London. they look pretty old. Well as I have a long letter to write home I will closer here. With kind regards. Your loving nephew Arthur 


1914-1918 circa    Portrait photograph of an unidentified soldier.

Written by Tom and delivered without stamp or postmarks : Sent to Miss F Dieson  Townhead, Gifford

This one came from Fife to me. This is a mate I had Eight years ago so you see they don't forget me. Tom


1914-1918 circa    Christmas card with portrait of three top ranking military officers (107 scan box)

Sent by Mr & Mrs W L Milne and delivered in UK : Sent to ? 

printed message


1914   South end, Henly-in-Arden  (107)

Posted by B on 15th January 1914 in Henly in Arden : Sent to Mrs Wheildon North Road, Ryefields, Ross on Wye
Thanks for letter, am afraid can't come to Ross this time, will write long letter Sunday. Am having suc h a lovely time, went to Alberts Wks y'day. staying here little while am on duty Sunday 8.30 & mon 8 am. Best Love B/


1914    St Mary's Loch : (107)

Posted by M A F on 27th  January 1914 in Glasgow : Sent to Mrs Tulloch St Vincent Street, Glasgow

I saw Mrs. G. to night she says that the things can be sent from the shop. Haggis, 2lb. links, and my order, but will be down on Wednesday and see you and give you the address. Got home all right. Kindest love.   M. A. F.



1914    Froliche Ostern : Chocolat Marcolini : (107 scan box)

Posted by G in March 1914 in .....cester : Sent to Miss Kathleen Grant Putney Hill, London

Many happy returns of the day from your hens. I just found a nest of eggs. I watched your white hen go & lay I don't know how many yet.   G


1914 : 11th March

Gun and Shell Factory
            11th March 1914

My Dear Mother
                             I pen you these few lines just to let you know that my Son Jim is leaving India tomorrow for a visit to Scotland and that he will probably call on you sometime about the 20th of april his object in coming home is to look for some other employment where he may be able to better himself. I do not think he will remain long in Edinburgh though I have also to tell you that Hannah is also coming home on a visit she is leaving Calcutta on the 14th 2 days after Jim, but they will meet together again in London as their two different ships will arrive there one  1 Day after the other from whence they will travel together to Edinburgh probably arriving by steamer at Leith but I cannot say on what day as Jim wants to have a day or two

(page 2)

to look around London in his mothers Company and also to pay some visits to people he has been requested to visit by his friends out here. Hannah will in all probability write to you from London telling you what day she will arrive in Edinburgh. I am not coming this year as my other son Willie has not yet finished his education but as soon as he has I am coming home. We are all well out here at present and hope that this will find you all also enjoying good health. The weather out here is getting very warm again and as Hannah has to go to the hills every year as the heat of the plains of India is too much for her I am letting her have this little trip home this year instead. So do not grumble at her for not bringing me with her, as it is my wish that she should go without me this time, next time we will probably come together. The name of Hannah's Steamer is the City of London" of the City Line. The Name of Jims Steamer is the "Otranto" of the Orient Line.
                          I Remain your
                           Affectionate & Loving



1914    Eastbourne Pier at Night (107)

Posted by Granny on 11th April 1914 in Eastbourne : Sent to Master G E Langmuir Glencairn Drive, Pollocksheilds, Glasgow

Dear wee Babsie
Thank you very much for your nice letter. There are no P Cs here of cars ................ Pier which looks very pretty when lit up with coloured lamps; the building on it is a theatre. I will keep all the London tram tickets for you



1914    River Teith and Ben Ledi, Callander (107)

Posted by S? M M on 16th April 1914 in Callander : Sent to Miss A V Stuart Ivy Bank, Liberton, Edinburgh

Having a glorious time, weather lovely. Have you gone anywhere for your holidays! Hope to hear from you soon.  Love S? M. M.



1914    Kennox Brig : Stewarton : (107)

Posted by M McLean on 20th April 1914 in Stewarton : Sent to Mrs Watson Kinleith, Currie (now Edinburgh), Midlothian

Just to let you know I am still in the land of the living I am going home tomorrow for the day we are very quiet just now the Children has (sic) got the whooping cough I may pay you a visit the Summer How is Watson & the Family give them my kind regards much love from M McLean


1914    Tantallon Castle and Bass Rock : (107)

Posted by C/G? McLean on 21st April 1914 in North Berwick : Sent to Miss Watson Kinleith, Currie (now Edinburgh)
Having splendid weather & enjoying ourselves A. 1. Hoper you are all well. Love from C/G? McLean


1914    Junction of Elwyn and Tweed: (107)

Posted by Grandpa on 19th May 1914 in Galashiels : Sent to Master W Brooks Leslie Place, Edinburgh

From Grandpa


1914    Execution Block and Axe, Tower of London : (107)

Posted by Papa on 30th May 1914 in Bradford : Sent to George H Hodgson Jr. East 93rd Street, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

May 30/14
This is the Block on which they used to cut off the heads of Kings & Queens Keep it & ask me about it   Papa Love & Kisses xxxxxx


1914    Welholme Congregational Church + 2 other views : (107)

Posted by Mrs Banks on 5th/6th? June 1914 in Grims.... : Sent to Mrs Mewse  St Peter's Street, Lowestoft

Got the fish alright and thank you very much for it I have enjoyed it very much. I am quite well thank you hope you are the same   Mrs Banks


1914    Plain card : (107)

Posted by H G Bell on 10th June 1914 in Kirby, Birkenhead : Sent to Messrs Boult Son & Maples  Cook Street, Liverpool

Home Farm
   June 10th 1914

I will call to see you re Farm tomorrow (Thursday.)  H G Bell



1914    Rothesay from Chapel Hill : (107)

Posted by J? B? on 12th June 1914 in Rothesay : Sent to Miss Mack c/o Mrs Fenfell, Bilsland Drive, Glasgow

I am having such a nice holiday here. The weather splendid. Our room is on front: almost facing the Pier. I only wish you were able to come down for a day. I sincerely hope you are keeping better. Remember me to Mrs F. & the children. Love J B.......y


 Historical Note: on Sunday, 28th June 1912, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated, thus helping to bring about
World War 1 - or The Great War - or the War to end all Wars!


1914    Helensburgh from Pier, looking West (107)

Posted by F L on 18th July 1914 in Helensburgh : Sent to Miss Robbins St James' Street, Mangotsfield near Bristol

I hope the magazines will reach you all right & not give you too much trouble. I asked them to post them direct to you from London. We are having a lovely time - have been two steamer trips. Kind regards F. L.. Oakfield, Helensburgh, Scotland 18 July 1914.



1914    Wiesbaden : Schloβplatz : (107 scan box) : message all in German

Posted by Carl Schewer on 27th July 1914 in Wiesbaden, Germany : Sent to Herrn Süssmann  Dresdner Bank, Old Broad Street, London

Wiesbaden 21?/7/14.
Aus meiner Schönen Heimat sendet Ihnen recht ville Freundliche Grüsse.
                                        Ihr ???
                                            Carl Scherer


1914    The Beach, Worthing (107)

Posted by Ethel on 27th July 1914 in Worthing : Sent to Miss A Dorras  Dalston Lane, N. E.

Dear Alice,
                 I am having grand weather, only it is windy, you can see plenty of fat legs down here. Hope you have a nice time of it, when you go on your holidays. I remain Yours truly Ethel xxxxx



1914    Music Hall and Union Street, Aberdeen : (107)

Posted by Mary on 29th July 1914 in Aberdeen : Sent to Mr Bob Prestrey?  St John Street, Colchester, Essex

Dear Bob Shall be seeing you Sat morning some time  Yours Mary


1914    Boy with spade and pail by pretend beach : (107 scan box)

Posted by M Brown on 31st July 1914 in Donaghadee, Ireland : Sent to Mrs J McDonald  Petershill Road, Springburn, Glasgow

Dear Aunt, I am enjoying myself hear, (sic) and I am coming home on Saturday. This is a lovely place and we are having lovely weather.  M Brown


1914    Stonehaven from Bervie Braes : (107)

Posted by B K on 1st? August 1914 in Stonehaven : Sent to Mr C Anderson Strathmore Road, Dundee

Have had an ideal holiday. Sorry it is so nearly finished. Hope you are enjoying yourself.  B. K.


1914    Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven, after a heavy sea : comedy card : (107)

Posted by Alex. on 4th August 1914 in Stonehaven : Sent to Master D M Lumsden Millburn House, Almondbank, Perth

Enjoying myself very much here We saw a cruiser pass up & down here to-day  Alex.



1914    Dunnottar Castle from W., Stonehaven : (107)

Posted by Alex. on 14th August 1914 in Stonehaven : Sent to Mrs Lumsden Millburn House, Huntingtower, Perth

Home to morrow with the 4 - 15. Will you please get three plain half loaves from Clark. Have had a nice holiday. M? M? E.



1914    A stormy day : Dunbar (107)

Posted by Berta on 17th August 1914 in Dunbar : Sent to Miss Meg B Watson  Kinleith Mill, Currie (now Edinburgh)

Dear Meg,
  I am very sorry I have been so long in writing you but I have been so busy. You know what it is to be on holiday. I will write you later on. Love from Berta


1914    Interior St Mary's Church, Whitby : Dunbar (107)

Posted by M A P on 22nd August 1914 in Forest Hill : Sent to Miss M E Bushby 'Novbury'?, Reigate, Surrey

Your P. C. to hand this morning. I shall be delighted to see you on Tuesday. Come as early as possible. We are all busy knitting socks for the soldiers. Love from M. A. P.


1914    Bude: Summerleaze Down (107)

Posted by F J? N on 16th August 1914 in Cornwall? : Sent to Miss M Lee St James Road, Leicester

Dear Maggie           N Devon
Hope Miss S. received Cream Safely. Will you please save me Daily Mirror's from yesterday Tuesday 15th Shall be back Friday. Hope Rex is alright & Fluff. Just driving up town to post this so must go Yo sincerely .F.I/J?.N.


1914    Loch Muick : (107)

Posted by M M Michie? on 23rd October 1914 in Ballater : Sent to Mrs Reid West Lodge, Aberlour House, Aberlour on Spey

Here I am. I  have had a nice time and the weather has been lovely. Intend being home about Tuesday. Hope You are all well. M. M. Michie (looks like


1914    Comic German soldier & UK soldier fighting : (107 scan box)

Posted by A Campbell on 23rd? / 28th? November 1914 in Cowes? : Sent to Mr Wm McDonald  Petershill Road, Springburn, Glasgow

S.S. City of Edinburgh, Southampton
How are you getting along, Still going for weed-ends yet when is it coming off. dont expect to see Glasgow this year. will be pleased to hear from you  Yours aye. A. Campbell


1914    Restaurant "Frascati" London : (107)

Posted by Mercy 12th December 1914 in London : Sent to Miss A Carr Hawthorn, Brondesbury Park, London

Dear Audrey We are having dinner here as it is Daddy's birthday. It's ripping. Love Mercy


1914-1919   Charmouth. Golden Gap and Beach : (107)

Posted by Flossie? 20th? July 1914-1919 in Charmouth : Sent to Miss Russell "Marston" Belsize Road, Worthing, Sussex

"Fairview" Charmouth
Dear Glyds We arrived here on Saturday, just in time for tea, this morning we went shrimping, but we could not get any shrimps because the tide was so high, this afternoon I am going to have a swimming lesson I am enjoying myself here much better than docks? I can tell ........ With love from Flossie? 


1915/1916?   Wilton Lodge Waterfall, Hawick (107)

Posted by E C Scott in 1915/1916? in Hawick? : Sent to Mrs Annie Smith Carlton Street, Kings Road, Old Trafford, Manchester

Dear Aunt Annie
             I received your parcel at Hepowell (looks like) & must thank for same. I arrived home on Friday until the 1st of the month & am feeling a great deal better, but the lung is still weak. Hoping J. D. & E. C are in the Pink Kindest Regards E. C. Scott



1915    Worthing: East Parade from pier (107)

Posted by A on 15th February 1915 in Worthing : Sent to Miss Morley Hawry Road, Cambridge

Lynmount Sunday
I leave by an afternoon train (2.25.) Tuesday so I expecty I shall arrive sometime near 6.30, as I see there is a train leaving L.pool St. at 5.13. If I can catch the 4.30 I will, but I dont think it possible. ????? dont meet me as it is so uncertain. Longing to see you all again. Heaps of love from us both   A


1915    Town Hall, Stockport (107)

Posted by Will on 27th April 1915 in Stockport : Sent to Mrs W Hopper Baden Street, West Hartlepool

arrived safe having a good time grand weather. Kindest Regards to all Will.



1915    Houses of Parliament (107)

Posted by F. Dewuen on 25th May 1915 in London : Sent to Monsieur Bocquet rue Pomme d' Or, Rouen, France

Une cordial ...vignie de mains
Londres 24 Mai 1915


1915    Drumlanrig Castle, Thornhill (107)

Posted by Essie? on 8th July 1915 in Thornhill : Sent to Mrs R Kirkpatrick High Street, Ayr

Got P.C. and box yesterday morning she was Highly delighted with her box it was a very wet day yesterday but it dried up before night so she made up for it her cold is keeping better she will write herself next time but don't expect too much or you might be disappointed love to father & mother Essie? xxxxxxx


1915    Nave , looking West, Fountains Abbey (107)

Posted by Sandy on 9th July 1915 in Ripon : Sent to Miss M B Watson Gardeners Cottage, Kinleith mill, Currie, Midlothian

Studly Royal Camp
         Just a P.C to say I am still in the land of the living. Ripon is a nice little Spot. I am enjoying it up to the mark. I suppose your holiday will be all over for another year. hard luck Eh. nothing to look forward too (sic) but work. rotten Eh. It is still raining down here I dont think it will ever fair. With Kind Regards. Sandy


1915    Two girls with flowers (107 scan box)

Posted by J Matthews on 12th July 1915 in Auchinleck : Sent to Mrs James McDonald Petershill Road, Springburn, Glasgow

4 Searle Terrace
having a nice time here hope to see you all when I come back  kind regards  J. Matthews


1915?    3 boys in costume : Les Jennes Bretons vous saluent (107 / 61)

Posted by Katie on 3 - 7  1915? in Quimper, Finistere : Sent to Master Sellon Heimat, Maidstone Road, Chatham

We go to Guingamp on Friday. your loving Auntie Katie
How would you like these little boys to play with you? I see so many of them here dressed just like this. You would like Quimper a nice town with a beautiful cathedral and a large river beautiful woods & chateaux. Unfortunately the weather is not good. There is such a nice dog in the convent garden but he does not understand English. When your cousin Flo & I go out the children cry "Eengeesh parlez  Eengleesh. They seem so amused when we say a few English words to them.



1915    Town Hall and Russian Gun. Westbury (107)

Posted by Mother, Dad or Irene on 1st August 1915 in Westbury : Sent to Pt. A C Jones (1253) Farm House, Trevine, Letterston, Pembrokeshire

Dear Arthur,
                     We received your letter  Aug 1. We are haveing a fine-time the weather is lovely. If you are coming home on Friday drop a P.C. Hope you are alright. I expect you are quite sunburnt down there With love from all Mother Dad & Irene


1915    Flowers with poem : Birthday Greetings (107 scan box)

Posted by J N or K W on 16th August 1915 in Glasgow : Sent to Mr J Waddell Sheuchan Street, Stranraer

Hope you arrived safely home. With best Wishes for your Birthday from J. N. & K. W.


1915    Flowers with poem: Birthday Greetings (107 scan box)

Posted by ? on 15th August 1915 in Stranraer : Sent to Mr J Waddell King Street, Stranraer

Best Wishes from all at no 9.


1915    Dunoon from West (107)

Posted by Ina on 18th August 1915 in Dunoon : Sent to No 16398 Dr A Campbell  2/2 Coy A S C, Rumbling Bridge, Stirling
I got your letter and P C Spenting (sic) the day here it is very .... Hope you are getting better weather there  Ina XXX will write when I ever get home give you all the news


1915    Cardingmill Bay, Oban (107)

Written by  E J C/S? on 29th August 1915 & posted in Oban : Sent to Miss Roy c/o W Parker Esq, Foxmount, Broughty Ferry

Thank you ever so much for kind note which I am sorry not to have acknowledged sooner. I do hope your face is better & that you really benefitted (sic) by your holiday My niece & I are having a delightful time & we both feel so much better already. The three hides this house ??? Frankie will show you his card. It is an ideal spot for a real holiday. We hope to go to Fort William tomorrow. Greetings from E. J. C/S?



1915    Roses with flowers : Birthday Greetings (107 scan box)

Posted by Bill or Bell on 30th August 1915 in Newcastle on Tyne : Sent to Mrs Thomson Springfield Terrace, High Street, Felling on Tyne

Many Happy returns of the day from Bill & Bell


1915   King Edward Memorial, Northampton (107)

Posted by R B on 13th September 1915 in Northampton : Sent to Miss A Brown Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh

Dear Aunt
This is the entrance to the Northampton Hospital hoping this finds you (in) the Best of health from  R B


1915?    Boy with donkey carrying turf : Irish Turf Carrier (107 scan box)

Posted by G on 15th? September 1915? in Keel, Westport, Ireland : Sent to Miss Louise Jacobs Studio Aynhoe? Road, Brook Green, London

Keembay Cottage, Dooagh, Keel, Achill (Ireland)
I've come here for a fortnight & its a glorious place. How are you? I was ill lately - too much gaiety in London! You'd revel in the sights here. Women dressed in lovely colours . . . . . . Its like some foreign place. Write to me soon for goodness sake. best of love G.


1915    Dutch Garden, Glamis Castle (107) 

Posted by E Booker 20th October 1915 in Glamis? : Sent to Miss A Jamison Auchmore, Killin, Perthshire

Many thanks for p.p.c. how shoul(d) I forget the day, I left my Gamp in Cohan? Bay I am so  glad you were both able to have a day off together. Did you ever get a parcel I sent you, A little time ago. Much love From E Booker


1915    Brühl by Köln - Hgl. Schloss (107 / 61) message all in German, so please forgive any errors in transcription 

Written by Breitbach 24th November 1915 in Brühl by Köln & posted 27th in Amsterdam : Sent to Frau Hortense Sellon Maidstone Road, Chatham, Kent

Geehrte Frau Sellon Wie geht es Ihnen und Ihren Lieben? Leider muss man immer noch auf Umwegen schreiben. Wollen Sie mir nicht durch freundliche Vermittlung der Buchhandlung Johannes Müller in Amsterdam, van Baerlessraat 18, Nachricht geben? Hoffen wi?? auf baldige Verständigung.
   Mit ergebenen Grüssen
          Ihr Breitbach
Brühl by Köln, 24/11.1915.


1915?    Lago di Lugano. Gandria (107 / 61)

Written by H S 18th December  1915 in Lugano : Sent to Mr Adolf Susman London

This place looks "allright" on the picture, or at a distance - the further the better - but not at "close range".   H.  S.  Lugano: 12-18-1915.


1915    In the Llyfnant Valley, Aberystwyth (107)

Posted by David Davis on 28th December 1915 in Cardigan : Sent to Mr Dl Davies Cilrhedin Farm, Trimsaran, Kidwelly, Cardinganshire, Wales

Dear brother, just a word to let you know that Llwyngrawis (looks like) got culm now so you dont want to bother no more about it. We have not got a cockerel only 3 pullets out of the sitting which are pure. No fresh news only wishing you all a very very  happy new year. Thank Lucy for the Xmas Card. Yours Truly David Davies.


1916    Boulogne-sur-Mer : Quartrier du Dernier Sou : (107 / 61 )

Posted by M F P? in Jan? / June? 1916 in Passed by Field Censor : Sent to Mrs Sellon Maidstone Road, Chatham, Kent

chere madame
To tell you I arrived here once mor safely, But very dissaponted (sic) with weather its so cold & no sun, how are you. all well I hope, looking forward to seeing you again. Am hoping the weather is better with you Kindest regards to all Yours M F P?


1916   St Mary's Church, Taunton  (107)

Posted by H on 15th January 1916 in Wellington : Sent to Miss N/Y? Waddell c/o Kings Street, Stranraer, Scotland

Little Fair Oak
Dear Nan Just a C in haste to let you know that I arrived home safe and had a nice passage. will write later going to twoun (sic) now. hope all is well as I am fine
   with kind Regards H


1916    Lugano : Quai e Hôtels (with women washing clothes at lake side : (107 / 61 )

Written by H S in March 1916 in Lugano : Sent to Adolf Susman London

(after postcard title H S has written) and "family wash!"
The latter is attended to publicity here. No wonder the linen is of a decidedly yellow tint, as warm water is not used for cleansing purposes.  H. S.  Lugano; march 1916.


1916     Perth Bridge and Bridgend (107)

Posted by T S on 11th March 1916 in Perth : Sent to Miss L Yates Crawley House,  Husborne Crawley , Aspley Guise, Bedfordshire

11.3.16. Dear Lillie.
Many Thanks for P.C It was a nice one. how are you all getting on I have had an awful bad cold, but a little better to day I wish I had been with you the other night. I often wish I was at Crawley. give my love to all, & Albert. it is snowing all day to day & very cold here.
kind remembrances & love to you all T. S. This is the river running through Perth 


1916    Joke card : Visitors impressions of the Irish Jaunting Car - Getting on : (107 / 61 )

Posted by ? on 10th March 1916 in Carrickfergus : Sent to Miss Branigan St Mungo Street, Townhead, Glasgow

Dear M Sorry to hear you are laid up again it is terrible cold weather & hope you will soon be better tell C the photo is grand. I hoped to have got a letter to you but will soon Mrs B is in bed again  Lodgers gone M ????


1916    Braunton (107)

Posted by R S on 3rd April 1916 in Woolacombe : Sent to J S Budd, Esq Watling Street, London

Are returning to-morrow Tuesday arrive Water loo 6.5 but that will be too late for you so will get the last class night 9.12 home ....... at  norwood as I shall have luggage Thanks for letter & paper also wire - we only had enough news to make us very anxious nothing definite. Off to see a wreck at Woolacombe Bay   R S


1916    Southport, Botanical Gardens (107)

Posted by Arthur on 17th April 1916 in Rugeley Camp (Stafford) : Sent to Miss J Richardson Halgate, Cottingham, Yorkshire

Dear Cousin Just a few lines to let you know I am putting a week end pass in this wk for Home It is very good of Aunt promising my (sic) a parcel but as I chance for a wk end my going to take it as we shall be fireing  (sic) our sourse  (sic) soon & they  (sic) will be no leave for a month then I have not forget the last Batch I will get one on Sat From your Loving Arthur


1916    The Mitre Hotel, Oxford (107)

Posted by ? on 23rd April 1916 in Thame : Sent to Miss E Atkinson Savile Road, Leeds

Dr Ethel Another to the Col. I like this Set - dont you? Still going strong here - The zoo???is not so bad now. Shewing Mrs A & Mary all the sights - Gramp - etc. Got a full programme  for next week. .... You are ........ 


1916    Alexandra Park, Penarth : (107)

Posted by Lil on 13th June 1916 in Magor : Sent to Miss H Silcock Cumvagor, Wolvesnewton, near Chepstow, Monmouthshire

Dear Harriet. How are you getting on, we are alright and having a fine time. Did you go anywhere Sunday it was thundering here. We went to Penarth yesterday and this is where we went we were sat on one of these seats that you see here. Goodbye with love Lil



1916    Portrait of unidentified woman : (107 scan box)

Posted by Arthur on 16th June 1916 in Perham Do..... : Sent to Mrs Ferguson Morningside Road, Edinburgh

Just a P.C. to say I am well, trusting you are all the same. I do hope little Louise is now better I will be awful glad if you will write me a letter soon Best love to you all Yours Arthur XXXXX


1916    Bridge of Ross, Comrie : (107)

Posted by J C on  or about 16th July 1916 in Comrie??? : Sent to Miss R Clark Kincraig, Tayport

Do you think it is to dry up to day, tomorrow or ever in fact. I have never seen the Earn like what it is this morning I was to go over the Poldas (looks like) to it to day but every road was flooded. J C


1916    Bootham Bar and Minster, York : (107)

Posted by R.C. on 16th July 1916 in Forres : Sent to Pte J Colvin 7855 E. Company 10th Seaforth No 1 Block House, Crombie, Fifeshire

Cothill, Nairn
Dear J, Look out for a small wooden box coming by rail sent of (sic) Tuesday evening. we wont write again till we get your new address. I have got my holidays now and will write oftener. With love R.C.


1916    Ilkley, Cow & Calf Rocks : (107)

Posted by W Smith on 17th July 1916 in Ilkley : Sent to Miss E Bridgens Summerfield Crescent, Rotten Park, Birmingham

Farrand House Farm
Dear Edna I promised to send you a P.C. Mr. Smith has been ill & we have been away from home for over 2 mths. we left the Tuesday after I was at your house. He is better now & we expect to be back the middle of August. We are staying at a farm in Yorkshire - quite close to the moors - the heather is just beginning to come out. Kindest regards to your mother & love to yourself. from W. Smith


1916    "Braw Braw Lads", Burns Memorial, Galashiels : (107)

Posted by J B Blake on 24th July 1916 in Galashiels? : Sent to Miss Linda Bell Noble Place, Hawick

many thanks for sending Photo's on Adam's Photo's. I think it is very good. Rita is very pleased with her one. Aren't we having splendid weather. Hope to see you when I am on holiday  Kindest regards to your Aunt & Yourself. J. B. Blake


1916    Unidentified house : (107 scan box)

Posted by C Macdonald on 17th? August in Carradale : Sent to Miss Sine Taefful? Bilsland Drive, Glasgow

Aug 16th. 1916
Dear Sine.
we received your two letters and noted there Contents. thanks for letting me know you have sent off, the Hampre. (sic) I will write you as soon as I get it up kind regards C Macdonald


1916    Stobs : 5 views : (107)

Posted by M Watson on 16th August in Hawick : Sent to Miss L McLaren Lambhill Street, Plantation, Glasgow

Hawick 31 Aug 1916
Having a lovely time. Weather splendid. Hope You had a nice time. How's Your face off for spots.  Your M Watson


1916    Ladies' Walk, North Berwick (107)

Posted by ? on 3rd? September 1916 in North Berwick : Sent to Miss Watson c/o W F Milne, Chemist, Juniper Green (now Edinburgh)

Commercial? Hotel
High Street - N.B. ???
Sunday/ I am having a fine time though it is wet. I have hired a Bike & am at Dirleton I hope to be at business by 11.10 A.M. if you want any ??? brought out send P. Card to W.W.A. c/o Smith Bros 1 South Bridge, Edinr.
I will get the ties for you & bring them out on Monday
If you want me out by 12.oclock. say so, or I will come out by 10.45


1916    Am Zugersee : (107 / 61)

Written by H S on 16th October 1916 in Zug, Switzerland : Sent to Mr Adolf Susman London

The high mountain is the Rigi.
many a pleasant trip I made on this lake. The little steamer does not ply any more at this time of year owing to lack of patronage.  H. S.
Zug ; October 16 - 1915. 


1916    Plain postcard : (107)

Written by Marion Sykes on 16th October 1916 in Banstead : Sent to Mademoiselle Marie Hintermann Bahnhofstrasse, Arran, Switzerland

The Lodge Banstead
Oct 16th 1916.
Dear Mademoiselle.
   Your card reached me safely & I thank you very much for so kindly writing. We are so glad to hear news of Linda. When you write again to her, will you tell her we are all very well & everything going on as usual?. I am sorry I cannot write in French or German! but hope you do not mind. If you write in French I can read that! With many grateful thanks and Kind regards from Marion Sykes


1916    Twin funnelled steamship (unidentified) with men rowing boat : (107 scan box)

Written by Charles on 8th November 1916 & passed by Field Censor : Sent to James McDonald Petershill Road, Springburn, Glasgow

Dear Pal
I send you the few Lines to say I arrived all safe this morning this is the Boat I came over in Yours Charles


1917    Aberfeldy, Lower Falls of Moness : (107)

Posted by Susan in 1917 in Ballinluig : Sent to Miss E Reid Edinchip, Ballinluig

D. E. How are you enjoying life. I am having a fine time. Hope to be settled soon. Susan


1917    Richmond, General View : (107)

Posted by Ant (looks like) on 13th January 1917 in Catterick Camp, Yorkshire : Sent to Miss P Robbins Belle Vue Road, Eastville, Bristol

Hipswell Camp Catterick bridge Yorks. 12/1/17
Dear P arrived here  yesterday. Yards of mud & very cold & 3 miles from nearest village (PTO) We are about 50 miles past you. All for now Write soon love
ps put in for transfer to "Tanks" today they were asking for volunteers/ A



1917    St Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh : (107 scan box)

Posted by Harry (Worf) on 17th April 1917 in Edinburgh : Sent to Mrs Worf  Bridge House, Sporle, Swaffham, Norfolk

April 17th
Dear Mother I am leaving here to morrow wednesday 18 we are going to a place in Yorkshire Named Beverly but I will send you on another card as soon as I get there   Harry


1917    Saturday's child drawing by Flora White : (107 scan box)

Posted by Aunt on 4th May 1917 in Worthing : Sent to Miss I (or) J (or) L Stevens  Arthur Road, Windsor

Dear Queen  with best wishes hoping you will have a happy day and tell son he must help you with your walking?  from Aunt


1917    Slayley Church (interior), Slayley  (south of Hexam) : (107)

Posted by Harry on 8th June? 1917 in Slayley : Sent to Miss A Edwards  Eagle Inn, Eccleshall, Staffordhire

Dear Alice Just a line to let you know that I am quit(e) well. We are having a very misty rainy night I hope you are quite well With love from Harry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


1917    Die Schweiz Sommertage in Braunwald?. Orstock : (107 / 61)

Posted by Henry Susman on 2(?)th July 1917 in Zug, Switzerland : Sent to Mrs A G Sellon  Maidstone Road, Chatham, Kent

Zug; Switzerland. Postfach 15807.
July 20 - 1917.

Dear Mrs. Sellon:
May I ask you very kindly to let me know whether you received my lines of June 12th, in answer to your letter, informing me of the death of my uncle. Believe me dear Mrs. Sellon, with best regards. Sincerely yours, Henry Susman



1917    At Tarrie Den, Arbroath : (107 / 61)

Posted by Annie on 30th July 1917 in Scotland? : Sent to Mary (name rubbed out) 123 Cathcart Road, Glasgow.

Dear Mary I am having a ripping time. This is the spot for a holiday. I was in bathing yesterday. you will be back to work again. Will write later  Annie


1917    Scone Palace : (107)

Posted by Brown? on 2nd August 1917 in Perth : Sent to Mrs D Pott  Grant Street, Burghead, Morayshire

Just a P C from Perth Station having a fine time excuse writing will write later on   Brown?



1917    Soldier's humour post-card : (107 scan box)

Posted by Steve on 15th August 1917 in Army Post Office, UK? : Sent to Miss Saycell  Melindwr, Goginan near Aberystwyth, Wales

Tues: night
Dear Em
Peace news tonight very good, hope it will come out alright. Have you seen this before? Its very good, sent letter this afternoon. Hope to see you soon. love to all fondest love & kisses. Yours ever Steve xx


1916    Zug : Burg : (107 / 61)

Written by H S on 17th August 1916 in Zug, Switzerland : Sent to Mrs Sellon Chatham

This building is one of the landmarks of Zug.   H. S.  Zug. August 20-1917.


1917    Portrait of unidentified young woman : (107 scan box)

Posted by Bessie on 23rd August 1917 in Whitland, UK : Sent to Miss N Thomas  St Stephens Avenue, Pentre, (?)strad

Blaerpant, Llanginning St Blea(?)
Dear Nelly,
                just a Card hoping you are quite well. the same as I am. I am enjoying fine, but the weather is very bad. Best Love From Bessie. Remember me to your mother.


1917    Birthday card with flowers & poem : (107 scan box)

Posted by D P on 6th September 1917 in Hockley Heath : Sent to Mr N Parker  Grange Farm, Bps Itchington, near Leamington

Just a card to wish you many happy returns of the day. expect to have my holidays the middle of next week. Love to all   D P



1917    Aberfeldy Castle Menzies : (107)

Posted by G A M D? on 22nd  September 1917 in Camse... : Sent to Mrs Reed  (Reid) West Lodge, Aberlour, Banffshire

got this P C at last I entend (sic) to go home Friday first hop (sic) you are all well G A M? D



1917   Thurso from the South : (107)

Posted by C R on 13th October 1917 in Thurso : Sent to Mrs C Reid Leslie Place, Forres, Morayshire

Dear C Have  just got into Thurso so here is a P.C. got your letter last night & will send Box on monday. We had a great meeting last night. Beautiful night and place grub full up  Love to you all C R



1917    Birthday wishes : Young woman with horse : (107 scan box)

Posted by Edik (looks like) on 19th October 1917 in Nelson, Cardiff : Sent to Mr F Sullivan Perrott Street, Treharris

Wishing you many Happy returns of the day. Edik?


1917    Houses on side of hill at Uznach, Switzerland : (107 / 61)

Written by Henry Susman  on 29th October 1917 in Uznach, St Gallen, Switzerland : Sent to Mrs Sellon Maidstone Road, Chatham, Kent

This is one of the many charming spots near this place, to which I came six weeks ago.   H. S. Uznach (St Gallen), Switzerland. October 29-1917.


1917    Ypres Halles avant et après le Bombardment - Halles before the Bombardment and after : (107)

Written by Walter?  on 31st October 1917 in Field Post Office : Sent to Mr? W Hunt?  9 ......... Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham

Another for your collection. Love  W.     P Williams


1917    Lakeside scene : Am Zugersee  : (107 / 61)

Written by Henry Susman in December 1917 in Uznach, Switzerland : Sent to Mrs F Sellon & Family Maidstone Road, Chatham, Kent

"Wishing A Happy New Year." Sincerely, Henry Susman
Uznach; Switzerland. Decr 1917. 


1917 (or) 1918     La Louviere : Chateau Boock : (107)

Posted by Walter on 22nd December 1917? in Field Post Office : Sent to Mr? W ? Hunt  98 Lightswood Hill, Warsley, Birmingham

at the place shewn on P.C. spent an enjoyable evening there, will tell You all about it in my ....... It may still be several days before I am able to get it away.
There were 3 letters & Punch for me yesterday, will answer at first opportunity dearest?
Heaps of love & happy thoughts Yours Walter 


1917    Rotten Row, London  : (107)

Written by John on 31st December 1917 in London : Sent to Mrs Fitzpatrick Urquhart Street, Aberdeen, Scotland

Wishing you a Happy New Year


1918    Birthday card with dog & 4 pups & poem : (107 scan box)

Posted by Alice Bailey on 21st January 1918 in Bur?hill, Wolverhampton : Sent to Miss Margaret Gibson   Rushy Lane, Albrighton, near Wolverhampton

Just to wish you Many Happy returns of the day and  many more birthdays to follow. With love from Alice Bailey


1918    Italian woman with flag : bandiera la stella d'Italia ti portanto la vittoria : (107 scan box)

Posted by Moses? on 30th January 1918 in Field Post Office & passed by censor : Sent to Mrs W Davis  Saint Lukes Terrace, Eversham Road, Headless Cross, near Redditch, Worcestershire

Jan 26/ 1918.
Dear Ada Just a P.C. hoping this will find you in the best of health as it leaves me in the pink. Dear Ada we are having some grand weather now it is just like summer now I should have wrote before but you  know how things are just tell Will I am alright and tell him that this lot will soon be over and then we will have a night. Well Duckie I think this is all this time so I will close with best Love to all at home From your old Pal Moses? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


1918    Queen Victoria memorial, London : (107)

Posted by Dadda on 30th January 1918 in London : Sent to Miss Kathleen Cinino Charles Street, Blenhiem, (sic) New Zealand

Dear Kath,
There are no pretty girls like you & Mother & Brenda in London   Dadda


1918    Standing-Stone Rock, Woodhouse Eaves (England) (107)

Posted by Connie on 18th February 1918 in Woodhouse Eaves : Sent to Miss B Cole  Abbey Lane, Leicester

Hanging stones Farm
   Woodhouse Eaves
       nr Loughbora
Dearest Linda,
I was so sorry at not being able to see you on Thursday afternoon only I did not come in to Leicester until after dinner & I had to catch an early train back & when I came for you at work you was (sic) engaged & I did not have time to come again I hope you are quite well With Fonesd (fondest)? love from Connie


1918    Fountains Abbey, Nave West (107)

Posted by Harry on 21st February 1918 in Ripon Camp : Sent to Mrs E Haddon  Kelston Road, Whitchurch, Cardiff

Your note received & also good wishes & likewise from Min & Tom, & also smokes & sweets which were welcome. I have again spoken about coming home & fear there will be a hitch on account of the number of men coming into the Camp to be dealt with. I shall be sorry if we are all disappointed, but you will know it will not be my fault.
I will wire you finally whether coming or not, & if not I will not write about returning until positively certain next time for I know what it feels like to be disappointed. Glad you are both so well. Dont write until you hear further   Love Harry


1918    portrait of Gladys Co.... : (107 scan box)

Posted by Doff on 25th February 1918 in UK? : Sent to Miss L Waite  Stoneville Street, Cheltenham, England

Dear Lucy, this is some place fellows (Gee) some of all sorts. Doff


1918    Joke card, man in bed ill with 2 women talking : (107 scan box)

Posted by Pat on 17th February 1918 in Dalbeattie : Sent to Miss E Harris  Nelson Street, Chepstow, Monmouthshire

Dear E Yours to hand yesterday before I left Glasgow arrived here at Dalbeattie last night found all well going up to London thursday to see my friend Francis hope you are all well pleased to hear the good report of all 12 ?????  Yours Pat


1918    Sunset by beach : (107 scan box)

Posted by Hilda?  on 4th March 1918 in UK : Sent to Miss A Lenton  Gloucester Street, Coventry

Wishing you many Very Happy Returns of the Day From Mother Dad & Hilda with Love


1918    Forster Square, Bradford (107)

Posted by Mother on 6th August 1918 in Bradford : Sent to Miss L Waite Stoneville Street, Gloster Road, Cheltenham

This is where I went this morning it is a lovely Place we are going Back to Burly to night  Mother


1918    Edinburgh Castle from Grassmarket (107)

Posted by Louis on 9th September 1918 in Edinburgh : Sent to Charles Hayden Main Street, Northampton, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

sept 9/1918
Had a real supper to-night at the American Club. (Roast pork) Am leaving for somewhere. Will see London to-morrow. I have a 7 day pass coming to me, will have that soon in another country. Louis

1918     Lonzée : L'Eglise at la Place : (107)

Posted by Walter on 26th December 1918 in Field Post Office : Sent to Mrs W ? Hunt  98 Lightswood Hill, Warsley, Birmingham

Xmas Day 1918.
Have just made  an excellent dinner. very Good & plenty of it. Tonight there is a concert se we are doing exceedingly well. Love Walter


1919     Ruines d'Ypres - The Ruins : Rue des Chiens - Doog's (sic) Street (107 / 61)

Postal date uncertain. Posted in Ypres, Belgium : Sent to Mrs Sellon Truck House, Probus, near Truro, Cornwall

Have just walked in from Gheluveld about 8 miles from Ypres - the utter devastation is awful stretching as far as the eye can see - the trees are blasted stumps, the ground  is all shell holes & is strewn with all manner of broken, twisted war gear, the villages are none existant , just their position marked by a sign board.
Tomorrow I go to see Zeebrugge. Kindest remembrances
Yours very sincerely
   R? W? Taylor 


1919    Sheep being shepherded near church with poem : (107 scan box)

Posted by May in Sibstone, (see spelling below) Atherton in 1919 : Sent to Miss A Insley  Chapel Street, Smisby near Ashby-de-la-Zouch

Dear A
            Just a line to Wish you Many Happy Returns of your Birthday. I hope Mother is better again. You are a long time in coming. I guess Postman will be loaded with presents for you tomorrow. Best love from us all at Sibson   May



1919    Bolton Abbey, from N.W. : (107)

Written by Mrs Bowenal? on 20th February 1919 in UK? : Sent to  her Godson Austin

With  love and every kind wish to Austin on his Birthday from his Godmother Mrs Bowenal?
N. F. P. Febry. 20th. 1919



1919    Wellington Statue, Aldershot : (107)

Posted by Claud on or about 2nd May 1919 in Blackdown Camp, Aldershot : Sent to Mrs Ernest Dean "Greta" Woodkey, Rock Ferry, Cheshire

This place is near to the Bn. H. Q.  now I really must ring off. Best love to all. & especially yourself. From Claud  2. V. 19.


1919    Burghley House and Lake, Stamford (107)

Written by ? on 18th June 1919 in England? : Sent or given to Burghley Park. Dairy Farm, Stamford

We were hay-making in the field opposite the House. We cross in a boat, because our digs are on this side.


1919    The Wishing Tree, Crieff : (107)

Posted by Isa on 24th June 1919 in Crieff : Sent to Mrs S H  c/o Miss Cant Garpit Cottage, Tayport, Fife

Ford House Crieff
Dear Maggie
We are having a fine time the weather today is rather Stormy Yet it is a fine day & Sunny I met Miss Graham of Clifton, today & she shook hands & was asking for you & Annie. hope you are getting on all right  Isa


1919?    Motor boat engines passed by censor 24.1.1917 : (107 scan box)

Posted by H E? Mcintosh in August 1919? in Portsmouth : Sent to Mr A Roworth Ashworth Road, Maida Vale, London

?4 Granada Rd. Southsea
Dear Roworth
             Have you ever seen anything like this before? Hope you and Mrs R are both keeping well: How do you like civie life? cheerio. Yours sincerely H E? McIntosh


1919    Banks o' Doon, Alloway, Ayr : (107)

Posted by Winnie on 2nd August 1919 in Prestwick : Sent to Miss Connor Ockbrook, Derby

Going here this afternoon if it keeps fine, and was in Ayr all afternoon yesterday! It seems  to do nothing but rain in this district, it's awful. I tried to get Lohre (looks like) but none of them had heard of it Love from Winnie. /
Ayr Road


1919    Storm at Morecambe : (107)

Posted by Auntie on 5th August 1919 in Morecambe : Sent to Mr J Forrest Preston Road, Longridge near Preston

74 Clare4ndon Rd Morecambe
Dear Jack
We are enjoying our selves very much eating all at the front of us we are all well hoping you are the same  From Auntie


1919    Promenade, Leven : (107)

Posted by Nessie on 12th August 1919 in Leven : Sent to Miss N brooks Comely Bank Road, Edinburgh

D N  Got your P C alright from Wishaw, trusting you had a good time  Kindest regards from Nessie


1919    Portrait of unidentified lady with flowers : (107 scan box)

Posted by Vera on 16th December 1919 in Starcross : Sent to Miss M Hammett Bickham, Kennford near Exeter

New Road, Starcross
My Dear Mable
                  Just a card to let you know I am coming to see you tomorrow after noon all being well. I will come on the road until I meet you I have been out for a nice walk this afternoon with May Kindles. Think this is all at present Fondest Love From Vera XX. We got home all right Sunday


1920 circa    Gemmie - Wagen auf der Fahrt :  woman in horse drawn  vehicle going up steep mountain track (107)

Posted by Auntie on 9th june circa 1920 in, Switzerland : Sent to Miss Claire Ascott Whitwell Road, Southsea, Portsmouth

Hotel Belle vue.
   Kandersteg. June 9th These are the funny little carriages you can hire to go up the Gemmi Pass. We are going there some day. I have been a lovely walk today. There are great high mountains all round covered with snow, and? it all looks so beautiful. Love from Auntie.



1920    Belle Tout Lighthouse & Downs From Beachy Head : (107)

Posted by M R on 13th March 1920 in Eastbourne : Sent to Miss Carr D I A, Alexandra House Kingsway, London

We are sitting on the pier so you can guess what the weather is like. The band plays twice a day along the front, & the motors are running to Beachy Head.   M R.


1920    Clevedon: Green, Beach : (107 scan) some text very faint

Posted by Ethel on 23rd May 1920 in Clevedon : Sent to Mr & Mrs E B Walton c/o Mrs Lowe St Margaret's Road, Lowestoft

c/o Misses ? & Anthony? & Barnard
      Valley View
          Princes Road
Dear Edith & ? Having  a grand time& very sunburnt, have ? been to Communion & just going for a row? Hope you are enjoying yourselves. Grand people here & lovely country much love to both. Etel. Love to Mrs Love


Crawfordsburn Inn

Posted by Mr?/Mrs? D on 9th June 1920 in Crawfordsburn : Sent to Mrs Bramwell Park Road, Blackburn, Lancashire

Dear Mrs B
I am here for the day hope you all well will write a letter when I get home From Mr?/Mrs? D with love



1920    On Esk Glen, near Montrose (107)

Posted by Andrew or Jean on 5th July 1920 in Montrose : Sent to Mrs David Drummond East Adam Street, Edinburgh

Dear Chris & Dave  We arrived here on Saturday & having a glorious time. The weather has been lovely but cold a bit. Wee Jean is enjoying herself between the Sands & the water. Tell Tina I will send her a card later Fond love to all Andrew & Jean


1920    Holyrood Palace and Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh (107)

Posted by P D on 31st July 1920 in Liberton (Edinburgh) : Sent to The Misses Cape c/o Dr Gold, Rydal Mount, Hereford

Many thanks for P. C.'s. Glad you are having a good time. Pity the weather is bad. We went to St. Mary's Loch yesterday. enjoyed the sun. Got lovely today. My holiday will be up on Monday. The trains will be crowded You will have seen a good bit of the country by now. Love to all, P. D. 31 July Liberton


1920    Two horses : 107 scan box)

Posted by Gwen on 6th August 1920 in Ebbw Vale : Sent to Miss A Davey Wellington ?, Redditch

Dear Alice just a line to tell we reached home safely at 3.30 and had a very good journey With love from your ever loveing (sic) friend Gwen


1920    Denholm (4 views) : (107)

Posted by Milly on 9th August 1920 in Denholm : Sent to Mrs McDavid South Portland Street, Glasgow

Dear Mother Spending the afternoon here. Expect to leave Hawick to-morrow with the 2-20. Weather seems to be getting better when I am coming away. Milly.



1920    Corrybrough House : (107)

Posted by G Ma..... on 12th August 1920 in Tomatin : Sent to Miss Alice Mitchell  ........wily Hall, Pangbourne, Berks.

Corrybrough House, Tomatin, Invernesshire
A card to day i Got siccors (sic) will write In a few days Love best wishes G M.......



1920    Whitley Bay, Promenade & Sands : (107)

Posted by S Mills/Wills? on 20th August 1920 in Whitley Bay : Sent to Miss M Rippon York Road, West Hartlepool

We are having a very enjoyable time here, the sands are always crowded with visitors like this picture shows you. I wondered what You were doing when we came through ??? a fortnight ago. Hope You are enjoying your holidays Best love from both Yrs affecty S Mills/Wills Aug. 20th


1920    The Sanatorium, Kinver Edge : (107)

Posted by Eva on 23rd August 1920 in Stourbridge : Sent to Mrs F Jude Somerset Road, Handsworth, near Birmingham

Having a nice time here, the weather is very cold, but we are enjoying ourselves in spite of that. Sorry I did not call to see you before I come (sic) hoping you are keeping well. Eva


1920    Venezia Canal Grande : (107)

Written by J J Strachan on 12th September 1920 in Venice  : Sent or given to her sister

S S Headcliffe
        Sept 12 1920
Dear Sister Just a PC to let you know we are but? well hoping this will find you the same we are expecting to sail again about the end of the week for Gibraltar for orders but we dont know (where) we will go from there I hope you are getting  alrigh(t)? now I will w(r)ite Maggie the first chance John will be writing soon  no more at present from J J Strachan



1920    Stirling Castle from the King's Park (107)

Posted by J McLaren? on 24th September 1920 in Stirling : Sent to Miss Fence (looks like) Drysdale Morton Place,  E. Aberdour, Fife

Having a nice holiday. weather lovely but cold. Hope you are behaving yourself. Love to you Yrs. J McLaren?


1920/ 1921?    Edinburgh Castle : The Esplanade (Cameron Highlanders on Parade (107)

Posted by O? R S on 25th March 1920/ 21? in Edinburgh : Sent to Mrs Forsyth

Can hear of no one who would bring S. so will expect J? on Friday evening 9.30 all very flourishing & happy Love from Stella & all O?. R. S


1920 +/-    Whitley Bay (various) : 107 scan box)

Posted by Agnes or George on 20th July 1920 +/- Whitley Bay : Sent to Miss May Morrison Petershill Road, Springburn, Glasgow

From Agnes & George


1920 +/-    Gisborne, New Zealand (various) : (107 scan box)

Written by Billy Brown in 1920 +/-  in UK (may have been hand-delivered or in parcel) : Sent or given to Miss Janet McAldon 20 Bridge Street, Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland

printed message : signed Billy Brown


1920 +/-    Christmas & New Year wishes : (107 scan box)

Posted by Y Wilson in 1920 +/-  in New Zealand (or may have been hand-delivered) : Sent or given to Mrs J Clachrie Jubilee Villa,


1920 +/-    Cartoon of boy & girl by Ludgate : (107 scan box)

Written by ? in 1920 +/-  in UK : Sent or given to Miss Oxton Taplow Street, Anfield, Liverpool

Eunice & Tom (referring to card front) when Tom is demobbed. Not a bit like it.


1920 +/-    Clifton Down (107) Note : some of the text is very faint

Written by Cath? Lane? in 1920 +/-  in Bristol : Sent to Mr J O? Withycombe c/o Messrs J Whitby & Sons, George Street, Bridgewater

DearMr Withcombe,
   Hope you are getting on all right, & not too rushed. I went to see Mr. Quick yesterday, & the ........ people are writing to Mr. ? .... re my appeal. We are having a nice time, but the ..... might be a little .... shall be in on Tuesday ....
  Sincere regards   Cath Lane  


1920 +/-    Old woman at spinning wheel : Irish Spinning Wheel (107 scan box)

Written by Mary Brown in 1920 +/-  in Ireland : Sent or given to Mrs Mary Brown c/o McDonald, Petershill Road, Springburn, Glasgow

Dear Granny I am enjoying myself at Ireland we are having good weather hoping you are keeping well  Mary Brown


1920 +/-    Three men on there knees to young woman on bench (107 scan box)

Written by G Spencer in 1920 +/-  in Shotteswell : Sent to Mrs V Parker c/o Mrs Spencer Manor Farm, Clifton, Deddington

Laurel Farm, Shotteswell, Saturday
Dear Violet Hope you are not feeling lonely, not if this is the way you are going on. What a wretched day today. I hope it will be fine tomorrow. I have thought about you since I returned, tell E. we have that P.C. he has not said much about it. Do they all tease you now. The Season ticket I mean. I will write soon. G. Spencer


1920 +/-    The Black Island, Balquhidder (107)

Posted by Kate in 1920 +/-  in Scotland? : Sent to Miss B B Watson  The Pharmacy, Newtonmore, Inverness-shire

Dear Bob,
              D & J  have had a lovely day touring about been at the Trossachs and now going to Loch Earn Best Love Kate XX


1920 +/-    Caio Village Church (107)

Posted by Ivor in 1920 +/-  in Caio?, Wales : Sent to Mr Emrys Hopkin Nr Nile Stone, Rhos, Pontardawe, Wales

I am enjoying myself first rate on my holidays. As you see I am up at Caio today yours (Ivor)


1920 +/-    Perth from Kinnoull Hill (107)

Posted by Beattie in 1920 +/-  in Perth? : Sent to Mrs Hodgkinson Lower Granton Road, Leith (Edinburgh)

c/o Gow
Dear Bessie Having quite a nice holiday and feeling ever so much better sorry was not down before I left Remember me to Your mother with Kind regards  Yours Beattie


1920 +/-    Bridge and Fore Street, Bridgwater (107)

Posted by R S in 1920 +/-  in Bridgwater : Sent to Miss Goodman Fryatt Street, Barry Dock, Glamorganshire

Dear Janis,
           Many thanks for your letter and contents received this morning, all came safe. Rotten day here, raining hard here, rotten for a Bank Holiday. Remember me to all and love to yourself  yours R S.


1920 +/-    To Abbey Sands and Torbay Road - Torquay (107)

Posted by Jimmie? in 1920 +/-  in Torquay : Sent to Miss E Portman Camperdown, Bromey Hill, Hereford

9 Park St. Torquay
Dear Edith I expect by this time you have returned from your holidays. I am returning (at) the end of this week. The weather has been splendid & I am having a nice time Saw Mary Sun & Mon & she is coming on Wed. Hope to see you soon with love from Jimmie?



1920 +/-    The Old Castle, Skipness (107)

Posted by Stanley in 1920 +/-  in Whiteho...... : Sent to Donald Macdonald Esq. Jnr Schoolhouse, Kirn, Argyll  

D/D/ Having a great time here, but missing my golf! This old Castle dates from the 12th century. The fields around it cannot be ploughed because of the human bones. That means you couldn't play golf on them!!  Cheerio just now  Stanley.



1920 +    Millport from East (107)

Posted by Sire / Sine (looks like) in 1920 + in Millport : Sent to Mrs Fenffel Bilsland Drive, Maryhill, Glasgow

Millport.  Sat.
Dear mother, Arrived about 12.45. Had a walk to Upper Skelmorlie. saw school. Millport is just beautiful - such a nice sand. We had a walk to Fintry Bay, and had a grand view of Kilchattan Bay & the Firth. Hope Tesa arrived alright & that you got home safely. Best Love. Sire / Sine?


1920 +    Sands & Pier, Ayr (107)

Posted by Madge B on 7th June 1920 + in Ayr : Sent to Miss Brooks Comely Bank Road, Edinburgh

Dear Nan
     Here for a day enjoying myself A1 Excuse scribble   Madge B


1920 + circa    The Beach, Stonehaven : (107)

Posted by ? in 1920 + circa in Stonehaven? : Sent to Miss Maggie Middleton Powis Place, Aberdeen

Dear Maggie i may just send you another this one i think would be nearly in the centre of the two places i suppose you will know this place as i know it well myself now i think that is all A present you can let me know when you have  enough Ha Ha xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PS F.J.T.M.



1920/1929?    Building by pond with flowers : (107 scan box)

Posted by Mr or Mrs Evans on 26th October 1920/1929? in Mountain Ash : Sent to Miss G Evans Beadon Street, Mountain Ash, Glamorganshire

Dear Jennie Just a card to wish you many happy returns of the day. From Mam, Dad & Mye?. XXX


1921/1929?    Barnes Park Lake, Sunderland : (107)

Posted by Aunty Maggie on 24th August 1921/1929? in Sunderland : Sent to Mr Willie Hopkin Rhos, Pontardawe, South Wales

Dearest Willie just a card  to let you know I am feeling lots better than when I left the Rhos hoping you enjoyed your Vacation and you are in trim for work now I will leave Monday for Whitby and return home by Friday to see your daddy hope you are all well Kiss Ann &  Ennrie (looks like) for me Aunty Maggie love & Kisses xxxxxxxx


1921?    Three Spires, Coventry (107)

Posted by Charlie on 25th February 1921? in Coventry : Sent to Mrs & Mrs Chamberlain Beal Street, Upper Kent Street, Leicester

Dear Mother & Father
Will be staying in Coventry this week-end Best love to all   Charlie



1921    Cathedral De Bayeux Côte de l'Abside (107)

Posted by S A K? on 15th April 1921 in Bayeux, France : Sent to Mrs King Soho Road, Handsworth, Birmingham

Friday morng April 15th
Left yesterday - Granville in the rain - & went to Constance & then to St Lo (had a burst tyre) came on to Bayeux. It has been squalling with hail. I go to Caen this morning via Arromanches (on Coast) I shall stay several days at C - as I have been cycling since Sunday All well with me. I hope with you & Peter ........


1921    At the edge of Loch Tummel, Shiehallion in distance (107)

Posted by L???? on 5th ? 1921 in Strath........., Scotland : Sent to Miss C Drysdale Morton Place, Aberdour, Fife

Ardgualich?, Pitlochry
Am having a tipping time. Lovely weather, bathing boating etc. Heat awful. Love  L?????


1921    R.M.S. Lusitania at Landing Stage, Liverpool (107 scan box) : text as on card, some words are hard to make out!

Posted by ? on 24th May 1921 in Oxford : Sent to Walter Murray Blommestein, Three Anchor Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

Clarendon Hotel Oxford. May 21 1921. Dr Murray & I are spending the sights deep up at Oxford with Manschal - The sights week is a very gay holiday in the students here  It is the week in which they entertain sisters cousins etc and the days are given over to concerts dances luncheons and ? Every afternoon we go and watch the sights ? races which are  ? as sights week each college  ? ? ? and they ask their friends  to tea on it and at the same time they are able to add the race.   ?. 



1921     The Gardens, Rothesay (107)

Posted by J G H Boyd on 6th July 1921 in Rothesay : Sent to Miss Fenffel Bilsland Drive, Maryhill, Glasgow

Dear Miss Fenffel,
We are spending our holiday here and so far the weather has been glorious. Hope you have a pleasant holiday. Kind Regards to all  J. G. H. Boyd


1921    St. Mary's Lighthouse, Whitley Bay (107)

Posted by Jessie on 9th July 1921 in Whitley Bay : Sent to Mrs Elliott "Seafield," Isle of Whithorn, Wigtownshire

It is lovely just now  love xxxxxx Jessie


1921     St Brelades, Jersey (107)

Posted by A ?? on 27th July 1921 in Jersey : Sent to Mrs Wilson 23 Station Parade, Norbury, Surrey

Dear Clara  ???
      Having a fine time, weather beautiful. you will be pleased to know that the church in the view  dates back to the 14th century
 Love? A ??


1921     Branksome Chine, Bournemouth (107)

Posted by E M H on 28th July 1921 in Parkstone : Sent to Miss Laurie Coll Ivy Cottage, Randwick, Stroud, Gloucestershire

Am enjoying my holiday here very much. As I am brining Harry's niece back with me next Tuesday, perhaps it would be better to come up one Sunday. If you will let me know what day will suit you either week. I will bring her over H-. is coming here tomorrow (Friday) Love to all E.M.H.


1921     Promenade Gardens, Whitley Bay (107)

Posted? by Candlish on 12th August 1921 in Newcastle? : Sent to Mrs Chisholm c/o Miss Kyle, Seafield, Isle of Whithorn, Wigtownshire

Dear M?, Am setting off on Sunday morning & don't know when I may arrive. So Ta Ta till we arrive  Candlish
Vi recd ....... letter this morning & will write later


1921     Gilknockie Bridge (107)

Posted by Lizzie on 22nd August 1921 in Canonbie : Sent to Miss Lily Russell Jewel Cottages, Portobello (now Edinburgh)

I am enjoying my holiday fine. Have you been very busy in the Shops' (sic) since I left. Annie seems to be getting an expert milliner.  Lizzie


1921     Birthday card wishes : Basket of flowers with boat scene (107 scan box)

Posted? by Mam on 26th October 1921 in New-Quay : Sent to Miss Jennie Evans Plymouth Road, Penarth, Wales

Dear Him
            Just a line to wish you many happy return(s) of the day on your Borthday Love from Mam & Mue xxxx


1921     Christmas card wishes : with poem, A little work, etc. (107 scan box)

Posted? by Mr / Mrs Thorne in December 1921 in London : Sent to ?

From Mr & Mrs A. Escott Thorne, "Ma'adt," 82 Etheldene Avenue, Muswell Hill, N. 10.


1922    Plain Postcard (with CARTOLINA POSTALI ITALIANA on front)

Posted on 20th May 1922 in Siena : sent to Dr  Clay R Bowen Theological School, Meadville, Pennsylvania, USA

           Siena - May 19. '22
Dear Clayton,
                       I celebrate my last evening here by a niggardly card to you written at my favorite hour in my favorite spot, watching the sunset effects on city and mountains from the high bastion of the old fort. I confess that I have been here a week, resting after strenuous and interesting weeks in Rome and Florence. Tomorrow Pisa. The next night at Alassio. Then Marseilles and Avignon. Of course it is not as beautiful as Meadville but it is different and serves as a change If I stay longer in Italy, I shall vociferate in conversation and burst into song in the streets. In Rome as the Romans! Vida Scudder's "Disciple of a Saint" is the best things about Siena. barring a line from Pres. Southworth I have yet heard nothing from Meadville or Lovell. My mail is at Avignon. I trust. Love to everybody. I think of Hunnewell Hall, the Chapel and my class room and everybody all the time. I have bought a lovely drapery which I hope will suit the Table in the Chapel. Warm regards to Mrs. Sinnetts.
   I prefer modern times to the Middle Ages, and I shall enjoy being back in America - in spite of the pleasures here. Yours Ever.
                        F.A. Christie*
*(This is thought to be Prof Francis Albert Christie of Hunnewell Hall)


1922    Kirn, Argyllshire  (107)

Posted by Willie on 13th July 1922 in Dunoon : Sent to Miss Westwood  c/o Miss Gow, Muirton of Ardblair, Blairgowrie

(2)  as to the comfort of the Journey. Kirn is a continuation of Dunoon in the Northerly direction, and is quite close to Holy Loch
Hope you are having weather of the A1 order
                             Yours Willie


1922    Liverpool Street Hotel, Main Entrance (107)

Posted by W Love?on 13th July 1922 in London : Sent to Miss Elsie Grant-Ives Wellesbourne, Warwick

Have not yet a chance to write a letter What day are you going to Egham?   W Love?



1922    Conon Bridge (107)

Posted by Kit on 9th August 1922 in Dingwall : Sent to Miss Nan Malcolm  c/o Kinleith, Currie, Midlothian

23 Meiklefield Dingwall
D/ Nan arrived here safely & found all well I am staying a few days the weather has been good so far. Hope you are taking care of yrself. Best love Kit



1922    War Memorial 1914-1918 Abbots Langley (107)

Posted by Lily on 16th August 1922 in Abbots Langley : Sent to Mrs M A Yates  Crow Lane, Husborne Crawley, Bletchley

Dear Mother,
     I got here quite safe about 1/2 past 11. I should have been sooner but the wind was in front of one all the way. It kept lovely & fine & I hope it will last. Love to Gran & Albert. From Lily


1922    Laigh Leddy, Strathaven (107)

Posted by Mima on 25th September 1922 in Strathaven : Sent to Miss Babs Cockburn Heaton, Fosson Terrace, Newcastle on Tyne

I am spending a nice weekend here The Sun keeps smiling on us From Mima with love.



1923    Princes Street, East End, Edinburgh  (107)

Posted by Ada on 3? January 1923? in Sheffield : Sent to Mrs Ramsden Britannia Road, Darnall, Sheffield

Dear Lily I am very sorry I shall not be able to come for tea on Wednesday as I had made other arrangements am very sorry. Hope you all are well & wishing you a prosperous New Year Love to all Ada


1923    Eustache De Saint-Pierre (107 / 61) in French

Posted by ? on 20th July 1923 in Av. D'Orleans, Paris : Sent to Madame Sellon  Sunnicot, Kettlebaston, Ipswich, Suffolk

8m rue Leneveux (looks like)
Chere Madame et ? J'ai rainement attendre votre fils. Pourquoi? (rest not very readable)


1923    Templenewsam (107)

Posted by Isabella Buchanan on 20th July 1923 in Dunlop, Ayrshire : Sent to Miss Fenffel  Bilsland Drive, Mary Hill, Glasgow

Mid Grange, Dunlop
Dear Miss Fenffel Hoping you are having a good Holiday love from Isabella Buchanan


1923    La Porte De L'enfer (107 / 61) in French

Posted by ? on 24th July 1923 in Rue Danton, Paris : Sent to Madame Sellon  Sunnicot, Kettlebaston, Ipswich, Suffolk

23 Juillet
Nous S'avons vu et ? Il est charmant. D? ? lequand il vous apportera nos compliments et nos  ? ??



1923    Harrogate, Royal Baths & Parliament Square (107)

Posted by J C Sunderland* on 6th August 1923 in Sunderland : Sent to Mrs Bell  Lee Hall Farm, Wark on Tyne

Dear Mrs Bell I often think of the kind people at melot (looks like) Lee Hall. while I stayed. sorry Ive not been able to get back yet Ive been so busy. my thoughts are often with you. Hope yourself & family are keeping well. Love to all from J. C. Sunderland
*(NOTE: the signature may be read two ways:- 1st as J C Sunderland or 2nd as J C from Sunderland. Note that the card was posted in Sunderland)


1923    Falls of Muick, Ballater (107)

Posted by J D Kynoch on 7th August 1923 in Ballater : Sent to Miss Brown  Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh

Willow Bank, Ballater 7.8.28 (note : postmark is 1923 - which one is correct)?
Whither are you roving, fair maid? Wherever you are, I hope, but I know, you will have a good time. We are revelling in the beauties of Deeside, & have had a trip to Braemar & Donside. The Weather could have been kinder to us, but since Friday it has been glorious. Very kind regards from both. Yours J. D. Kynoch


192?    Cratyhie Church, Balmoral (107) (See Miss Brown above)

Posted by J D Kynoch in 192? in Braemar : Sent to Miss Brown  Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh

Hope you are having a good time. Thought I would have heard from you by now. Motored to Braemar today & have stopped to post this. We passed this place on the way. It is a lovely countryside. Was at Cruden Bay yesterday. It is a lovely place but not much to do in it beyond golf. Kindest Regards  E. M. Lees

1923    The Beach, Ayr (107)

Posted by A Kemp on 13th August 1923 in Ayr : Sent to Miss E? Gibson  Old Dumbarton Road, Glasgow

Spending the day hear (sic) fine weather for visiting the cottage and monument. A Kemp


1923    Front Street, Inverary (107)

Posted by Dorothy on 21st August 1923 in Inverary : Sent to Miss M Nimmo  Herdshill, Shieldhill, Via Falkirk, Stirlingshire

Dunderave Castle Inverary
Dear May/Meg? Just a p.c. hoping you are all keeping well We will be leaving here at the end of the month. Have you seen Mima lately? and Aunt Mima? We are still surviving in spite of the heavy rainfalls  Dorothy


1923    Callander and Kilmahog (107)

Posted by Andrew on 27th August 1923 in Callander : Sent to Miss B Watson  c/o Mrs Urquhart, Heather Cottage, Newton-more, Inverness-shire

Dear Bab,
              Just a P. C. from Callander to let you know I am having a good holiday Hoping you are keeping well. With love, Andrew.


1923    Pathway to Bryn Euryn, Rhos-on-Sea (107)

Posted by Tom or Bessie on 23rd August 1923 in Llandudno, Wales : Sent to Miss C Drysdale Roselea, Home Park, Aberdour, Fife

Dear Cathie
    We are having a lovely time, good weather, good roads, and magnificent scenery. This is a fine holiday place. Plenty of amusements Tom & Bessie


1923    Clovelly, Devonshire (107)

Posted by ? B on 19th November 1923 in Goring, Oxon : Sent to Mr Tigwell White House, Whitchurch near Reading

I have arranged for a practice on Wednesday next at 7 should be glad to see you if you have nothing else Yours ? ? B


1923    London, St Paul's The Choir (107)

Posted by Sandie on 31st December 1923 in Chelsea : Sent to Mr J Reid West Lodge, Aberlour, Banffshire

With love & best wishes for a happy new year your Uncle Sandie & A? J?


1924    Kinfauns Castle, Perth (107)

Posted by C Ritchie on 4th March 1924 in Perth : Sent to Mrs Anderson Balinta....... Farm, by Ballinluig

have been here for a few days & feel of the change although the weather has been cold but dry hope you are all keeping free of the cold & hope to see you soon  C Ritchie



1924    Crieff, The Sma Glen (107)

Posted by Jenny  on 4th April 1924 in Crieff : Sent to Miss Fenfell Bilsland Drive, Maryhill, Glasgow

Dear Miss Fenffel Enjoying my holidays Weather cold, but dry Love from Jenny



1924    Plain card (107)

Posted by N. Mariazo L/Sec(?)  on 22nd April 1924 in Ferrovia, Florence?, Italy : Sent to Marks & Co. Booksellers, Charing Cross Road, London

Flo 21. 4. 1924.

To Marks & Co.
106. Charing Cross Road, London W. C. 2.
Mr. Be...... Be....... could be much obliged if you could send him to the above address

No.          1010  (Symonds)
 ""     ""     1012  (Good....h)
 ""    ""      1014  (Rambles in Syria)
 ""    ""      1051  (Pet..s)
 ""    ""      1124  (Vol. IV of .....................
from Catalogue No. 5
  yours faithfully    N. Mariazo L/Sec(?)  



1924    Fir Tree Island, Bettws-y-Coed  (107)

Posted by Nell on 24th April 1924 in Bettws-y-Coed, Wales : Sent to Mrs Langmuir  Glencairn Drive, Pollocksheilds, Glasgow

Royal Oak Hotel, Bettws-y-Coed.
We came here on the 17th & we return on the 28th. We are having a lovely holiday, & shall be sorry to leave. I hope that you are all well. Love to all from both. Yours Nell.      


 Gartmorn Dam and Ochil Hills (107)

Posted by J W/M? Krockett  on 5th May 1924 in Alloa : Sent to Miss N Haxton Woodside House, Knock Terrace, Stirling

Glad you got home allright, none the worse for visit, hoping for longer stay next time, sorry I didnt see you. looking forward to saturday, had a letter from Sydney today. Hoping all are well. Yours &c J. W/M? Krokett


1924    In Ladhope Glen near New Gold Course, Galashiels (107)

Posted by ? on 13th May 1924 in Galashiels : Sent to Miss Westwood Meadowbank Avenue, Edinburgh

Galashiels 13/5
Our weather during the morning journey was mainly wet, but the evening is quite promising We are putting up at the Douglas Hotel ???


1924    Loch Katrine, Ellen's Isle (107)

Posted by Margaret on 4th July 1924 in Callander : Sent to Mrs Drysdale Home Park, Aberdour, Fife

Spending a lovely day here just waiting on board the Walter Scott. for a sail on the loch.   Margaret / 


1924    Various scenes of Loch Lomond + (107 scan box)

Posted by ? on 9th July 1924 in Tarbet, Loch Lomond : Sent to Mr Reid West Lodge, Aberlour, Banffshire

Leaving here tomorrow via Devil's Elbow have had a good time. ?


1924    Lower Falls of Pattook, Loch Laggan (107)

Posted by Kate on 24th July 1924 in Newtonmore : Sent to Mrs D Watson c/o Mrs P Watson, Pitcox, Dunbar, East Lothian

Dear Mother,
                   Having a nice holiday here hope you are having the same. We climbed Craig Dhu yesterday and have been doing some waking Love to all Kate XX


1924?    Chantilly - Le Château - Côté du Parc, France (107)

Posted by ? on 15th? August 1924? in Aire ? La Lys : Sent to Mademoiselle C Fonson Chez les soers de Charité Rue de St Omer, Aire s/la Lys, Pas de Calais

 Bon amusement et bonne sandés


1924    Entrance, Balgay Park, Dundee (107)

Posted by Mar... & / or  Bill? on 31st August 1924 in Dundee : Sent to Mrs Messer next Nisbets Pub, Dalry Road, Edinburgh

Having a good time it good weather Hope you are all in the Pink. Cheerio Mar... & Bill


1924    John o' Groats, Thurso (107)

Posted by C Campbell on 9th September 1924 in Thurso : Sent to Miss Fenffel Bilsland Drive, Maryhill, Glasgow

Last week was lovely but it is pouring of rain today. Am returning on Saturday. Kind regards C ? Campbell



1924    Woody Bay Hotel from beach (107)

Posted by Nell in October? 1924 in Cornwall? : Sent to Mrs Langmuir Glencairn Drive, Pollockshields, Glasgow

Woody Bay Hotel,
   Woody bay,
      Parracombe, N. Devon

We came here last Saturday for our holiday, it is a lovely spot & so far the weather has been quite good. We have had some glorious walks & James has been busy with his camera. I hope that you are all well. Love to all, from both.   Yours Nell.



1924    Wooded scene by stream : painted by C Present (107 scan box)

Posted by ? on 27th October 1924 in Peterhead : Sent to Mrs Reid West Lodge, Aberlour, Banffshire

Dear mother & Father, Just a hurried P.C. to let you know I am busy packing but am in the pink got a day longer. Leaving here on Thursday morning at 7.10 a.m. any chance of W. Bradford meeting me? Quite a change from Peterhead no doubt but will soon get used to the stir and noise. The Office is in one of the busiest parts of Glasgow too (567 Argyle St.) Love. ?


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