Scottish Family Heritage

Scottish Family Heritage
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of the Devon Iron Works
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Genealogy - family and local history references, from printed and original manuscript sources focusing on Scotland

In excess of 10,000 Surnames spelling variations now available for searching

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Examples of Sources Available
Maryhill, Glasgow - Rectified Locality of the Stipend of The Parish - 1871
John Manders of Dublin & Whitehaven : Assorted Anecdotes Pre 1830
Mary Gwladys Jones  - Her Tour of Asia in 1930-1931
Edinburgh Carlyle Society (1930s) : Haddington Floods of 1948

A very warm welcome to our website established in 1999. Its first creation took place in Edinburgh, Scotland's renowned capital city. A later version, produced in Aberdeen, of "Northern Lights" fame, was for some 16 years maintained and updated within the cathedral Moray County town of Elgin, surrounded by Scotland's world-famous countryside and equally acclaimed Scotch Whisky industry. Additional updates continue to be added, while the site is now administered from Livingston, Scotland's third largest town, not far from Edinburgh.

Are you interested in researching your Family History? Perhaps you may have just started looking for information, or maybe you are a professional genealogist looking for that extra piece of written evidence to help you clinch that vital family connection for your client! Whatever your individual interest, we may be able to provide you with varying amounts of documentary evidence to help you with your current project. Please check our
Archive Description page to find out more about the type of information that is available.

Good luck with with your search! If you do not find what you are looking for, please try again later as our Inventory Lists are being added to on a regular basis.  

Scottish Family Heritage celebrated 22 years of research in 2021    

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