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Inventory Lists

Documents & Ephemeral Sources
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Inventory Number General Description Main ID Information Additional Information
003 Assorted letters & Invoices, etc. relating to Samuel Nisbet of Cowdenbeath, Fife 1895-1939 003 (Main) 003 (Additional)
004 Legal records relating mainly to Wells & Wookey Hole, County Somerset, England, ca. 1777-1849 004 (Main) 004 (Additional)
005 Legal records relating mainly to Russell & Cowan, Russell & Dunlop and Russell & Nicholson, Writers to the Signet, Edinburgh, 1804-1911 005 (Main) 005 (Additional)
006 Legal Disposition by John Alexander, Portioner of Menstrie, Clackmannanshire, to John Dowie, Portioner of Kinross, Kinross-shire, 1763 006 (Main) 006 (Additional)
007 Two legal documents relating to Nateby, Westmorland, England, 1791 & 1856 007 (Main) 007 (Additional)
008 Eight legal documents relating mainly to Lincolnshire, England, 1780 (inc. 1750) -1886 008 (Main) 008 (Additional)
009 Six legal documents relating mainly to Lincolnshire, England, 1822 (inc. 1779) - 1882 009 (Main) 009 (Additional)
010 Two legal documents relating mainly to Lincolnshire, England, 1815 (inc. 1798) & 1840 010 (Main) 010 (Additional)
011-015 Nine assorted UK documents including - (1) Epitaph transcription (1869) of a Scottish Covenanter, William Smith, buried in Tynron Churchyard, Dumfries-shire. (2) 1930 Auction Catalogue for the house contents "Cedars", 11 Park Crescent, Southport, belonging to W.S. Ellsworth. 011-015 (Main) 011-015 (Additional)
017 Business Account concerning Thomas Seggie in West Calder, Edinburghshire, (now West Lothian), dated 1896. 017 (Main) 017 (Additional)
018 Two assorted documents - (1) Statutory Mortgage Frederick Sidney Webb to Messrs. Harris Garrod & Harris, etc. over "Haybridge Villas", Out Parish of St Cuthbert's, Wells, County Somerset, 1904 & 1906. (2) Edinburgh, King's Theatre programme, "Scheherazade," week of 16th September 1912. 018 (Main) 018 (Additional)
019 10 assorted English & Scottish letters (some pre stamp), 1800-1861.
No. 2 has a possible reference to William Pitt (the Younger), when he was Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1805.
No. 5 is written by a George Combe, possibly the noted Scottish phrenologist.
019 (Main) 019 (Additional)
020 10 assorted Scottish letters (mostly pre stamp), 1810-1853.
No. 8 concerns the funeral of the Rev. Dr. Andrew Mitchell Thomson, a noted Church of Scotland minister, evangelical activist and reformer, including the raising of a large subscription on his behalf.
020 (Main) 020 (Additional)
022 Collection of assorted documents connected to Bardner, McFarlane & Ross, Writers in Dunfermline, Fife, 1831-1961 : Many relate to the running and management of the lands of Hill of Beath, lying between Cowdenbeath & Crossgates. 022 (Main) 022 (Additional)
023 25 assorted English and Scottish letters (some pre stamp), 1819-1876.
Nos. 2 & 4 relate to Rear Admiral Charles Adam, who took part in the Napoleonic Wars, while No. 14 refers to the Duke of Athole.
023 (Main) 023 (Additional)
024 & 030-032 12 Scottish documents (mostly accounts and legal discharges), 1613-1698. They relate largely to goods and work done and items purchased in and around Linlithgow. This includes some important information about the old parish church of St Michael's, including glazing work. 024 & 030-032 (Main) 024 & 030-032 (Additional)
025 11 Scottish letters (one pre stamp), 1839-1854. Most are concerned with legal or business letters.
No. 5 is from James Findlater, Jnr. Balvenie, Banffshire, writing to James Skinner, Factor for the Duke of Richmond at Drumin, Glenlivet, and concerns the Duke's Roads commutation and assessment for the poor of the parish (Mortlach assumed). Also mentioned a meeting at the church to elect four new members to the Parochial Board.
No 6 This concerns the Captain George Grant, I.N. (Indian Navy), of Barholm House, Creetown, Kirkcudbrightshire, and his wife Mrs Grant (Miss McCulloch) concerning various family and associated matters, in particular relating to legal documents and provision for their children.
025 (Main) 025 (Additional)
026 Fragment from a 14th century religious manuscript, quoting text from MS by St. Augustine, first Bishop of Canterbury, in the 6th and 7th century. 026 (Main) 026 (Additional)
027 Patent certificate issued to Michael Ess, of Wertach, Bavaria in 1911 for a weeding tool. 027 (Main) 027 (Additional)

Printed Sources
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Inventory Number General Description Main ID Information Additional Information
109B 001 Advertising abstracts from The Dundee Directory 1947-1947, by Burns & Harris, Ltd., 1947 109B 001 (Main) 109B 001 (Additional)
109B 007 Advertising abstracts & assorted illustrations from Hunter's Illustrated Guide to Perthshire and Central Scotland, by Thomas Hunter, 1898 edition 109B 007 (Main) 109B 007 (Additional)
109B 009 Subscriber's list from - The Lives and Characters of the most Eminent Writers of the Scots Nation, etc., by George Mackenzie, M. D. Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh, Vol. 1, published, Edinburgh, 1708. 109B 009 (Main) 109B 009 (Additional)
109B 010 Advertising abstracts from the booklet, East Lothian - Official Guide, ca. 1940s. 109B 010 (Main) 109B 010 (Additional)
109B 013 Advertising abstracts from the booklet, Galashiels Guide, 1954. 109B 013 (Main) 109B 013 (Additional)
109B 014 Advertising abstracts from the Glasgow Street Directory, 1844-1845. 109B 014 (Main) 109B 014 (Additional)
109B 017 Advertising abstracts from the Post Office Aberdeen Directory 1955-1956. 109B 017 (Main) 109B 017 (Additional)
109B 018 Subscriber's list from - The History of the Reformation of the Church of Scotland, etc., by the Reverend Mr. John Knox, Sometime Minister of God's Word in Edinburgh, Vol. 2 (only), published, Paisley, 1791.
The list focusses on the areas in and around Paisley & Glasgow.
109B 018 (Main) 109B 018 (Additional)
109B 019 Subscriber's list from - The Viking Club : Old-Lore Miscellany of Orkney Shetland Caithness & Sutherland : Vol. 5, Index and List of Subscribers, London, 1913. 109B 019 (Main) 109B 019 (Additional)
109B 022 The History of the Church of Scotland from the Restauration to the Revolution : by Robert Wodrow, Vol 1, Edinburgh, 1721. 109B 022 (Main) 109B 022 (Additional)
109B 024 Advertising abstracts from Black's Guide to Scotland, Edited by G. E. Mitton, ca. 1915-1920. 109B 024 (Main) 109B 024 (Additional)
109B 024 Maps, plans and photographs from Black's Guide to Scotland, Edited by G. E. Mitton, ca. 1915-1920. 109B 024 (Maps) ––
109B 025 Advertising abstracts from Edinburgh and Leith Post-Office Directory, 1957-1958, by The Edinburgh & Leith Post Office Directory Limited. 109B 025 (Main) 109B 025 (Additional)
109B 027 Advertising abstract from the booklet, Illustrated Guide to Cullen and District, 1931 by George W Findlay. 109B 027 (Main) 109B 027 (Additional)
109B 029 Advertising abstracts from Brydone's, Historical and Descriptive Guide through The City of Edinburgh and its vicinity, 1859 by James Brydone & Sons. Includes illustrations of well-known sites in Edinburgh and a useful street map. 109B 029 (Main) 109B 029 (Additional)
109B 030 Advertising abstracts from Edinburgh University Calendar 1942-1943, published by James Thin, Edinburgh. 109B 030 (Main) 109B 030 (Additional)
109B 036 MONARCHY ASSERTED, To be the best, most Ancient and legal form of Government, in a conference had at Whitehall, with OLIVER late Lord Protector & a Committee of PARLIAMENT: Made good by the Arguments, London, printed by John Redmayne for Philip Chetwind, 1660. 109B 036 (Main) 109B 036 (Additional)
109B 037 Guide to Ramsgate, Broadstairs, Sandwich, Margate, Canterbury and & North East Kent, 1945-1950, Tenth edition, published by Ward, Lock & Company, Limited, London. 109B 037 (Main) 109B 037 (Additional)
109B 046 Advertising abstracts from Cassell's "Hamlet," published by Cassell & Company, Limited, London, Paris, New York & Melbourne in 1886. 109B 046 (Main) 109B 046 (Additional)

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